My love's name is Jimmy & he works for an Airline company in Saudi Arabia, I work here in Geneva & we both are of the same Nationality, from the Philippines...
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She's From:   Mexico
He's From:     United States

My husband Brian (From the U.S.A.) and I (from Mexico) met in July, 1998, on "U.S.A. YAHOO PERSONALS" when I specified in the searching box an American city and the type of guy I wanted to meet from the U.S.

  Gabriela & Brian on their wedding day
  I do remember what I specified… Christian, Caucasian and around 25 to 30 years old.

Then five profiles displayed to my search, including his, which I read and got interested in so much. Then, right away I sent him a message introducing myself. Later he answered to my message introducing himself too and later we exchanged our pics.

Then we kept writing to each other every now and then as friends for about three years, and living our own lives (school, work, dating, etc).






I remember he used to send me so many massive e-mails about Jesus Christ and God’s word. I used to say to myself “What a cute and Godly guy”.

Time passed away and in August 2001, I quit being Catholic and became a Christian when a coworker of mine shared God's word to me.

After that, Brian and I kept writing to each other for about one more year, sharing God's word and in general talking about the Bible.

Then, last June 2003, as a coincidence Brian and I were not commited to any girlfriend or boyfriend respectively, so, we started calling each other often and later we purchased webcams to video chat.

Later, in July'03 Brian and I got committed on the internet, when he showed me through the webcam the engagement ring he had bought me.

Then in September'03 I went to his city to meet him in person at first, since he could not be able yet to get days off at work, but later he could.

I was very nervous that day flying to his city (it was a connecting flight from my state to Los Angeles, and then to his city).

When the airplane finally landed, I left it and walked right to the gate where Brian and I had set to meet and I did not see anyone similar to what he looked like through the webcam.. So, I just kept walking around and around with my baggage...

Then, kind of 15 minutes later, in the background, I saw a cute blonde guy (much better than the one I expected to see according to the webcam, he, he…) walking towards me and I kept walking too, till he and I ran into each other and I said "Brian?". He said "Yes, are you Gabriela?", I answered "Yes ".

We gave a big hug to each other and we got a very nice first impression of each other.

He has told me that the day he saw me for the first time at the airport he said to himself “This is the woman with whom I want to spend all my life”. And you know?… I THOUGHT THE SAME.

Then we walked together to the parking lot where he had parked his car, and we left.

Then, the rest is history…

I stayed four days there in his city and the time we spent together was just great.

During my stay there, we visited the most representative places from his city, had meals at different typical Mexican restaurants, went together to a friend of Brian’s wedding, and to the Christian Congregation, met his nice family, and he proposed to me giving me the engagement ring.

The last day of my stay in his city (Sept the 16th. ’03), he drove me to the airport and it was very sad to say bye to each other, but he promised he would be flying to my city every two months till our procedure to get married, and stay together in his country got done.

After my first visit to his city in Sep'03, Brian went to mine three times:

* In late October'03 when I introduced him to my family, and besides different nice activities we made, we all had a formal lunch with relatives on my dad’s side and friends because of our New Commitment).

* To spend Christmas Season with me, my close family and relatives.

* To spend my 28th. birthday party with relatives and friends.

UPDATE... After that long procedure of almost 10 months to get the K-1 Visa (Fiancee Visa), Brian and I got together last July the 17th. here in the U.S., getting married last August the 28th.,'04. We are very happy together.

*Brian is one of the best things that have happened to me; he is my Godly Present*. For anyone interested, our web site is here.

God bless,