It's strange how things happen... you are trudging through the mundane weary lanes of life when suddenly, out of nowhere, love walks in and touches your life in a way that you know that nothing could ever be the same again...
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She's From:   United States
He's From:     United States

Since I was a little girl I have had a thing for movies, especially the really sweet ones like Cinderella and The Little Mermaid.

In a way they helped turn me into a daydreamer. Every night I went to bed with all sorts of fantasies.


They were/are always clean thoughts, don't worry LOL. Then every morning I would wake up to reality. Nothing like that was actually happening to me. I could still hope though, right?!

I have had a few boyfriends in my life. I sure never felt like Cinderella with them though. There WAS one good thing about all of them. They showed me what kind of guy not to date. Without all of that, I would not be able to fully appreciate what i have now. I finally feel like I am living my own fairy tale. Even Ariel and Cinderella might be jealous! LOL. Prince Jeff has life experience too so we can appreciate each other! 





  If you're wondering when I am going to get into the story, I will now. All of the above info was to show how happy and lucky I finally am. :)!!! We were only about 13 and 14 years old when we met. Now I am 17 and he is 18. Neither of us remember exactly how or where it was on the internet that we met, but apparently there was something about each other that we liked or else we would not still be talking now. Maybe it was the fact that we lived within an hour of each other that caught our attention. That's a short distance compared to what it could have been when there were people from all over the world doing the same thing. Anyway, we have been chatting and exchanging pictures since then. Our conversations have never been one of those "Hey! What's up? not much here" things that ends just like that. Once we get started we couldn't stop. We even stayed up until 5:30 AM one time when the next morning we both had to be up early. We obviously know just about everything about each other. He actually knows some things about me that neither my best friends nor my family know. Same for him. I will not go into detail. lol. This was all even before we met in person. That was when the real fairy tale began.

He had asked me several times to meet him places, but I was never available. Finally he asked me a month in advance to go to his church. This gave me plenty of time to ask my parents. Finally they agreed to take me to him. They figured if he was an internet stalker, the best place to meet him would be at church. I knew he wasn't a stalker though LOL. The night before we met we stayed up until about 1:30 talking on the phone. I was really tired the next morning, but I didn't care because i was READY to see Jeff. It took us about an hour to get to his church, and when we arrived we could not find the place where we were supposed to be. 

We ended up talking to a couple of very nice people. That is when Jeff appeared. He was walking in our direction with one of his friends in his adorable scout uniform. I knew it was him because he looked exactly like he did in all of the pictures I have seen of him. Soon after I noticed him, he looked my way and recognized me. That was our very first real eye contact! I'll treasure it forever. It didn't last long though because he immediately ran up to me and gave me the best hug in the world. I will treasure that forever too! ;)!! It didn't take me long to fall for Jeff. We already knew we were soul mates after several years of talking, but when I saw him it was like he was 1000000X more perfect than I thought he was even before. That's a lot for a girl to handle LOL. I was amazed at how comfortable we felt around each other and how easy it was to get lost in his eyes. <sigh>  

I definitely have never had that kind of connection with anybody else. It was not just those few seconds that were so amazing. The whole day was like that! We could definitely make a movie about it. We did end up spending the whole day together, and we have seen each other since then. It gets better every time we get together. I won't get into every detail because then I might lose some readers if I haven't already. After our first night together, Jeff and I decided that we wanted to make this story together, Jeff and I decided that we wanted to make this the most romantic thing ever and that anybody who hears the story will cry. Obviously, my writing is not good enough to make someone feel like crying, but I am at least attempting it LOL. The story isn't over yet. :). 

I can't exactly write the future in this. I do know that we will share many more wonderful memories. So far, it has been amazing. I never expected to actually meet someone who made me feel like this. We really are in love. I wouldn't be up until midnight writing this if we weren't. Aww, he's worth it. I feel like there is so much more that i need to write. If I described every feeling that I have had since I met Jeff, this might turn into something longer than Gone With the Wind. Nobody wants to stare at a computer screen that long. I might have even lost Jeff by now. Since I can't see him on V-Day, I want him to at least know that there are people hearing our story. I must end it now before it actually does turn into a book. LOL!