Sarah and Greg:
After having received a new computer for Christmas I logged onto a Christian dating service. A friend of mine had dared me to, and since I can't say no to a dare...
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She's From:   India
He's From:     India

It happens only in movies. Or in romantic novels. The perfectly-made-for-each-other couple. But the destiny had not struck the right chord - so to speak - to make them sing together.

  Me - a dreamy-eyed girl from a sleepy town of India. Trying to seek my life in my career as a TV journalist. He - the Mr. Smiley from southernmost state of India, fulfilling his passion about finance in Uncle Sam's country.

Almost 11,00 miles away from me.
Struggling with extra-stretched work hours, almost impossible deadlines and hustle-bustle of Delhi traffic, it was "new-story-every-day-kinda-life" for me!

Meeting and interacting with people was the essential part of my profession, but I was yet to meet the man of my dreams. And after 25 years and no special one
in my life, I was not very positive about the phrase -'There is somebody for everybody'







Life was going on. At its own pace and me still to find out where my Mr. Right is! and so, one fine day I put my profile on an internet matrimonial site, knowing that it does not always work!

I started getting replies, but it was not working because of many important and sometimes silly reasons. I gave up. And next day, there was a mail in my mailbox with the subject line - Leap of faith. It was him - Mr Smiley! He had written to me for the FIRST time, I was reading his mail for the FIRST time and for the first time I felt that there could be somebody for everybody!

We exchanged mails and found out that we had much in common. Our dreams, our priorities, our approach towards life, even our childhood fascinations. We both knew what we wanted in life and that was so much similar. We wrote about all this for 3 days and the fourth day we decided to get married! Without seeing or meeting each other!!

A week before that day, I would have laughed over this silly idea! I would have called it 'funny' or even 'insane'. But it was happening and it was so rapidly happening that I just flew with my emotions. I knew It was a risk but isn't it risk to stay in home when most people die inside their homes?

I knew marriages don't take work by themselves. We have to make them work. We have to do our part in such a way that the other person is bound to do his! In most of the failed marriages, its the blame game. "You didn't do this? " "You said this!" etc.etc.

But if we try to say "Could I have done this?" "Could I have stopped myself from saying this?", then most of the problems would disappear automatically! So, I decided to live this dream, fell in love with him and there we were! When I met him personally for the first time, I asked him the same question, "Didn't you think you were taking a risk?" He smiled at me, tenderly held my hand and said, "When you know what you are not looking for, you also know what you are looking for. I know exactly what I am looking for in a person to marry, and all those things are intangibles.

It is not the color, caste or creed but her genuineness, it's not the money, materials or education but her inner strength, it's not the physical beauty or appearance but her honesty and true love which make her 'a woman of substance'. And I knew my woman of substance!"

And that very moment I knew that the risk I had taken is going to give me give me true love and happiness throughout my life! We believed in each-other, we believed in destiny, we believed that life is what we make out of it, and we believed that we should get married!

But for our parents it was not-so-easy to believe. They were bewildered. But we were sure as rock! So they agreed to get us married..Happily! Thus our leap of faith resulted in a life long journey of love.

We both are married now. staying together, sharing apartment and our dreams joys sorrows apparently sharing our lives! it is easy now. it might be difficult tomorrow but the leap of faith will always hold us together. we will make mistakes but will learn from them, we will discover new things about each other thus to learn something new about our own-self! We will grow together. that is our FAITH!

I told you, it only happens in movies. It happened with us.