Shana and Michael:
It all started last July. I was baby sitting my younger cousin Kristian while my aunt was out of town for the weekend. As it was getting late I put Kristian to bed and I began to watch TV... 
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She's From:   Canada
He's From:     Canada

I don't even know where to start. Here goes I guess...


I was totally computer illiterate but decided to buy a system and learn how to use the wave of the future. So in April of 2000 I did just that. I then got the Internet and was told to download excite chat. I was
relatively new to the whole thing but soon became a pro and had lots of friends I talked to on a nightly basis.

Then this one night a man came into the room I was in and asked for a bit of help with a few things, so we went to a private session. We talked for a bit and then ended up helping each other with some of the chat stuff. He asked me if I had ICQ and we exchanged ICQ numbers. I found out so much about this man from across the country. He was in Alberta and I in Nova Scotia. For the next 4 or 5 months we chatted whenever we had time. We were both married with families and had very busy lives. However we always found time to chat with each other.






We talked about everything and anything that came up. In October of that year we were both having some difficulties with our mates and families (not due to our friendship), we talked and helped one another with many problems. Over the next few months, our marriages had begun to get stale and life was what we had with each other. I found myself looking forward to my husband, who worked every night, all night, being gone. This man and I had exchanged phone numbers and had talked for hours at a time to each other when possible.

After the holidays, he had came online one night and asked if it was ok for him to call me. Of course I could tell that something was definitely wrong, so I told him yes. When I answered the phone I knew that something was terribly wrong with him. He then proceeded to tell me that he had moved out of his house and left his wife. I think that at that moment I knew it was ok to tell him that I truly loved him and would be there for him as much as I could. In the meantime, my own marriage had fallen apart and I was at the end of the line with it. My husband and I were best friends and we did talk about a possible separation a few months before. I think we both knew that what we had was gone.

In the months that followed, Chris (the man online) and I had confessed our feelings and love for each other. One afternoon I went online to check my email and there he was, waiting for me. He told me that he had something that he wanted to tell me. He said that he was purchasing a plane ticket to come to my province to meet me. I
could not believe it when he told me this. My heart fluttered and at the same time I was terrified at the thought. We made arrangements to meet in another city as to avoid any problems. I traveled to the airport to meet him and when he walked off the plane I knew that this was the man of my dreams. We spent 4 wonderful days together. I will never forget those, he spoiled me to no ends. Baths with candles and rose
petals, long walks and dinners out. We spent hours and hours talking and cuddling. He treated me like a queen. I knew that our time had to come to an end and after many tears and promises we parted at 6 am.

He never looked back as he walked to his flight back but somehow I knew that I would hold him in my arms again. After the trip back to my hometown, I went online right away, knowing that he would be back in his city by then. He was right there waiting for me when I got online. I told him that I missed him terribly and that I needed to be with him again. I talked with my husband and we decided that it was over. I wanted out and he set me free with no problem. Exactly 30 days later I boarded the plane for Alberta and am still here 14 months later. I will never forget that first moment when I stepped off the flight and Chris was right there waiting for me with open arms. I think that what we have is so wonderful but it may not be for everyone.

Of course we have our problems but what couple doesn't. I would not say it is perfect cause that would be a lie, but I do not regret one single moment of the time we spent online getting to know each other or the time we have together now. We live each day to the fullest and we have experienced some great moments together. It has now been over a year and we are still as happy as that first day. I know that I truly love him and want to spend the rest of my days with him. Chris if you ever read this, you will know that I am thinking of you and yes, Sunshine, I am smiling!!