Shana and Michael:
It all started last July. I was baby sitting my younger cousin Kristian while my aunt was out of town for the weekend. As it was getting late I put Kristian to bed and I began to watch TV... 
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She's From:   Canada
He's From:     Singapore

You've Got Mail!

"Hi there!".
The time was 4.09pm. The day was 2nd February 2002, Friday. It was a sunny day.


This was the message I first received on my ICQ. I had just started my ICQ running from my new office computer. The message was from BLUEBERRY. That was her nick at that time. I therefore replied asking who is she.

"This is Jo"
"Francis is the name."

This is how we started, knowing each other on ICQ. Not a typical special way to everyone but to us, it was a special feeling. We started chatting, talking about each other's life in our countries and exchanging photos. She was adorable and pretty. To me, she looked like an kind-hearted angel.






She was from Vancouver, Canada while I was from Singapore. I was working in the police force at that time and she was studying 1st year of university. That day, we chatted everything about our family, what we are doing, our future, our likes and dislikes. Sounds pretty normal though but we did it in 4 whole hours talking about these stuff. It was then after talking to her for 6 hours that night made me realise that I have such a warm feeling inside me.

I was having a very bad relationship with my girlfriend as she had changed in her character and I cannot see myself spending my life with her. The next day, I went to work as early as 7.00am to prepare myself. I find myself expecting her messages. As soon as I turned on my computer.

She told me that she never really had true love before and guys were out to cheat her feelings. At that instant, I did not know what to do but stayed on to talk to her and comforting her. We went on talking about how my relationship in on the brink of dying. At that time, I wished that my girlfriend was her. Again, we talked till late at night until she had to sleep. That very night, I could not sleep. I kept thinking about her and her images keep appearing in my head. I know it was wrong to think of another girl but she got the better of me. I must have fallen in love with her......

On the third day, I hinted to her when she came on to ICQ. She caught the hint very well but insisted that I carry on my relationship with my girlfriend. I understood how she felt at that time and did not persist further. We then talked about the coming Valentine's Day and we promise to send each other presents. I then went to buy a present for her. It was one of her favourite CDs. It was funny as I had to buy 2 Valentine's Day cards. And the days went by where we will chat everyday.

As fate it may be, days before Valentine's Day, I broke off my current relationship. She was going overboard. She has become so arrogant and unreasonable that I decided if I have to stay with this girl my whole life, I will regret. It was time to make a decison to whether or not to end this 5 year relationship. I then decided.....I broke up with her.

The next day, I told Jo that my relationship is off. She sounded shocked but she spent the whole day on ICQ comforting me. I went home that day again but I did not feel sad about it. I started thinking of Jo. I felt as if this was a sign. maybe she is the one I am looking for. So I started planning to surprise her and confess to her on valentine's Day.

14th February 2001, Wednesday
It was a rainy day. As usual, we were chatting on ICQ and counting down to Valentine's Day. And I told her that my friend will call her at 12.00am because he is delivering my present to her. She sounded so excited! And at 12.00am, the time came. I told her to wait for the call and then I called her!

"Hi, Happy Valentine's Day. This is Francis."
"Oh god!...(Silent for 30 seconds). Oh my god, my god, my god...."
"Hahaha. Happy Valentine's Day! You sound so beautiful...."
"Thank you"

She started crying. I did not know why but I knew why later. (She told me that she has never had someone like that before, so caring for her and giving her surprises! )
Well, I was panicking too and my heart just could not stop beating. There was a rock band in my heart. I then sang a lovely Mandarin song for her. And told her "I Love You"
We talked for a while and we hung up. We went back on ICQ. And this was what happened.

Jo: "U know, now I'm confused of who I am to you"

Dumb stupid me! I forgot to confess to her to be my girlfriend!
I then called her again immediately and ask her this,
"Hi Jo, will you be my girl forever?"

And she said YES!!!!!

Oh my god, now my heart feels like Gun's and Roses just played a metal piece in my mind and heart. And that was how we all begun.

But things did not get well. We communicate by ICQ and phone everyday. We know that our phone bills are going to burst but we continued. It was necessary.

But about a month later, things got a bit out of the way. Jo was scared all of a sudden and her confidence in the relationship went down because of our distance. She loved me but she did not dare to think if the dream of us being together will come true. Finally, she suggested a break to think things over.

I was devastated! I went blank for a couple of days and got into a fight with a drunk guy in the pub. Yes, I went drinking. It was the first time in my life I felt so bad and devastated, like I lost my life. I broke my knuckles. a week later, she called me and we spoke again. She told me that she prefer for us to remain as friends as she really is afraid. My whole mind was lost.........

