Sarah and Greg:
After having received a new computer for Christmas I logged onto a Christian dating service. A friend of mine had dared me to, and since I can't say no to a dare...
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She's From:   United States
He's From:     United States

My name is Erika, and I read one of the love stories here and knew I just HAD to post one about my wonderful Bobby and I. Ok here goes...

  Around December of 2002 a close friend of mine showed me a website that she enjoys chatting at, so I decided to go there and give it a whirl. Boy, I am so happy I did. About a month later I met Bobby. He fell in love with me right away, but I was too skeptical of online love to give into the love myself. I barely gave him my email address. Well, after chatting hours on end as friends, (him expressing his wish to be my boyfriend) I decided that I loved him too and wanted to be his girlfriend.

We were so happy together, and would talk to on Instant Messenger until 4 am. Many days talking more than 7 or 8 hours.







Although we are only 14 years old, we know that we want to spend the rest of our lives together. Yes, we have had fights, yes we have disagreed on things, and yes we have never met in real life. But what we have is a very unique bond; a bond that will last forever.

We have fallen in love and neither of us wants to get back up. Now after being together as a couple for over 4 months (and sending and receiving countless pictures) we talk on the phone more than we chat online, and have stayed up all night, many nights. This summer I am going to go see him, and I know seeing my Bobby in person for the first time will be the best feeling in the whole world.

We may be young, but we know what love is, and we are never gonna lose it. Someday we will be married and able to laugh in the faces of "friends" and family who have before laughed at our online love. But for now, I guess we will have to be happy with holding each other only once a year, and talking on the phone. It won't always be like this, and for that I am thankful. There are no words to express the happiness I feel with Bobby. Everyday is a happy day and as he says the world seems to smile on you when you are in love. It is so true... I can't wait to spend the rest of forever with him. He is my soulmate; I am blessed to have even met him and thank God everyday that I did. I love you, Bobby...


Bobby's Version:

Alright, so here's my love story. Now on January of 2003 I got my first computer. Well, actually, it was the first computer my family ever bought, but it was still mine for the most part. I don't wanna give out my real name here, but I'll tell you what most people call me and that's Bobby. I'm 14 years old and a proud jock/prep or whatever you people label me as. Before I would tease all these people that go online like all day, I'd never thought that "this" would happen to me though...

About a week after mildly going online to surf the web for music and all kinds of senseless things, I accidentally stumbled upon this one website during my random Google search. I'll admit that I was messing around looking for some funny porn, and one of the websites that popped up in the search results had nothing to do with that subject, yet it caught my eye for some reason. An odd name it had, so I wondered if it really had some good porn there. Out of curiosity I clicked on the link and it bought me to a place called GameTalk. Here was a haven for game nerds as I called 'em, so you'd think I just close out the window... But I didn't.

It was a forum-type website and there were forums for two old passions of mine -- writing, and anime. I went to the anime forum to see what this was all about (back then I had no idea people chatted online, I didn't even know what Instant Messaging was) and I intruded in this one-on-one chat. Eventually, one of the people in that chat, Joyce, left and I was stuck with some geek from England. Well, I couldn't bear that so I left. And that's the moment that might've just changed my life forever... Up in the corner of the window, out of all the forums on the website, one intrigued me. The title was "Pointless." And it seemed kinda funny so I entered that night before going to bed. I remember that night perfectly -- the smell of my strong cologne, the calmly dim lighting in my room, and the feeling I had at that moment resembled that of a kid lost on the playground. It was then and there that I made up a nickname that I would seriously use to be identified as. The name, which is still remembered on that very website months after I left, was Son of Dante. My goal at first was to wreak havoc and mess around with all the little dorks that went there everyday, but that soon changed... The night was over and I hadn't really chatted any, but I was ready for tomorrow!

After school ended and I got home from talking with some friends out, I went online for a bit. GameTalk was still in my mind strangely enough. I resisted going and just signed off. But unknowingly, that night would be the night I meet the love of my life in that very same place... I've had so many girlfriends before and none of those relationships ever worked out for more than a few weeks tops. Yeah, I had a girlfriend at the time, but she was off in Italy for vacation (...still not back yet for some reason). Anyway, it was after midnight and no one was on it seemed. Oooh, but a certain person there taunted me; her nickname was Hot E (hottie). I entered a post with her and we had a quick chat before the website had a glitch. No time to get into details, but I had fun in the time we did get to chat. She seemed like a sweet, innocent little girl and I really admired that. It was online though, so you could never be sure what people are like offline, but I didn't let that get to me.

