Mars & Deborah 3:
As Deborah went to the departure hall to fly out of Adelaide I knew that the next few months were going to drag on slowly and that I would miss her like crazy. I just didnt want her to go but that was the reality of the situation. When she got back...
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She's From:   Sweden
He's From:     Spain

My name is Fredrik and my cyberlove's name is Basma. This story didn't begin very long ago.

I live in Spain and my cyberlove lives in Sweden.

  Fredrick and his dog

We met each other only 1 month ago. This is how it started...

I was in a chat room out of pure curiosity that day, surfing around and checking out different rooms. After a while I entered a room called "Romance" and there weren't very many people there, so I decided to stay there for a while. After a short period of reading what everyone else was saying in the main window I started talking to a girl who seemed very interesting. When she told me she was 17 I decided to take a look at her profile. What caught my eye was that her logo was the Swedish flag. I asked her what the meaning of it was. She answered that it represented where she comes from. 





  It was crazy! The first time ever in this chat room and I meet someone who comes from the same country as I do. Mind you, this was an American chat server. We started to talk more and more, I got interested and I asked her if she wanted to go private. We stayed online talking to each other privately for 4 hours that day! It was interesting to find a person that had so much in common with myself but who lived so many miles away. After realising what the time was (4:30 pm) I told her that I had a basketball game that I had to go to, so we said our goodbyes and exchanged email addresses. On my way to my basketball game I kept on thinking about her and how we had talked for so long and the things we talked about.

Already the next day I went online to see if she'd be on and she was! In the same room, and with the same name. She saw me come in and after just 2 seconds in the room, I received a private message from her. She told me that she had added me to her MSN list and that I should log on. So I did, and we started talking on MSN instead. We had so much to talk about as she lived in Sweden and because I'm half Swedish. There was never a quiet moment in our conversations. I've never been a very open guy with girls, I'm fairly shy so I was surprised that I felt so calm and relaxed with her. It was definitely a good sign. That day we talked for almost 3 hours again before she had to go to her kick boxing lesson. I was sad she had to leave but we decided that we would talk the same time the next day. I was already looking forward to it! That night I was lying in my bed thinking about our conversation and how everything seemed to match so well and i pictured us a perfect couple...but I quickly deleted those thoughts out of my mind reminding myself that she lived in Sweden and I lived in Spain, and that it'd never work (boy was I wrong!)

The next day our conversation was very different. We seemed to finish each others sentences and start saying the same things or asking the same questions all the time. We were joking around and she made me laugh many times. I felt so warm inside and wished I was in Sweden that moment. I was afraid of telling her how I felt as I never imagined she felt the same about me. But after pulling myself together and preparing myself for a long time I asked her what she'd think about me calling her. She was over excited and replied "I thought you'd never ask!!!". I was relieved and she gave me her number and I told her I'd call her later that night. Around 10:30 pm I called her and the voice on the other line could only be described as the voice of an angel. I was breathless and speechless. She repeated her "hello" and I tried to sound as calm as possible as the following words came out of my mouth "Hello, it's Fredrik." I was so nervous but after some minutes of laughing and joking around I seemed to calm down and I was incredibly comfortable with the whole situation. We talked for 45 minutes that night and I she told me she'd call me the next day. I knew I was falling for her!

Before she called me I was online checking my inbox hoping she might have sent me a picture of herself as I'd asked her for one...she already had 3 of me...I saw her name and an email attached to it. I opened it and held my breathe. It said the following: "Hello Freddie. Here is the picture you've been waiting for. I took it especially for you. Take care. I love you. Bas -x-" I just sat and stared at the screen in front of me. I was surely dreaming...If I wasn't then I was seeing a clear image of natural beauty. I was overwhelmed with feelings of love. I knew then that I wasn't falling for her, but that I had fallen for her!

Our conversations continued over the phone and online for 1 week like this, the conversations kept getting more intimate and personal...and the phone calls were getting longer and our choice of words were presented with more feeling than before. More frequently our emails ended with "Love you", "Kisses", "Always", or "Your baby". And our phone calls ended with "I love you's"...I felt something special in my heart every time I spoke to her. 

