It's strange how things happen... you are trudging through the mundane weary lanes of life when suddenly, out of nowhere, love walks in and touches your life in a way that you know that nothing could ever be the same again...
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She's From:   United States
He's From:     United States

Learning to Love someone is so hard especially when all you've ever known is heart break, deceit and despair. 


'm not only speaking for myself, but for the "One" I truly might have met on the internet. Speaking for myself, I was extremely skeptical of meeting someone at all before being deployed to South Korea for a year. On the other hand, I never imagined meeting someone so amazing that my every thought, my every word was absorbed and loved by her presence in my life. How could it be that I would think about her driving my car, watching television, out with my friends, or just about anywhere humanly possible to imagine she was there. Itís so unexplainable the vast feelings I had for someone who seemed so magical and wonderful. 

Yet, we were both afraid, so much afraid, but so attracted to one another itís really hard to explain without using the word Love. And I embarrassedly so much more scared than her.






I say embarrassedly because I felt ashamed that she loved me more than I was afraid to admit. It was so hard for me to say it, so hard for me to admit it, but one thing was for certain, I was head over heels for her. Unfortunately, I couldn't say the three golden words every man wants to be able to say, but I knew in my heart and prayed that sheíd be the "One." 

It was so hard for me given our situations: I, an Army Officer, and her with a career, a family, and a bright future with such distance between us in the short term. But one thing was for certain, I couldn't find one flaw with her, no not one. The whole time I kept asking myself what am I thinking, she's all you've ever wanted, yet I put up a defense mechanism to shield my love of her. Sheís so genuinely compassionate, sexy and romantic, full of laughter, and has the prettiest smile Iíve come across in Georgia yet. I mean Iíve always believed in a good smile and by far she won with no contest.

With each passing day, I got a better picture of her. Though we never saw each other in person, I felt a connection with her that is different than any other girlfriend I ever had. It was weird how each was curious about the other like a cat and mouse game, except the cat and mouse game was more than just a game, it was romantic reality where two people were searching for something, something neither of them have ever truly experienced before. It all started like no other relationship, I have ever encountered. I superficially clicked yes to Ashley only bargaining for her name and yet I got so much more in return, itís frightening how much I was crazy about her. 

Pondering my yes, she eventually matched, though at first she declined. I donít know what it must have been, but I know I was truly blessed. I quickly sent her an email explaining all the intricacies of who I was, what I was about and all that stuff. I rattle off what I wanted and what I was in search of, like a true romantic. She responded and we talked about everything with not one topic becoming a barrier between my Ashley and I. 

It was amazing how we could be so honest with each other and tell each other exactly how we were feeling. One thing led to another and Ashley was mine and I was hers. Promises were made on both sides: Promises to keep one another and not to harm each other. Promises to be honest, to kiss, to dance, and not to cheat, and most importantly, promises to try and discover if they truly loved each other as they both had hoped. 

I count myself lucky to call Ashley my girlfriend. Hers and only hers,