It's strange how things happen... you are trudging through the mundane weary lanes of life when suddenly, out of nowhere, love walks in and touches your life in a way that you know that nothing could ever be the same again...
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She's From:   United States
He's From:     United States

Since I wrote "THE STORY" section of our site, I really don't need to go into detail about the earlier months of our relationship.

I'll just concentrate at what we're developing right NOW. Phil and I DID finally meet on July 24, 2001 when he flew out to NY to see me.

  Jessica and Phil during their next real life meeting

We spent a week together, and to sum it up, I really had the most amazing week of my life. He gave me my promise ring ;) .... we spent way too much time in "The Village" hehe, we had dinner in Little Italy, went rowing in Central Park, I swear everything was just like a dream. I actually saw some woman make a comment to her husband when we were in Little Italy one night. She leaned over to him, looked right at us, and said, "What a beautiful couple they are huh". And she smiled. It made me beyond happy. :) YES, I am getting annoyingly sappy with this whole thing, and it's crazy because I used to make fun of people like me hehe....but I love him. 





  There was one day that we went to this little Italian market fair...and it was set up right by this beautiful park. So we did our thing there, walked around to the vendors, hehe bought the kick ass Italian food ;) .... and then went to sit down on a bench in that park. I remember that there was an old man next to us on another bench, and tons of people walking around....but we were sort of set away from everything, just watching people walk by and whatever. For some reason, that moment will stick with me for as long as I live. Just sitting there with him, eating our food, was so peaceful. 

I don't know what it was about that instance, but we both agreed that there was something that made us feel like we had been together for a lifetime. I will never be able to explain it. As young as we still are, although we are adults....I almost felt as if we were together...but older. MUCH older. Like "hunny let's feed the pigeons" older LOL. Serious. I felt like we were 70 years old, having had lived our life as one, and that was where we sat one day. IT WAS WEIRD. I think the best way to even try and explain, aside from that, was the ending scene in the movie "Notting Hill." (one of my favorites hehe). When they are in the was exactly like that. The fact that he also had mentioned this feeling to's just crazy....but true. Everything I was always asking myself, about when I looked at him....hehe, I didn't have to worry about that anymore. The first time I looked in his eyes, I knew. And there were no more doubts. It was there, Phil was my soulmate. Plain and simple. I knew before I met him that we were meant to be brought together, and it basically just confirmed it when I was able to finally see him.

I have made set plans to move from NJ to California in order to be with him after November. This is a REALLY big move for me, but he's been helping me out so much. We've done the whole apartment searching online bit... it's been pretty fun. I also want to mention that what we both do, as far as careers go, being together, we balance each other out :)

I'm a singer, and he's a model. Now there's a couple for ya. LOL. No serious. Being in California, close to L.A., he does his thing, and I'll do mine. I also just got word today that my producer is moving out to L.A. from NY, the same time I am. :) I'll be recording out there as soon as I get settled, and I'm having some new tracks (songs) sent to me to write to this week as well. So if you want to follow along with my whole "music career", they've changed my name to Gia Marino, and I'll be based out of L.A. in the next couple of months.

My producer has done a number of songs that you could also be on the lookout for. Three from LaFace/Arista recording artist P!NK's debut album, including the title track "Can't Take Me Home". Athena Cage's new single "Hey Hey" which will be out in stores soon if not already in certain areas. New girl trio called MPRESS, their debut single "Maybe" will be out in a couple of months. RCA artist COCO of SWV's single "Triflin", featuring EVE, and a BUNCH of other stuff. Hehe...sorry...I had to give him a promo plug. :) Anyways, that's about it. I'm sure Phil will tell you about his modeling and whatever in HIS section of the site. 

So YES, Phil and I met each other online, YES we fell in love before we actually met, and YES good things DO sometimes happen out of meeting someone over the "internet". Not all couples that meet online are a bunch of lowlife rednecks that come from towns with population "30". LOL. (Not to be rude, I certainly have never said that lol--but I've seen plenty of people describe the situation in those words. So mean right?) So yeah---real people with actual lives lol....they meet this way. And there is nothing wrong with it :) Other than that you know me, I personally would like to thank you for checking out our website, and hope you will be very fulfilled with your online, and hopefully eventually offline relationship :). For anyone interested, our website is here


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