Mars & Deborah 3:
As Deborah went to the departure hall to fly out of Adelaide I knew that the next few months were going to drag on slowly and that I would miss her like crazy. I just didnt want her to go but that was the reality of the situation. When she got back...
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She's From:   Malaysia
He's From:     Germany

Well, in my belief there is for every person one other person on the surface of this earth who is his one and only true love.

  Jasmine and Holger during the first visit

It's kind of destiny, they belong to each other already from the day they were born and only the lucky ones, the patient ones will find each other and will love each other for their whole life.

Chapter 1

It was on January, 30th 1998 that Jas and me met online. It was in the room Titanic in the Microsoft Comic Chat. For me it was in the morning, at a time where I normally not log on. I don't know why especially on that day. I was hosting the chat-room under my usual nickname "Governor Of Goddess" and was chatting with some others about the movie "Titanic" which was my favourite at that time.





  And then she entered the room: "Princess_jaz". It was her first time of using the Internet/Chat, she was using a computer in a mall close to her workplace. We started to talk and talk....and from the very first moment there was this special feeling inside me.....I really can't describe, but I liked her from the very first words she was typing. After awhile we exchanged our e-mail adds and logged off.

Directly after this I wrote a very long mail to her. Normally I'm not a big writer but I wrote everything which came in my mind. And she wrote back and so it started :)

Chapter 2

4 days ago we met another time online for chatting. I was so happy and excited, my feelings really already grew so much at this time. We were talking about this and that and somehow we were talking also about the upcoming Valentines Day. We told each other how is the loved one treated on this special day in our different cultures. We promised each other to write a Valentine card and exchanged our home adds.

So I received a card from Jas at Valentines Day...her very first card for me and it was so lovely. I was so touched and my heart was beating so fast. On this day and on so many other days I was watching and reading this card over and over and I couldn't get enough of it.

Chapter 3

After that I went to Finland for visiting a friend, it was already long time planned. It was only for one week but I had no chance to write to Jas by e-mail or to receive any. I can't tell how much I missed it, how much I missed to hear from Jas. I think at this time I realized how deep my feelings were for her, that I really love her so much and I couldn't await to be home again to write her and to hear from her.

Chapter 4

Back home again I immediately started to write again and so we continued to write us every day at least 1 e-mail and additionally letters and postcards. And with every day my feelings to Jas grew more and more and I realized that I love her so much...without ever seeing her, not even on a picture and without having listend to her voice. I just believed that the way she wrote is the pure her and reading all of her words is just like diving into her soul, thoughts and dreams. I couldn't live anymore without hearing from her. Then came the time that Jas gave me her phone-number and we took it to the next level. On the 14th of March 1998, 44 days after getting know to her I finally dared to call her. And listening to her voice, talking with her made me float high in the sky, my heart almost explode and I just felt like the happiest guy on earth.

Chapter 5

Now came the time that I have passed my exams and after that I got unemployed. It was really kind of a hard time. I've got only very little unemployment money from the government and I still needed to write Jas every day and read her mails and to call her at least once a week. At this time the phone cost were very high here in Germany and so I had really a hard time to pay the phone bills which were almost as double as high as my small income. But without talking and chatting with Jas I don't know what would have happened. And she mentally assist me also through this time. I've sold things like my Music-CD's, Computer Games and my most loved Electric Guitar to friends to pay the bills and I used up all my savings to stay in contact with Jas and thinking back I really don't regret anything. After 3 months I finally got a small job at a strawberry farm where I earned enough. Another month later I got to my actual job and moved to our actual living place which is the city of Wedel.

Chapter 6

So it continued. Every morning the first thing for me to do was checking my mail, every time I got back from work the first thing was checking my mail. And I spent the rest of the day with reading Jas mails and letters over and over, dreaming of her, writing her, sometimes calling her. My whole daily routine consisted of Jas, everything was turning about her. Only interrupted from work. Then some fine day in early September 1998 she told me that she is going to book a flight to Germany in October or November. I was so unbelievable happy, I really couldn't await it. And from that day on I was counting the days til her arrival......which was finally on the 30th of October1998, exactly 10 months after meeting each other on the net.

