It's strange how things happen... you are trudging through the mundane weary lanes of life when suddenly, out of nowhere, love walks in and touches your life in a way that you know that nothing could ever be the same again...
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She's From:   United States
He's From:     United States

Well before I start I have to give you a little background on myself.

Well I'm 17 and have had two other "net relationships", now I am in my 3rd and final relationship ever. The first one lasted about a month maybe, the second one lasted about 7 months.

  Kristen and Matt during Matt's first visit.
  Well during the 6th month of my second net relationship the guy i was dating was never ever there for me at all he put everything above me in other words. Well one night out of boredom I went to some teen chat room in comic chat. Well I was talking to some guy whose nick was named "hazard " anyways then this other guy whose nick was "matt2000" started to talk with me and "hazard". This was August 13th by the way. 

Anyways he seemed kinda cocky to me so I didn't pay much attention to him, though he was quite amusing (I like the funny type guys.) Plus i was only on to goof off not to make friends. I am a committed person I don't believe cheating is right at all. Anyways this was a Friday night ,I didn't get to talk to him much. I added his brothers yahoo screen name to my yahoo msger list, though I don't remember why cause I hardly used yahoo then i logged off and went to bed. Then the next day, Saturday morning to be exact, I logged on yahoo and seen him come online. We instant msged each other on yahoo for hours and hours. This is the day we really got to know each other. I then changed my whole view about Matt. He was no longer the cocky boy I met in chat. He was a sweet and charming guy that I could talk to for hours and not know where the time went; plus a bonus he was sooooooooooooooooooooooo HOT!!( i consider good looks a bonus!!!! a major one he had!!!) 

I learned a lot about Matt that night. I learned his parents are divorced like mine, though he took it a lot harder than I did. His mom's unfaithfulness to his dad made him lose all interest in wanting to be with a girl. He told me that he doesn't want a relationship and i understood him perfectly; though he was in an "net relationship" that he didn't take seriously, she took it more seriously then him. He cleared it up though. He told me other personal things about his life. I did the very same thing. He said no one has ever understood him like I did. I also told him about my relationship on the net at the time and he offered his advice when needed. Later on that day he wanted to get off to go watch his favorite program on television (one he don't miss for NO ONE or ANYTHING EVER!!). Well I asked him to stay and chat with me I guess I was feeling rather lonely and I really really LOVED talking him.Well sure enough the gentleman he is; he stayed all night clear till 3 A.M his time which is 10 PM my time (like he has every single night since we have met!!!!) 

The next day I didn't get on yahoo I got on comic chat though and found him in his own chat room. He was on away (with the CUTEST away message ever!!!)He came back and told me he was shaving and washing his hair, hehe. Then his "net girlfriend" came online. She said she wasn't going to be online long so she wanted to be alone with him. I again understood and went to my chatroom. He whispered me and said he would meet me in my room after she left. Well I have to say that is the day I fell in love with Matt. I then told him more about myself. We both got personal shared our fears, memorable moments, pasts and what we wanted in the future. I began to notice that I was telling Matt more about myself personal wise when only knowing him a few days than I tell people that I have known for years. I then gave him a picture of myself. (He gave me his when we first talked) I really don't like my looks and its due to personal life in the past lets just say words can hurt worse than physical abuse.) I was sooooo scared he was going to run off after seeing what I looked like. You have no earthly idea how scared I was. Then he proved me wrong!! (he's good at doing that,trust me! hehe) he said I was beautiful! I was like sooooo shocked!! That's when I noticed he makes me feel like a SOMEBODY rather than the nobody I have always felt like before I met Matt. During that first week we talked every single day on chat for about 10 HOURS A DAY !! I am not exaggerating either!! I also introduced him to my close chat buddies a lot of them jokingly made the remark that I was more than friends with Matt.I shrugged it off, laughed, said "no we are JUST FRIENDS!!" and went on talking to Matt.

Then that night I started to think and I'm like oh my god!! I love Matt.So the next day when chatting to Matt I finally got the guts up to tell him I LIKED him. (I didn't say LOVE!!, he didn't want to be with ANY girl!!!!! He spazzed out and tried to run off. He tried to be cold to me and blow me off! He said things you wouldn't believe though I don't remember exactly what he said at the moment. (It was really DUMB of me to tell him that then because I was still with my boyfriend!)

