Mars & Deborah 3:
As Deborah went to the departure hall to fly out of Adelaide I knew that the next few months were going to drag on slowly and that I would miss her like crazy. I just didnt want her to go but that was the reality of the situation. When she got back...
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She's From:   United States
He's From:     United Kingdom

I am happy to say Joe and I have a wonderful update!

We were handfasted Dec.21st 2001 I have included a picture of us and the vows we wrote to each other as well.

  Sarya and Joe at their handfasting ceremony

It was truly the happiest day of my life! On Dec. 21st 2002 we will have a formal wedding there in England for Joe's friends and family and the children and I hope to be there permanently and our family finally together as it should be at the end of this year after 4 years in a long distance relationship!!

I wanted to share our vows to each other with all of you here they are...

Joe's vows to Sarya

I Joe do come here of my own free will to seek the partnership of you my tender love. I come here with love, honour and sincerity , wishing only to become one with you my love. Always will I strive for your happiness and welfare. Your life I will defend before my own.





  Through ups and downs and through times gone by and thoughts still to come, I devote my every being to my love Sarya my Purple Rose. I promise that at the dawn of every breath that she takes, that I will watch over and protect my love as we both journey hand in hand on the wheel of life.

I promise to listen and always make sure that no matter what each day may bring, that I give the attention, love and support my Sarya truly deserves. But most of all I look forward to watching the seasons of mother nature go by year to year, as two people roaming the plains of this earth but with one beating heart.


Sarya 's vows to Joe 

I Sarya do come here of my own free will to seek the partnership of you Joe. I come here with love, honour and sincerity , wishing only to become one with you who I love. Always will I strive for your happiness and welfare. Your life I will defend before my own. 

Joe my beloved, you have brought so much into my world. Once I walked the earth alone, now I always feel you with me and one look into your eyes calms my soul and I rejoice in our love.

There are no mere words to express the joy I have found in your love, the strength in your support and the feeling that I have found at last my one true soulmate. I thank you my darling and in that thanks I pledge to walk this life and the next at your side through good and bad times we will be as one. 

All I need to know is you love me and that our union is as blessed as we are to each other. Come grow old old with me, the best is truly yet to be .

I love you Joe , now and forever .

We went ahead with the hand fasting despite the fact that I was diagnosed with a possible breast cancer and would undergo surgery and the treatments right after. I'm glad to say that as of Feb. 18th I am (hopefully) finished with the treatments and I'm starting to feel better but I still have to pace myself a bit. I couldn't have made it without Joe, as you know the two of us have endured the trails of life as one for years now.
With that behind me Friday will make two weeks till I head to England to be with Joe from March 14th till April 8th, how I cherish those times! Await more updates and pictures from us.

I wanted to send the poem I wrote to Joe on Feb 14th to share with everyone here as well...

Valentine for Joe

its amazing our history 
the years we have shared 
You loved me when 
i thought no one would 
Your voice the calm 
in the storms of my world 
Your hand i reach for 
i grasp it to my heart
every moon beam whispers 
your name in my soul 
mere words seem weak 
to explain how 
you changed my life 
the comfort i take 
is beyond all measure
the joy you bring 
the sound of your laughter 
the sight of your smile
takes my breath away 
laying in your arms 
my head on your chest
the sound of your heart beating 
and a symphony of angels is heard
i wish that everyone i love 
could find a love like ours
real and honest and complete 
the world at times 
seems so insane 
with all the folks who hurt 
and lie and cheat 
your voice each day 
it gets me through the rain 
though miles may be between us 
i am never alone 
there are no doubts 
no fears do i have 
complete and beautiful 
only me and only you 
nothing in the way 
you are my valentine 
each and every day 
your love me for me 
that's all i need to know
i don't have to be anything 
but this woman who loves you
the more pain in the world
that i see 
makes me glad you are you 
my husband my love
and that i simply 
am me 
maybe i don't say thank you 
as often as i should
but each day reminds me 
of how very lucky i am 
faithful and steadfast 
like a dream come true 
i am your wife Joe 
and i so love you 


I so hope this post finds everyone well and happy !! For anyone interested, more photos of our handfasting are available here.


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