Shana and Michael:
It all started last July. I was baby sitting my younger cousin Kristian while my aunt was out of town for the weekend. As it was getting late I put Kristian to bed and I began to watch TV... 
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She's From:   United States
He's From:     United States

Hi my name is Kelli and last June (2000) is when I met my best friend. Let me start from the beginning...

I had been talking to a girlfriend of mine in a chat room that she loved, it was in Never had been there before, but i'm glad i was there.

  Kelli and Dave on their wedding day
  I went into the room and was looking for my friend Janis and she was not there I asked the room if anyone wanted to chat and I got a reply. His name was dave772. We started talking and we found out we had so much in common. We were the same age, like the same music, watched the same shows on TV. The only thing was he lived in Mississippi and i lived in Pennsylvania. He works for a telephone co. which was a good thing...cause we could talk all the time. 

Well at least while he was at work!!! The first time he wanted my number i was very hesitant to give it too him but after some probing he got it from me. He had such a 'southern' voice.






I was not use to that at all, but i loved it!!! We probably talked for about 2 weeks, all the time, when he said, 'you should just come to Mississippi and visit me?' Yeah right that was like on the other side of the world too me. But as luck would have it i was on a leave from work and i had time to go. It was July 2nd and i had gone with my mom to see pre-4th of July fireworks and i had come home wondering what it would be like to see fireworks in Mississippi. So that night i talked to Dave on the phone and i told him i was going to see how much plane tickets were going to be. Well as luck would have it, tickets for the 4th of July weekend were $1700. So that was out of the question. We talked some more about it and i called some car rental places and they told me they would not rent cars for that long of a ride. I didn't stop, by this time i was bound and determined to go!!! So i had found a car rental place in the next state to rent a car to me. It was a hassle but it was so worth it.

So on July 3rd, 2000 i had started my life. I had a 18+ hour ride on my own and i did not stop, only to get gas and food. I was so excited, anxious, scared, and all the emotions that go along with meeting someone new. Well i made it. I started at 4pm on the 3rd and at 5:30am on the 4th I ended up in Jackson, MS. When i got there i was exhausted and feel right to sleep. I prayed to God that everything was going to be ok, since everyone had told me it was such a mistake to know all those horror stories....he could be an ax murderer, he just wants you to go there and kill you. 
Dave was no murderer, he was the man that i had waited for all my life. That night, he took me too see the fireworks out on the docks at the Mississippi River and it was so magical. I got to spend the week with Dave. We clicked right away. I met all of his friends and family. I felt like i had known them forever. But then our week was over...and i had to drive all the way back home...that was hell. But that week Dave and i had fallen in love and the miles between us were not going to keep us apart.

I made it home in one piece and i was lost without Dave. In the coming weeks Dave had talked to his boss and had found out that there were going to be shutting down his department at the company and he needed to find somewhere else to go...well it so happened that there was a position in Virginia that was waiting on him. YEAH. He had wanted to move to the North and so luck would have it...i lived in the North!!! So he got to come up to Virginia and look for a place to live and i got too go and see him. I went to the Airport to pick him up and i was so nervous. I was afraid that he was not going to be on the plane that he really didn't want to be with me.

Well we found a place to live and by Sept 1st we were together. It has been going so fast and so great. Dave and I got engaged at Christmas (2000) and on May 5th 2001 we were married and we are 27 weeks pregnant. We have been on an emotional rollercoaster since Sept. but we would not change it for the world. We are in love and we are best friends. And i thank the Internet and most of all GOD for bringing us together. 

This picture above was taken on our wedding day...Dave, Kelli and baby Quentin...we found out we were having a boy!!!!