My love's name is Jimmy & he works for an Airline company in Saudi Arabia, I work here in Geneva & we both are of the same Nationality, from the Philippines...
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She's From:   Japan
He's From:     Belgium

She was a mystery for me. I met her a few months earlier. She was living in Japan. 

  Kris & Tomo's first meeting in Japan
  We kept in contact through Skype. Back then there was no webcam. No possibility to see one another. We could only listen to each others voices. She remained a mystery. We exchanged pictures of the things we were doing in our daily lives. And we talked for hours about all kind of crazy things. Without really knowing we started to fall in love …

One day I was writing the following :

"Things are going through my mind , a stream of consciousness. I'm putting the lights out, it's dark except for some candles... I light a cigarette, I feel the beat of the music, the atmosphere is changing. I'm starting to imagine things…"








I was wondering what she was thinking about, if she enjoyed the time we were spending, what she was feeling, I was thinking about her emotions ... I was constantly thinking about her…

Then I understood … I was in love …and I decided to go visit her in Japan…

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