Sarah and Greg:
After having received a new computer for Christmas I logged onto a Christian dating service. A friend of mine had dared me to, and since I can't say no to a dare...
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She's From:   Australia
He's From:     Australia

I had quit school, was all of 16 and was really confused and scared and depressed.

  I always talked on the net, and about a half a year before had been talking to this guy all the time. After a while I moved in with my Mum and didn't have the net any more so we kept in contact by mobile.

We talked about everything.

He was so down to earth and unlike anyone I had ever met.He kept asking me to meet with him, but I was too scared of rejection and had been in a previous relationship with a guy of the net who treated me like crap and just used me up.

I finally got the guts to meet him when I was 16 and a half... so we had been chatting about a year. That night I got my friend to come with me just to be safe, and he showed up. He had two other guys with him and came up to me and said "You must be Lani" and gave me a kiss on the knees nearly collapsed.






He was so sweet. I barely spoke that night, was overwhelmed by the feelings I felt for him. When we met up next the physical attraction was so hot!

From there, things just got more intimate and we started going out.
It took him 2 months to introduce me to his parents and I was really mad, so I told him how I felt. Doesn't really make you feel good if the person you care about is too embarrassed to introduce you to his family.

Anyway he said he was embarrassed of them, and apologised and then I met them. It was great. They were fantastic people. We grew really close, and were falling in love.

When I told him I loved him he smiled and said the same back.
I couldn't believe my luck. I know people think love at this age isn't possible but I tell you what we have been through more together than most married couples!!!!

He began to get really ill when we were together about 1 year. He has a condition called Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis and was hospitalised, they didn't think he would make it. Seeing him so sick tore my heart apart. You don't realise how much of an impact someone has on your life until you know you could lose them.

He got better, but was told he would need a liver transplant. So he was put into hospital again for tests so that they could make sure he would be compatible for a transplant. We waited for 6 months, and in between that time he was hospitalised and close to death another 3 times.

He went in for the transplant on the 28th September 2002. The hardest and longest day of my entire life. Watching him go through those doors and not knowing if you would see him again. And then waiting till 7 that night to see if he had made it.

We got the phone call to say that he had made it and that he was in intensive care, we rushed down there, and were devastated. He was alive, but most people in those units sure don't look it. He looked dead.

But we pretended it didn't bother us, because we knew he was ok for now. I stayed by his side. Hated leaving that place, was too scared what could happen whilst I was gone. He came out a few weeks ago now and seems to be doing so well. Although he is going in and out often for infections.

I can't tell you how close we are, how much love we share and how much trust and comfort we have in each other.

I am now 18, he is 21 ( to be 22 soon ) and we are saving for our future. We are going to get married within the next year.

If I hadn't met Andrew, I honestly don't think I would be alive today. I hated myself. But he taught me to love myself and showed me that no matter how hard things get, you have to fight it and just try to be there for the ones you love.

He has such strength and courage and I know I will NEVER be with anyone else. We have been through too much to lose each other. He keeps thanking me for being there and assuring me that I was the only thing that kept him going and that all he thinks and could think about was me.

But I keep telling him that you do anything for the one you love, that's what it's all about, being there for one another..

He'd do the same for me. And you would too!!