Mars & Deborah 3:
As Deborah went to the departure hall to fly out of Adelaide I knew that the next few months were going to drag on slowly and that I would miss her like crazy. I just didnt want her to go but that was the reality of the situation. When she got back...
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She's From:   United States
He's From:     United Kingdom

In September 1996 I went on mIRC for the first time. I'd used IRC before, but it didn't know what I was doing on it and it always connected me to efNET.


When on mIRC I used dalNET, not realizing there was a difference. That first day I joined a chat group called #friendly. There and then was the first time I talked to a guy whose nick was and still is Delphy. My nick was and still is FEMALE.

We didn't talk long cause he was busy flirting w/ all the other girls in the channel. I was busy flirting w/ all the other guys *giggle*. The very next day I came online w/ some absolutely inane, stupid question about mIRC. Something about whether you had to pay money out to the servers for using them. (Remember I was new).





  Delphy is and was helper in #IRChelp, which was the channel I was trying to get help in. No one would help me at all. I suppose thinking my question was just to duh for them. Well Delphy, who was then using the nick Tylendal, thus I didn't know it was the same person I had talked to the other day, decided to help me. Then after he helped me I asked him how the dcc get's worked in mIRC. He told me all about them and even sent me a picture of himself and told me about how to view it in netscape.

I saw his picture and thought oh my god he is so handsome!!!!!!!!!!! We talked over the next few weeks and learned all about each other. Or what we thought was all about each other. I learned he lived in England and that he had a girl friend in Michigan (I lived in Illinois) and so on. I figured he would never want to go out w/ me especially cause I was so far away. I figured anything we might have would be a lost cause. Well in early November 96 I think it was we talked on the phone for the first time. And you know what I did? I threw up while talking to him :) I guess I had caught the flu. He didn't hang up or anything he was very concerned and I knew then he was special. If he had been grossed out I would have said F*** off and never spoken to him again.

We talked almost everyday on the phone and online. He had the most amazing voice. My parents didn't know what to think. They thought maybe he was using me and didn't like it that the net took up so much of my time when I was studying in college (I was 18 at the time). I can understand where they were coming from. Especially w/ all the horror stories on the net. Finally I made Delphy decide who he wanted, me or his former girl friend. I told him if he was going to put down all the other men I was seeing that he had to choose me or but out of that part of my life.

He plastered an email to his former girl friend across the screen at me and I was sure he was telling me he'd chosen her and I felt my entire body heave. But then I actually read what he had written and he had broken up w/ her. I was so happy I could have screamed! In February 97, I decided I couldn't continue w/ our relationship the way it was. I decided he either needed to come see me or we would have to break up cause I was getting interested in a boy at college. He said he was coming to see me. He sold everything he had and used the money to get a return plane ticket for three months.

We had a wonderful time. But I'll tell you when we met I was so nervous I could barely eat supper that night. We were inseparable once I calmed down. He went to college w/ me. Helped me w/ my work and everything. A few day's before he had to leave in June 97 he asked me to marry him. I knew it was coming cause we had talked about it. I said yes on the spot. Then back he went to England. I wondered how on earth I would get over there to be w/ him. Another year of school was coming up and I didn't have any money and I didn't know how on earth the visa stuff worked.

But mom and dad helped me and paid for the whole thing. In August, 13 1997, my birthday, my plane took off. I was on my way to be w/ my love. He could have come over here, but he had gotten a job so I felt I should come here to England at least for awhile. It wasn't like oh I am the woman so I have to move cause his job is more important type thing. I'd always wanted to live in England for part of my life anyway, better to do it young than old :)

On September 5, 1997 we were wed in something like a courthouse. We had two witnesses one was someone Delphy worked w/ and one was someone we didn't know.

Soooooooooooooo, that's the story of my internet romance :)