Chapter 7

Jasmine should arrive on Frankfurt International Airport . So I was driving down there in time, the distance to Frankfurt is about 600km and I don't wanted to be late. I was looking forward to finally see her, was so nervous and happy. I was only worried that my car got wrecked, some motor damage or something and Jas is waiting at the airport and I can't inform her what happened and can't pick her up. You know bad things always happen when you don't expect. But well, nothing happened and I arrived at the airport 2 hours before her plane should land. Enough time to search for the correct gate. Then I saw on the display that her plane has landed....and I was waiting and waiting for her to come out of the gate. I think another 45 minutes later she came out. She was wearing the same dress than on one of her photos she sent me. But also with another dress I would have recognized her immediately. She looked like an angel, so beautiful, so charming. I ran towards her and we hugged each other the very first time. It felt so good to be so close to her.

We were going to my small car and started our long way to my home. It was already 5pm, Jas had a 10-hours flight in her bones, a 6 hours time difference and we still had about 6 hours to drive. She was so so tired which was understandable after such a trip. It was a silent way back. I am kind of shy and all of sudden having Jas sitting next to me in the car, I don't know, all my wishes got true but somehow I couldn't fight my shyness talking to her as I talked to her on the phone or on the net. So we haven't had much to talk, Jas was tired and sleepy and me too shy. But as we got home at midnight and it suddenly appeared that Jas kissed me.....such a wonderful moment, I had goosebumps all over my body and I wished this kiss would never end.....I don't know, the spell was broke and me not so shy anymore.

Jasmine and Holger in Germany

Chapter 9

The following 2 weeks we spent with so many things, going out for walks hand in hand, visiting the city, walking at the riverside, going for a movie (still remember it was Halloween H20.....didn't imagine before that Jas would be that scared :) ), visiting the zoo and so on. We were just happy being able to spend our time together, to feel each other, to kiss each other, just to know that the other one is always so close.

We visited also the first time my parents and we had a really nice time with them. They liked her from the first moment on, they had so many things to ask her and I was busy translating. Jas felt also kind of good and comfortable.

After 2 weeks my leave ended and I had to work again. Leaving Jas alone for half a day made me really sad. I knew I would miss her so much. And how would she feel? The first time that she has to spend alone in a forreign country, not knowing any people, not speaking our language. Almost all of the germans can't speak really english or they don't dare or they don't want. I don't know. But that made it also very hard for Jas because I was the only one she could talk to. I think it was a very hard time for her and I am so proud of her that she never gave up. In my freetime we were doing so many things like shopping, going into cinema or for concert and for sure spending it together. We were never parted besides of the time I was at work. But this time was already too long.

Well, mid of december, Jas was already with me for almost 6 weeks, we thought of that there are only 6 weeks left for her to stay. We don't wanted to be parted again and so we were first thinking of marriage. And we decided to marry, we loved each other endlessly, already before we met in person, and additionally we had to marry to stay together. It was not one of those romantic proposals, I wasn't kneeing in front of her with a rose in my hand, no love-music was playing in the background, nothing like this. I just asked Jas and she said "Yes" and that was it. Nothing more and nothing less. Anyway, we went to the marriage office and announced our marriage and the officer told us what things we do need. It was kind of much and we realized that maybe the time would be too short concerning that inbetween were also the christmas and new year holidays.

Well, we needed a confirmation of a malay office that Jas is not married yet, we had to send back copies of her birth certificate and her passport to let them translated from malay to english. And after we got all this we had to translate it here from english to german. Then all the documents should be sent to the state law court to be certified and accepted and sent back to the marriage office. Whew, for all that we had only 4 weeks (minused off already the holiday season), but we tried all to accomplish it. The first step was that we informed Jas' Mum and her Dad asking for help and doing all the document stuff for us in Malaysia.

Christmas came and we celebrated it at my sisters place together with my whole family. And somehow Jas was already included, she was treated as a family member already which made me so happy. And on the days staying there we forgot for a short moment about our problems.