A few days later we met there again and had a way longer chat. I got her name there, I believe, or it might've been the night before - Erika. I would pretend I was 16 years old back then just for fun. I also pretended about having a brother and a lesbian sister just for kicks. Haha, I even posted as different names sometimes just to goof off. One of those names was "Big Sack"... I think it speaks for itself. Moving on, Erika and I had a fun time talking to each other although she never said. I could tell though, I'm very good at understanding people, not to mention seeing all their flaws. You know what they say about people like me with their eyes slanted down at the ends... Anyway, days after days we would chat at GameTalk, and I'd fallen for her already and couldn't even get up. A flirt I was, and she was slowly caving, it was obvious.

She had a friend, Misha, who would try and prevent her from talking to me. Later on, we found out he's actually some stalker pervert at age 11. Tried putting a virus in my computer at one point. Back to the subject, I kept trying to get this Erika's e-mail address so we could talk more privately. Many things I wanted to tell her... But no, she'd play hard to get and I'd be persistent for that whole time. Eventually I got it and we talked even more then. Soon enough, we were staying up past midnight chatting one-on-one at GameTalk!

I have a seductive mind, people have told me, and I loved talking like that with her. I told her I love her several times, and she'd always say there's no such thing as online love, and I thought so too deep in my heart, but I wanted to meet this person and share my love with her. Oftentimes, love is something you do. And I was no virgin despite being only 14 years old. I wanted her in a bad way. But soon, I not only wanted to make love to this stranger, I wanted to just talk to her, gazing into those deep blue eyes...

Eventually she installed AIM (AOL Instant Messenger) and we could talk all we wanted, whenever we wanted! We were getting in trouble at GameTalk for talking about sex and such. Aah, it was mostly me, but oh well! Sometimes I would count the hours we talked each day, and the numbers were anywhere between 3 and 10+! I asked her to become my girlfriend on February 15 and she gladly did! We talked and talked and talked and one day she admitted to loving me... I was so happy! Never would I have dreamed I'd fall in love ONLINE!

Weeks passed, and after several times that we've had cyber love, and after several attempts of breaking up with me, Erika gave me a call. I had just gotten home from school and sure enough, my cell rang. I had no idea who it was cuz the number that showed up on the call log thing was an unfamiliar one, complete with a different area code. I picked up and heard the most angelic voice! "Hey, is this Bobby?" I was at a loss of words for a minute! Phone-shy, you could call me. I never talk on the phone, I prefer to just go out.

Weeks after that we saw each others' pictures for the first time. I ran outside to the store to buy myself a web cam! Sent her a pic of me, and yeah, she liked what she saw. I had long hair back then though unlike now. Sometime later, she bought a web cam too and I could finally see what she looks like! Our shots were both blurry due to cheap-ass web cams but we could still make each other out quite good, and I was pretty happy with the way she looked! And relieved too that she wasn't some bony chick like the ones I've been with. Yeah, no one above 120 is how it was.

A lotta time has passed, and we've been dating for over 4 and a half months now! We hardly talk online, or even go on. We're too busy talking on the phone. Before we would talk on the phone literally all night, every night. But I started getting little bags under my eyes and I didn't want her to see me like that when we meet in real life... So I said we gotta talk like normal people during the day! Haha, and it's all good. We still talk for hours and all. Not a day goes by when I'm not thankful for meeting this angel of mine. She changed my whole life around. She made my future brighter than a shining star. She made me see what true love is all about... I'd gladly marry this girl. We've talked about it several times, and I said that I'd be totally ready at 23 - she agreed.

Go ahead, call us naive and young. I couldn't care less. But if any of you ever had true, real love, where you'd gladly die for your lover, or more importantly live for your lover, then you'd know what I'm talking about. I've traveled to over 6 countries in my short life, and I've seen 'em all, and lemme tell you, no one has anything on my Erika! It's pretty nice, knowing you have it made at age 14. We couldn't be happier. And while a lotta people don't take us so seriously, we don't mind, we have each other and that's all we need. Erika and I are finally gonna meet this summer, she's gonna come over to my city and spend a few nights... Boy, what fun we'll have! I've never been so excited in my entire life! I can't think of any words to describe the time we'll have other than "fun" -- it's perfect! I'll never forget the experience and I'll never forget the times we've shared.

Most importantly, I'll never forget my Erika. In life and in death, always and forever, we'll be together. I love you, Erika. More than words can express...