It's strange how things happen... you are trudging through the mundane weary lanes of life when suddenly, out of nowhere, love walks in and touches your life in a way that you know that nothing could ever be the same again...
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She's From:   United States
He's From:     United States

Hi again I am here to tell you all the second part of our story, I hope you enjoy.

Well April 4th finally came and I must say the day before I was so nervous I made myself sick; that's what my mom said.

  Kristen and Matt on their 8th month anniversary
  Not seriously ill just a bad head cold and well you know all the girly problems so I wasn't feeling too well the day before and I had to go out and get ready, like shopping for clothes and get my nails and eyebrows done. Plus that day I had to have a physical. That day wasn't so good but the best part was I was really looking forward to the next day so that kept me going. 

Anyways that night before I was talking to Matt and that's when I saw that he was getting nervous too. I had to get off the computer at 8pm my time. I think we took a whole hour to say goodnight because we realized that the next time we talked to each other would be face to face and that was a wonderful thought.

So after our long goodbye I tried going to sleep but I couldn't for 2 reasons; first of all my cough kept me up. The main thing is I was nervous and excited!! More excited than anything!! Well I think I finally got to sleep. I woke up the next morning and I knew that his flight was scheduled to land at 3:15pm my time. So I woke up around 9:30 am. I had to tidy the house a bit. My mom did most of it that day thank god. Then I got in the shower and got myself ready. I was ready just in time to leave we had to leave my house at 1pm due to the fact the airport is quite away from my house. 

Well when we got there we checked to see if his flight was still on schedule and it was. So we had to wait about an hour early. I was soooo nervous as the time got closer but I kept myself calm. I know that he had it worse though because he was flying by himself to a country he's never been before and to meet someone he's not seen in person before and her family at that. I would be dead nervous if I was in his shoes. Anyways with just minutes to spare I was looking out the observation glass looking for his plane to land and I knew that he was coming from exit 5 so I was watching for the luggage thingy to turn on and when it did my heart just went racing!!

I remember that feeling like it was just a minute ago lol. My mom spotted him first coming through customs. So I ran down the escalator to meet him at the doors he would be coming through. I got down there and it was only seconds before i'd be in his arms. Oh god what a wonderful feeling!! He came out with his luggage and we hugged instantly. My parents took pictures of this and I am so glad they did. I could feel him shaking and all of a sudden the nervousness went away. He gave me a little kiss on the lips. We told each other how much we loved each other; he held me soooo tight. Then shook my parents hands and we held hands to the car. Ahhhh I feel the same feeling now as I type this. In the car he held me and kept looking me in the eyes; I guess I was still kind of nervous or kind of shocked because we actually were in person.

When we got to my house; I took him to his room so he could put his bags in there and so I could give him his gift. I gave him some cologne and a nice shirt. He liked it too. That's when he gave me our first long passionate kiss. Oh god it sent chills up my spine; I loved it!! He liked smelling my hair too, it was cute. We then got him unpacked.

After that we went downstairs to get our picture taken together with the digital camera so we could send it off to his family and other people. Later on we had to decide what movie we wanted to see and what time we wanted to go. Finally we decided and we got a ride from my step dad to the theater and he said he would even pick us up too. We arrived like an hour early before the movie started so we sat on the bench and talked and just held each other and looked into each others eyes.

It was wonderful. My problem was i focused too much on him leaving because I didn't want him to go. I knew he had to though because of college exams. He was looking out for our future and I was just living in a dream world. Which he always sets me on the right track so its all good. I cried about him leaving the first night he was there and well other nights too. We didn't really watch the movie we went to see. We focused all of our attention on each other talking and things. I knew when we first hugged that he definitely is the one that is my soulmate. I knew it before but I was definitely reassured when we met. We didn't go to the movies till the very late show so it was pretty late when we got back but we still didn't go sleep we just laid down with each other holding each other and talking. It was soooo romantic!!!!! 

The next days of the 3 weeks he was there we just spent all our time together we went out to eat and shop. We went sight-seeing. We went to the cinemas. We had tickle fights lol that was lots of fun. He's got this really really REALLY cute laugh when he's tickled for quite a while. I love it!! He always took my hair down when I put it up and then hide my hair thingy or he'd run with it!! Lol sooooooo much fun!! We'd get lost together in town. (I am new here so this was my first time exploring the city too). Then on our 8 month anniversary; which was the last night he was here. He said we couldn't leave till a certain time but he wouldn't tell me why. Then the phone rang I picked up and it was a florist seeing if I would be home because they have some flowers to be delivered I said we would be home till 11am that time it was only 20 minutes till 11am.They asked if i'd be home in the evening I said someone would be home by 5pm.Then he told me that was the reason we couldn't leave till 11am. Hehe he sent me a dozen red roses!!!! 

He then took me out he wouldn't tell me where I was going or what we were doing until we got there. He took me to my favorite restaurant for dinner. The special part of that was after dinner. He goes over and sits right next to me. I am thinking to myself *Matt what are you doing honey* He pulled out a box!! I about panicked then. He opens it and it's a promise ring!! It's so beautiful but the most beautiful part was the words he said. He would have proposed to me then but he wanted the money so we could see each other again this Summer. I agreed with that. I need to see him as much as possible. He said this ring promises that one day he will propose to me and that we will be together forever. Oh god it was a breath taking time!! I was soooooo shocked !!! I like could not stop smiling. Then he said that's not it's not over yet.

The "promise ring" that Matt presented to Kristen

He then took me to this store to buy my favorite perfume. That was sweet hehe. Then we went to the movies I got to pick which one we seen. I picked 'Bridget Jones' Diary'. It was a very funny movie and he even enjoyed it maybe because of the fighting scene lol. I just enjoyed being with him!! I loved that day it was sooo romantic. I LOVED EVERY SINGLE DAY SPENT WITH HIM!! My mom already knew about all this before I did! lol. When we got home. I showed my mom and everything. Then she said she wanted to take a special picture of us while we were all dressed up. I had the hardest time to not laugh so we had some funny pictures but they all turned out good and my mom got the one she needed. 

The next day was a horrible day it was the day he had to leave but the good part was his plane didn't leave till 11:45 pm and he didn't have to get on board till 10:45pm.My parents took us out to dinner that night and we just kind of spend that day crying and reminiscing. We didn't go anywhere but out to dinner with my parents at 8pm we had to leave to go to the airport. I was soooooo sad we just kept trying to think of ways to be able to be together again really soon. Those were the most amazing 3 weeks of my life!!! I cried for 3 days straight off and on a whole lot after he left now I am better because I am flying out to see him from June till September!!! 3 whole months together!!!!!!I can't wait!! I am nervous though because The last time I flew was when I was a little kid practically a baby!! I am flying all by myself this time!!

Future plans are as follows....I am moving in with him either late November or early December. I turn 18 December 6th so its going to be great!! We even get to be together on our 1 year anniversary!!!!!! Things are looking great. I will keep you up to date. Remember god never set a limit to where you would find your soul mate always keep that in mind!!!! Take care. For anyone interested, our website is here.


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