Chapter 10

Beginning of 1999 we were going to the forreigners office, asking if Jas could extend her stay or if she could get a permission to stay. Well, they weren't too friendly (I guess it's their job not being friendly to people who apply to live in our country) and they said Germany is no imigration-country, it's an asylum-country. Which means immigration only in special cases and that you've to apply for asylum. Which is ridiculous, there's no reason for a Malay to apply for it. So they said there is no way to stay longer in Germany than the 3 months, you can only extend for 1 week and after that it's illegal. At latest now we realized that it will be very hard, almost impossible to get all the things done til the end of the month.

The days past by and as the month was going to end soon we got so anxious, so nervous and we were thinking of the solution that we both fly back to Malaysia, stay there for some days and come back to Germany. In our minds was only the thought of staying together no matter what and we weren't be able to think logic anymore. We borrowed money from my parents, were going to the travel agency and booked a flight Hamburg - Kuala Lumpur and back. The next day all of sudden it came into my mind what if the German custom officers don't let Jas in anymore. Full of worries I called the custom main office in Frankfurt and explained our situation. Well, the officer said that they wouldn't let her in again because there have to be at least 3 months in between the stays. Should have asked earlier, now we bought already the tickets and we knew we couldn't fly. Going back to the travel agent I realized that we haven't made a travel-insurance and that we won't get any money back. The tickets are bought, we don't fly, they're not refundable. That's it.

Then we got all papers ready and translated. We went to the marriage office so that they could send all the papers to the court. The officer said that could last up to 1 week but we had only 3 days left til Jas had to leave. The officer wrote then a letter stating that we marry soon so that we can show to the foreigners office. We went there, showed the letter, and still they didn't allow Jas to prolong her stay. Now they only suggested us that Jasmine has to apply for a marriage visa at the German Embassy back in Kuala Lumpur and that this will take at least 2 months, maybe longer. I felt like the whole world broke into pieces, all our hopes were gone and I was so mad, mad at the offices, mad at the laws. It wasn't right, nothing was right and it seemed like everything was against us. We cried the whole day, the whole night. We cried without stop, we hugged each other, we didn't wanted to let loose. I felt never that sad and hopeless before in my life. Only 2 more days together.

Chapter 11

The day before Jasmine should leave we were going another time to the marriage office asking how is the process of our documents. And they weren't finished yet. We told the marriage officer also about what they have said at the foreigners office and that Jas has to leave tomorrow. The officer was very nice and he called the court asking for our papers and they said on Monday they will be sent back and confirmed. It was Friday, so if there was a way that Jas could stay we could marry only 3 days later. Well, the marriage officer called then the lady at the forreigners office and told her in a kind but certain way the we would marry on Monday and that she shouldn't be so narrow-minded and pedantic and let her stay until then. The lady agreed and she said if we come on Tuesday with the marriage certificate Jas would get a permit to stay. That all was kind of last minute and without the help of the marriage officer we would have been parted for a uncertain time. I can't say how much we appreciated his help and how thankful we still are. Getting to know that we can stay together was one of our happiest days.

Chapter 12

Well, after getting to know that we can finally marry we for sure called our parents telling them of our luck and happiness. The ceremony then was at the 8th of February 1999. As you can understand nobody of Jas family could join. So our only guests were my parents and my brother & sister.

They picked us up at our home and my dad drove us to the marriage office.

It was snowing a little bit before our ceremony and it was kind of cold. The whole ceremony was such a nice and wonderful moment and finally both of us exchanged the rings and kissed each other. So unbelievable but all of sudden we were Mr. & Mrs. Diederichsen and nothing can divide us anymore. Now we could stay together forever. All our dreams came true.

I think in the same moment we both said "yes" it started to snow more and more. We came out of the marriage office and everything was already white. So beautiful. Our wedding dinner then was in a small classy restaurant in the middle of a forest. And the drive to there was so romantic with all the surrounding white trees. Very unforgettable.

Jasmine and Holger at their wedding

Well, that's our story. Since then we live together happily married and loving each other more from day to day. For anyone interested, our website is here. On our site you can see our small cute daughter who was born only a little bit more than 9 months later.