After that week I couldn't keep my feelings in any longer and on December 10th I opened up to her completely. I told her what I felt whenever we talked and how much I missed her when we weren't talking and how I dreamed and thought about her all of the time. I told her that I knew it was crazy but that I felt something I'd never felt before. Now, I have had girlfriends before but I have never felt like this for anyone else. I even dated a girl for 3 years, and I never loved her this much. As I finished expressing my feelings I told her that I loved her, and by just letting her hear those 3 words I started to cry. I heard a quiet sob on the other line and I understood that she was crying too. Through her tears she told me she felt the same way and that she knew she was in love with me from the very beginning. It was the happiest day of my life and that's when we started dating. 

We were talking every day until I found out I was going to Sweden for Christmas! I was so excited and we decided to meet. December 22nd I landed in Sweden and I couldn't wait to get to my house and call her. I called her that night and we were talking for 4 hours! We decided that we would meet after Christmas because both of us were busy with our families etc. So, December 27th at 2:00 pm was the date and time of our first time meeting! I was there 1:30 standing in the snow , freezing on the outside but so warm on the inside knowing that I was going to see the love of my life for the first time. At exactly 2:00 I saw her come up the stairs from the Metro Station. I was so happy and so excited! She saw me and I recognised her immediately. We ran to each other and we shared our first hug. It felt like we were hugging for hours and that I never wanted to let her go. We sat down at a cafe and we started talking and joking around just like in our conversations...It was incredible and I felt so in love. That night I drove her back to her house and I kissed her goodnight. As our lips touched I felt electricity run through my body. It was so right!

We kept on seeing each other every day until New Years. We decided to spend New Years together with my friends at a big party that I was invited to. It was a great night and one that I'll never forget. I had the house all to myself from New Years to the 6th of January so she spent the upcoming days at my house and we sat up til late in the mornings in front of the open fire place watching romantic movies and cuddling. It was the best christmas ever! 

Sadly the 8th of January I had to leave to go back to Spain. At the airport I took her in my arms and told her that I loved her. She started to cry and she told me she was afraid that I was going to go back and find someone else closer to me, and that she was afraid I wouldn't wait for her. 

I had planned on giving her this in February when I'm going back to visit again, but as she told me her fears, I knew that now was the right time. I reached into my pocket and pulled out a box. I told her that it was for her and she dried her tears and smiled. She opened the box and inside of it was a gold ring with our names "Fredrik and Basma" and the date "December 10th, 2001" marked on the inside of the ring. It has a cubic zirconia (it's a stone that looks like a diamond) in the ring. I told her that it was a "promise ring". I explained to her that we are too young to get married and it's too fast to get engaged, but this ring would resemble that we are soul mates and that I promise that someday we'll get married but until that day we're "engaged"...but only us two know it, it's like we're engaged personally but not publicly. It looks like an engagement ring but it's not exactly for that cause. Almost though! I can't explain the feelings I have for her and what she means to me but she knows it. We said our goodbyes for 15 minutes and we shared our last kiss for a long time. I boarded the plane and felt sad as I knew that it would be 1 and half months until I saw my angel again. As I was getting seated I reached into my bag to pull out my book to read I felt a package in my bag. I took it out and it said "With love from Basma" on it. I smiled and opened it. Inside of a big box I found a picture of the two of us with a nice frame and on the back it said "I love you Fredrik and I always will". 

I have that picture on my night stand right next to my bed so I can look into my angels eyes every night when I fall asleep. I'm looking forward to going back to Sweden February 12th alone, and I'll be spending 9 days at her house even on Valentine's Day! 

That's my story and it's the best love story I have. Love is a beautiful thing and I hope everyone gets to experience it at least once in their lives. I know I have. If anyone feels as strongly about someone they've met on the net, go for it! It DOES work out and it is so worth it in the end! I've found my soul mate and I'm always going to love Basma.