Mars & Deborah 3:
As Deborah went to the departure hall to fly out of Adelaide I knew that the next few months were going to drag on slowly and that I would miss her like crazy. I just didnt want her to go but that was the reality of the situation. When she got back...
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She's From:   United States
He's From:     United States

Hi, my name is Kendra from east TN and I am writing to tell you how I met my soul mate, Luke.


On the night of December 20, 1999, I was in the romance connection chat room. (go figure ) I had no intentions of meeting anyone. While I was in the room, I was also chatting with several other people at the same time. I happen to notice someone had said hi to me in the chat room. Then the next thing I know I was getting an im. I looked at his profile and thought, this guy has a girl. So I wrote him back and asked him if he had a girl and he said no, that he was on his buddy's computer. I then stopped talking to the other people I was talking to and just put all of my attention on him. We talked for over 5 hours on line that night.






The first time I talked to him on the phone, I thought he was "just a typical guy". I liked his voice, that is the first thing that attracted me to him. He has the deepest voice. We talked for about 30 minutes. He asked questions about me and I about him. He told me he was an mp. (military police) Then we just started talking everyday, each day we would talk a little bit longer than the previous day. I was really starting to like him. He made me laugh. He was so kind and just wonderful. He then sent me pictures of himself and his sweat suit from basic training. I was so happy. 

He also wrote me a poem as well. It was beautiful! Then for New Year's I made him a video of my family and friends and sent it to him. Then he made me one. During all this time we are still talking on the phone every night and day. He then asked me if I wanted to come and visit him in Hawaii, and of course I said yes!! So on 2/16/00, I got on the plane to meet Luke. I was so nervous before the whole thing. He was as well. When I got off the plane though, it was like I had known him forever. There was no awkwardness at all. We had the best time. We went to the beach, to the club, on walks, out to eat. He is perfect.

We are now engaged to be married and I am moving to be with him in Hawaii in a month. Everyone thinks I am crazy. However I do not and neither does he. I am so happy and am so grateful for him. He is the man of my dreams!! So that is my story. I thank you for reading it.