It's strange how things happen... you are trudging through the mundane weary lanes of life when suddenly, out of nowhere, love walks in and touches your life in a way that you know that nothing could ever be the same again...
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She's From:   Singapore
He's From:     Switzerland

It all started in Feb 2000 when I started learning German that I decided to make a few e-pals from the internet to practice my German with.


My first epal was a German who wrote back saying that he was so excited to know me and after a few emails, he was writing "I love you" and naive as I was then, I thought that I had found my soulmate. Well, after a month, he "dumped" me when he saw my pic. That was really a blow to me and though I made a few more penpals, I told myself, they would remain strictly just on a "friend" level. In Oct the same year, I travelled to Switzerland for vacation and even visited one of my penpals in Germany. Back from my Swiss trip, one day I saw an ad from and decided to find another epal from Switzerland since I enjoyed myself so much there and they speak German too. Perfect. 






Browsing through all the ads, I was really attracted to an Ad by someone called "Dani", so much so that I decided to pay the membership fee just so that I could reply to his Ad. The thing is, I was not planning to look for a relationship when I wrote to him, and anyway, I though he was too "young" for me. The age stated on the Ad was 25 and I was 24 and I thought that I would prefer someone much older than me. So, the story goes, I wrote him an email and he replied, but things were normal between us. But as times goes by, we began sharing more and more about our lifes and even long-kept secrets that we don't normally tell others about. During Christmas I asked for his address so I can send him a card, and we exchanged addresses and he said he would sent my some chocolates since I liked them. True enough the chocolate arrived, a bit melted but still delicious. Soon I noticed that I was liking him too much, and I tried to control my feelings but only succeeded in making myself more miserable. Receiving an email from him became the high point of my day. 

One day, I find him on ICQ and we started to chat on ICQ plus emails. All this time, I know he had another penpal, a girl from Israel who he had already known for a year and in Mar 2001, he would visit her in Israel. So I kept reminding myself, not to have too much feelings for him, but the feelings grew and were somehow revealed through the emails. One day, while we were chatting, we discussed about his coming trip to meet the girl in Israel and we both knew about the possibilities that they might both fall in love, and what would happen then between him and me. I wrote back that it doesn't matter and I had expected that, blah blah blah, like I was some saint, but inside I was hurting like mad.

After that chat, I knew I really had feelings for him and I wrote him an email, confessing that I really like him and I won't stop my own feelings anymore. But I won't expect anything from him. He wrote back soon, saying that he too was afraid that he was liking me too much and since we had not met, it was really impossible to really gauge our true feelings, so we just leave things at that and continue with our "platonic" e-friendship. Later, we decided to call on the phone, but both of us were really nervous that we would have nothing to say to each other.

One Sunday evening, he called me. Hearing his voice gave me such a warm, comfortable feelings. We talked for an hour and stopped because the charges were so expensive. The next week, I called him up and we took turns to call each other every weekend. One day, I received an email from him, and he wrote that he decided not to go to Israel after all and gave reasons like, he doesn't feel so good about going at that time, it's dangerous there, and at the end, he wrote that he had now more feelings for me and he wanted to meet me first! 

We had planned to meet this May, because I will be taking a 4-weeks course in Germany and we could meet up in Germany and after my course I would visit him in Switzerland. So, it was planned and I had already paid for my course, and the air tickets were booked and we had a date set in May for our first meeting. Well, a few weeks ago, he suddenly announced that he had actually a one week vacation in March, the time he had planned originally to visit Israel and meet that girl. And now, he was thinking of coming to Singapore to meet me instead. I was taken by surprised and I said, oh, it's a great ideal, but it's your decision. Frankly I though the whole trip was a bit impossible because it was so spontaneous and I really doubted if he could get a ticket. Well, he did get a ticket and on 25 Mar, we met for the first time. 

Well, I gotta admit. There is no love at first sight, there were no fireworks or anything. Nothing dramatic. And for the first 2 days, we were pretty unsure about how we really felt towards each other. We like each other and feel comfortable in each other presence, but were still adjusting to each other, from virtual to reality. Well, it was on the 3rd day that we both sorta "clicked" and the last 3 days was the best we spent together, and we started to feel the closeness to each other.

Well, I sent him off in the wee hours of this morning, 1am to be precise. I guess he is now still on the plane, on his way back to Switzerland. I miss him already, but we had already plan to meet up in again this May when I go to Germany for my course, so the parting was sad but not too bad. I really look forward to meeting him again this May!