02 April 2002, Monday
I was in deep trouble. I could not work. We still chatted on ICQ and phone. I try to do my best to be a good friend to her. But in the back of my mind, I cannot forget her. Then, that night as we talk, she told me something.

She said that she could not forget me and still loves me very much because I care so much for her and was willing to do everything for her. The question then came.

"Will you still be my boy?"
I went dumb for a minute.
"What did you say?"
"Will you still be my boy"
"Yes! Yes! Will you please be my girl?"

And it went on and our relationship was revived. She then told me that all along she did not dare to try this relationship as she is afraid of a bad ending. I told her to believe in me and us. We will make it work. I promise to visit her in August.

It was this time movies like You've Got Mail and At First Sight began to make more sense that things do happen and it is possible.

Thing went by well. Eventually in June, I finished with Police and went on to look for another job. I was so lucky and fate must have been on my side. I found a job with a Canadian company as a Landbanking Consultant. In my first 2 months, I earned enough to visit her! You cannot imagine how happy I was! We talked on the phone everyday. It was not long after my mum came to know about our relationship and she objected because she was afraid I might leave her and the family for good. Despite this, I stayed on strong.

06 August 2001, Monday
I arrived at Vancouver International Airport for the very first time. I saw her. Standing in the middle of the crowd looking at me with those deep eyes. My promise is fulfilled. I am there, in Canada. Seeing my love for the very first time and touching her after six long months.

We spent everyday together. We went out, she stayed at my place, we slept together, played together. I went to university with for lectures and falling asleep on her lap while the lecturer was talking boring notes. I was introduced to her friends and apparently, we became a sort of like celebrity couple and everyone was talking about us, the Canadian girl with her Singapore Boyfriend. Not that bad though we did not have paparazzis coming after us. =)

I spend a month and a half with her doing everything we could before I had to go back to Singapore again. At the Airport, we had such a bad time. We cried and held each other for so long.....and so tight....I have not cried so much before. from her tears, I can see how much she misses me and do not bear to see me leaving. It was really bad. Finally, when I went in, I turn around and wave to her. I gave a kiss and gestured to her to leave. Reluctantly, she turned around and walk off. She turned back a few times but I gestured for her to go. There was a sharp pain in my heart. Finally, I saw her back for the last time before she vanished into the crowd. I carried my bag, I walked to my gate to take the plane. I then spotted a phone and I called her. When she picked up the phone, she was still crying badly. I could not bring my tears to a stop. I cried again and we talked until I had to board the plane. It was terrible. It felt like a part of me is being taken away from me. But what can I do?

As I board the plane and sit beside the window, my tears were flowing down and my heart was feeling crushed. The feeling of her without me is terrible. Finally, after much crying, I fell asleep. She went home to cry too. She cried till she slept.

As my plane touch down to Singapore, I felt funny. It was this strange feeling telling me that I should not be here. My country that I have lived for so long has become so strange.....
As I went home, I felt really upset and was not able to cheer up. I had a big argument with my mum because she thought that I have forgotten about the family and wants to stay in Canada forever. And for the next one month, my family gives me endless pressure about this matter. Finally, I decided to leave again for Canada to look for my love. Her birthday was coming and I want to celebrate it with her.

I packed my stuff again and using the remaining resources I have, I bought a ticket and flew to Vancouver again. It was great seeing her. This time, we spent 3 months together and for this 3 months, I changed my air ticket departure date for 4 times. We could not let each other go. I want to stay and she wants me to stay. This was what happened.

The first time and second time, we changed the ticket departure date. The third time, I dragged her behind, told her the wrong departure time and then I missed the flight! So I stayed on for another 2 weeks. The fourth time, I intentionally forgot my passport and by the time we got to the airport, we had missed the flight again. Well, so much for love. We ended up having breakfast instead.

But finally, what comes have to go. I had to go again. The same situation happened again except for something different. At the point when we were crying and before I went in. I held her hand, brought her by the side. I kneel down and proposed to her and she said YES! We are therefore now engaged to each other! We are planning our marriage now when she graduates from university.

I am then back in Singapore again. We called each other everyday. She came to Singapore a month and a half ago. We spent our happiest times together and she proved to my parents why she is worth my craziness over her. My parents and relatives loves her very much. She went back on Wednesday. We can never end the crying scene. She went to Hong Kong to visit her relatives.

And as I write our story now, she is on her way back to Vancouver.........

It is difficult but we persist on. We are working hard to end this torture. We do not care where we are going to stay, we just want to be together. For our future and our love, we stay strong and persistent. We know it is a miracle for us to be together. We believe that when all barriers are cleared and all hardships withstood, we will see the door to forever.

Jo, I love you forever.........