It's strange how things happen... you are trudging through the mundane weary lanes of life when suddenly, out of nowhere, love walks in and touches your life in a way that you know that nothing could ever be the same again...
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She's From:   United States
He's From:     Ireland

I had been surfing the web for a few months and found no one that interested me. Then on September 27, 1999, I got a PM from a sweet guy.

He was not only younger then me, but lived in Ireland, across the ocean from me! I figured this would be a safe chat.

  Kevin and Faith on their wedding day

Little did I know that Kevin and I would become such good friends. We'd chat when we'd see each other online, sharing our days, lives and hearts. As we grew closer we started talking about that "someday" trip to America he would make to visit as friends.

Well, In the meantime, I had met another man here in the States, and of course rushed off to tell my best friend, Kevin. He was stunned, and I could sense his hurt. I cried at having to tell my best friend that I met someone I wanted to date. Funny, that's not supposed to happen. Kevin was there for me as I dated the other guy, until one day I noticed that I could be happier, more open and more trusting with Kevin. We started to question ourselves, our hearts, our souls.





  The day I told Kevin I didn't think things would work out between me and this other guy, he told me he was ready to commit. He realized that he could have lost me and didn't want to come that close ever again. In February of 2000 we started planning his first trip.

I stood in the airport nervously awaiting him. The door to customs open and shut and many people walked out. But none that I would recognize as Kevin. Finally, the door opened and there he was. We had never met, and knew each other instantly. April 24, 2000 was the day. Sunny, warm and wonderful. There he was. He rushed over to me and finally after 6 months of interne chatting I could actually gaze into his eyes and feel his arms around me. We hugged for a long time, then kissed our first kiss. It felt as though we had always been. We toured Washington DC, visited family and just hung out. Our first week together was incredible. We talked, laughed, cried. I hated to see him have to go back.

Tears flowed as I stood in the airport to watch him leave. Our week had gone by so fast. I wondered if he'd return, if things would be the same. We had loved each other from first sight.

The following week was the worst. Missing each other, wanting to be together. So, he planned a second trip. We were starting to talk serious. We had to be sure. Again, in May he flew in for a week and a half. Again we laughed, loved and cried. It was real. We were meant to be. Kevin and I made plans for him to come over on a three month exchange visa.

Well that was in June...and he is still here (It's November!!) So, what has come of us on this most recent "visit"? Well...Kevin and I married on our one year anniversary of meeting, September 27, 2000. We wanted it to be special. We eloped. In the spring we are planning to fly to Ireland and have a reception, complete with wedding cake.

I was lucky. I found my soul best friend, my all... Right here on the internet of all places. When I least expected it. Some have told me I am crazy. I say those who stay single, and won't open their eyes, hearts and minds are the crazy ones. Kevin is all I could have ever hoped for. We are so happy, so right, so in love. We will always be......