Something just made me do it it slike i had no choice, something empowered over my body and it just all poured out.He apologized in the end and said it was just he was scared. I again understood oh and I forgot to mention my mom married her internet lover in March 2000 So thats how i had faith in being in love with someone on the net and it working out.Then on a Tuesday evening, my good friend, Kristen, yes same name as me.; came online. I went to her for advice because i was in love with Matt but I was dating some other guy. I knew i belonged to Matt.  honestly thought Matt and I would never be since he didn't want a relationship. I was whispering Kristen about how I felt about Matt little did I know he was doing the same thing but It was about me. She then whispers me "Kristen,I hope you don't hate me for this....."She then talks in the actual chatroom where both me and Matt can see what she types. She goes now look you both have been telling me the same thing about each other now you both tell each other what you just told me. I swear i never will forget that night. I had such a nervous feeling in my tummy. He started off he goes Kristen, I know this might sound cold but i don't care if you are with Ahmed or not, I want you for myself. Then he paused for a minute and he started to type again and he said "Kristen,I love you."I had tears in my eyes and the hugest smile on my face ever. I wanted to hug my puter lol.I said to him I loved him too; because I have always loved Matt. I knew then I had to find a way to break up with the guy I was seeing at the time.

That night I went to bed soooo happy. The next 2 days were great we chatted 10 hours a day like normal and I'm not exaggerating!! Soon College would start for him and with him being 5 hours a ahead of me I was worried. I had no problems on my part because i am home-schooled. Well that Friday was the worst of all. Matt told me he only loved me as a friend!! I was sooooo crushed. I was extremely sad. Though something inside me told me he really loves me more than that. We were only together 2 full days. As days past we still talked I would tell him I love him and he said hes sorry but he just couldn't say it back. The day before his birthday on the 22nd he knew something was wrong with me. I then told him my friend had a problem but it was really me so he asked what's wrong I said well my friend really loves this guy but he only loves her as a friend but she knows he loves her more than just a friend. Matt goes "this isn't about your friend is it? Its about us huh?" I go yeah you are right. Its about us. I then just poured out my heart and soul to him saying this long speech which I only spoke from my heart. He said he does love me more than a friend but he's just not ready and to give him time and he might come around. I told him I would wait forever for him. He then said he has a surprise for me the next day which was his 17th birthday. I was excited!! Well the next day came it was his birthday he turned 17!! this was August 23rd 2000 people!! Well the surprise was the best surprise ever.....HE WAS READY TO BE WITH ME AND COMMIT!!!!!! omg I was soooooo happy!!! 

So that's when we officially started to go out. 2 weeks from then I broke up with Ahmed. I know I should have done it sooner. Trust me I paid for that mistake in the end. You will find out how if you read on....Every single day we talked for hours and hours we never missed one day. He told me he always wanted to live in the USA after university was over. I am from the USA if i haven't mentioned it. I just moved to Canada because my mom moved here to live with her husband whom she met on the net. We both decided one day we'd be married one day. We both knew we were meant to be and we are soulmates. In the mean time i chatted to his brother, cousin and even his best friend. Then he got this program that he could call my phone from his pc. Another one of many of god's blessings. So instead of chatting all day we talked on the phone all day. Our song is "amazed" by lonestar because we are amazed by each other. Well a little later on down we knew we had to meet one day. Though there was one problem neither of us had job and we couldn't afford it right now. So we planned to meet December 2001 where he would propose to me and I would go back with him to live until University is over Well god blessed us again and his dad said he would pay for his flight to come see me in April 2001 instead. I was soooooo happy still am in fact I am counting down the days. i am really excited!! He's coming for 3 whole weeks!! YAY!!!!!!! I can't wait!! anyways on with my story.

Between now and when started going out we have had our fair shares of ups and downs just like any other couple but there is one down that really sticks out in my mind.I won't go into detail but here.....Well he made up this whole other yahoo id pretending to be another guy who lived kinda near me. He set the whole thing up with a picture he got from the net and all. I was on to him the whole time though and played along. Which we both ended up in tears that night. I think neither of us will ever forget it. Again this dates back to when I first started going out with him I cheated on that other guy. So he didn't have my trust in me. Hopefully now he does. Though no one will ever understand why i cheated except me and god himself. Anyways at the moment we are going great. Mainly really looking forward till April. He just recently got a part time job. So he can save for my ticket to back with him and live next December. Which I sooooo can't wait!! Did I mention I just turned 17? Well I did! hehe. Matt was soooooo sweet he sent me red roses and a teddy bear to my door! 

Me and Matt are getting engaged in a little less than a year. I know people may think we are too young. I don't think so though. I think age is just a legal number to drink, smoke, drive and club. I don't do any of those by the way. I wish the best of luck to everyone in the world out there. I hope you find your true love like I have. Just remember God has a special someone for everyone but never did he put any limit to where you would find them!! Thanks for reading our story.


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