Shana and Michael:
It all started last July. I was baby sitting my younger cousin Kristian while my aunt was out of town for the weekend. As it was getting late I put Kristian to bed and I began to watch TV... 
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She's From:   United States
He's From:     United Kingdom

Well, Our story starts out about 2 1/2 years ago, I had just bought my computer and was messing around on it one night.

When out of the blue I received an Instant message.

  Heather and Matthew on their wedding day

I didn't recognize the name so I didn't answer. A few nights later the same thing happened. I didn't know who this person was so I wouldn't respond. Well, after like the 5th time of this happening finally I responded, never in a million years knowing things would eventually turn out like they are now. 

He was from England, and I was from America. We started chatting about things like common interests, weather things like that. One night he asked me for a picture, so I sent one to him. As he told me he was blown away. He had a girlfriend at the time and I had a boyfriend.






But neither of us were happy to say the least. Eventually he started to call me on the telephone and we talked almost every night about just about everything under the sun. Finally he got a picture of himself online and sent me it. I downloaded it and I was stunned. He was beautiful beyond words. Everything I thought I ever could dream about in a man, Looks style and this sexy accent that went along with it. We talked for a few more months and all of a sudden he was gone. He wasn't on the Internet anymore. Finally he called me to let me know he was having some things to deal with that's why he wasn't around and wouldn't be for a while. Needless to say he still phoned and we talked for a few minutes every night almost when he was able to. 

We went on like this for a long time talking on the phone eventually through e-mails when he was back online, through Instant messages and through regular letters. Last November 1999 I had a boyfriend that I was at the time somewhat serious about and we were tinkering with the idea of moving in together. Mat called one night to say hi and ask me how things were going with me and the gentleman I was with. I told him the news about us possibly moving in together.

Matt was very quiet and didn't say too much. Two weeks down the road I get an e-mail saying he's coming to America to meet me because he didn't want to lose me to someone else before he ever got a chance. I had mixed feelings I will not deny that. I was scared, and a bit wary about this man coming all the way here to meet just me and I really didn't want to hurt the person I was with at the time, although things with him and I were going down the drain and fast. I knew I wouldn't ever move in with this guy but I never told Matt that until after we met because I was afraid he wouldn't come over then.

The day finally arrived after a whole lot of waiting that I would finally meet this dream man. I waited at the airport smoking cigarette after cigarette. Finally I heard his plane had arrived and I seen him step off of the plane. My heart stopped. He was gorgeous! I felt bad cause he had such a long journey and was exhausted but he still gave me a huge hug and kiss and gave me a necklace that said "I love you".

That night I took him to his hotel and I returned home. I went the next day to pick him up at the hotel and It was like a reality check that he was still there and liked me. We spent 10 wonderful days together, one of which he proposed to me. Two days after he proposed he went back to the UK. I felt like a huge chunk of me left with him.

Christmas and New Years was awful that year, I wanted to be there with him so much and knew I couldn't shortly after that in the month of January Mat was on a plane back to see me again. This time I was going to return to England with him for 2 weeks to meet his family. We talked about it while he was here and I decided to stay with him there for about 2 months. So I got a lawyer and got things for the Fiance visa rolling before we left America. My Job at the time was not important and I would have another job when I returned home, so I wasn't too worried. So back to England we went. I met his family and loved them all. Such beautiful people. Such a beautiful country. 

Well, needless to say I ended up in England for 5 months because I couldn't bear to leave him and I wanted to stay till his visa was approved. We went to London the day of our interview with the US consulate and Mat received his stamp in the passport. Two days later we were heading back to the USA again.

July 15th we got married in Niagara Falls New York. It was gorgeous. The happiest day of my life. Matt's family flew here from the UK to attend it and the whole event went wonderful. Two weeks later we were at INS with our lawyer applying for adjustment of status and getting Matt a social security # and a driving license. then about 3 weeks later Matt got a Job in America for the first time.

Here we are its been months now since we got married and I'm still floating on a cloud. He's the best thing in life that happened to me and that ever will. If it wouldn't have been for this Internet I would have not met the man I'm married today to.