It's strange how things happen... you are trudging through the mundane weary lanes of life when suddenly, out of nowhere, love walks in and touches your life in a way that you know that nothing could ever be the same again...
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She's From:   United States
He's From:     Canada

Here is an addition to my story....

Well I'm up at school in New York, an hour and a half away from Shane. Things are going great. I love school and get to see Shane on the weekends. 

  Jocelyn and Shane during their first meeting
  Recently I was up at Shane's parents house for Christmas and he asked me to marry him!! We went for a walk and he got down on his knee a proposed. Of course I said yes and things are better than ever.

We are planning on eloping this Summer and staying apart for just a year till school is finished! I can't wait! This is just one more example proving that meeting on the internet works! I'll keep you posted on when it happens and where we go!







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