Shana and Michael:
It all started last July. I was baby sitting my younger cousin Kristian while my aunt was out of town for the weekend. As it was getting late I put Kristian to bed and I began to watch TV... 
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She's From:   Canada
He's From:     United States

Passed your site and just thought I'd give you my two cents worth. My name is Jenn or "Jebbie".


I've been through my share of net romances. Most were too horrible to reconjure up through memory. Thus, I had promised myself not to ever let it happen again. But boy, was I ever in for a surprise. 

I went on a short hiatus from ICQ, not wanting to deal with the usual baloney of weird questions like "how's the weather?", but decided it was time to go back into random chat and see if anyone could keep me amused for a short time. In my information it states that you can wow me with poetry or with humour. So up pops this random message from Squirreldaddy chock full of beautiful words in poetry form. Instantly he has my attention, although I still didn't pay full attention to him. We chatted back and forth for a short while and I had to go off to bed.






To my surprise I open up my e-mail the next day to find a short, yet sweet letter from Larry AKA Squirreldaddy. Just a smile to keep me happy through my day at work. Had to be about the sweetest letter I had ever received from someone I had just met. 

Once again, late night rolls around and up pops Larry to keep me entertained for the evening. We must have chatted until 6 in the morning before either of us realized the time. This continued for a few weeks time, and I slowly realized that it was quickly becoming my favourite time of day. The time I got to log on and spend with Larry. It finally hit me that I was falling for this guy, and from the words he sent to me on a regular basis he too was falling hard. Neither of us had expected it to happen but were more then happy it was. All in all over a 2 month period I think we missed talking to each other once. It was every night sometimes for half an hour but more often for hours on end. And then the phone calls started. The sound of his voice brought tears to my eyes, it was the sweetest thing I have ever heard in my life. 

As we speak, Larry is moving from Florida to a new job in Ohio. It makes me a very happy person as I live in Ontario and this will bring him close enough that we will soon be meeting in person. I'm not sure who is more excited over this, him or me. It's like we were both just waiting to meet, that we were destined to be together. Or, as Larry puts it, he knows he always loved me, even before we knew each other. Neither of us ever planned for us to fall in love with each other so soon after meeting and it scares us both to death, but regardless we plan on running with it wherever it may take us. I see us growing grey together and watching the grandkids play on the front lawn. But we'll see. All I know is I love Larry so much more then words will ever let me explain, and for once in my life I know what it's like to feel unconditional love!