Shana and Michael:
It all started last July. I was baby sitting my younger cousin Kristian while my aunt was out of town for the weekend. As it was getting late I put Kristian to bed and I began to watch TV... 
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She's From:   United States
He's From:     United States

Well, I never thought that I would be the one to ever "truly" be able to submit a realistic honest love story.


So the fact that I am doing this is quite a
big deal to me. Anyway, this year on May 4 at around 11pm I met this wonderful guy named Eric while chatting online in a chatroom. We chatted for a while in the main chatroom to get the feel of each other, really making small talk I suppose.

Then we started to get into more personal questions and answers and so we moved from the chatroom to our messengers (yahoo of course.)

So we started to ask the small question' know...a/s/l (age, sex, location) and it turned out that he was in New York while I am in Maryland. He, at the time was 23 and I was 18 (I was quickly approaching 19 in June and he would be turning 24 in August).






The next question he asked me was if I had a boyfriend...
the first thing I did was sigh...LOL and my reply was, no
I don't have a boyfriend because I've been in relationships
and men seem to only have one goal in mind when it comes
to me... use me, and toss me.

In my head I was thinking about possible
things that he would say as most men do. So instead I
cut to the chase and asked if I could view his webcam,
he said yes if i'd send him a pic of me. Deal! I
quickly replied. My pic was on the way to his inbox
and I was now sitting at my desk looking at this HOT
guy (we're an interracial couple). He was loving the
picture of this red hair, brown eyed girl, and I was
loving this blonde hair, blue eyed guy sitting in front
of me on my PC screen!!! Quickly in my head a red flag
went up reminding myself not to get to comfortable
with this guy 1 because I don't know "anything" about
him, and 2 because I had been hurt over and over again
(story or the century right!) So, I asked him if he
had a girlfriend. He said no, but that there was a
very special girl in his life. Suddenly I started to
push away thinking that the "special girl" was not a
girlfriend...but a wife, he continued on to tell me
that the special girl in his life is his 3 year old
daughter! Instantly I felt myself exhale...(Why on
earth was I exhaling after that comment) because
"nothing" in the world turns me on more than a man
that loves his children more than anything in the
world. So, that's when things really started to fly.

It was about half past midnight now, and I had to be
up for church within the next 7 hours...So I told him
to hold on while I went to take a quick shower. He
agreed and said that he would stay on. *Giggles* You
should have seen the way I was running around my
bedroom to grab my things for my shower! (Think
Cruellia Deville driving to find the dalmations in 101
Dalmations!!) So I finished my shower and "rushed"
back into my room and sat back down in my chair with a
robe on...still soaked...(not too wise, had to dry my
chair with a hair dryer later) Anyhow, we picked up
chatting where we left off. Questions and answers were
flying from every direction and it showed no sign of
slowing up. I asked where his daughter's mother was
and he stated that his daughter stays with him, and
that he is no longer with his daughter's mother
because she chose to move with another man and live
her life. Hmmm, a full time daddy huh!! I was giddy
by this time. That night/early morning we covered so
much in conversation...Everything from favorite
colors to how many children we would have together!!!

When we got offline at 7:30am Sunday morning, I felt
quite bewitched honestly. I had connected with a guy
who I knew absolutely nothing about, and almost 8
hours later I could tell you how many children I was
going to have with this man, and what we were going to
name them. On our second night of talking which was
Sunday night we discussed everything from discipline
to the way that we would split the holidays between
our families so that they would all have an equal
amount of time to spend with our children, especially
since it was decided that I would move to New York.
That was the night that we briskly and wittily decided
that we would be with each other and marry.

The night's continued to go by and we never missed a
night of chatting or talking to each other. I also
noticed that we had started addressing each other as
honey or dear by our fourth night of talking and hubby
or wife by our seventh night of talking. We got
"virtually married" on the 16th of May!! We were happy
and everything was peachy-keen until the 25 of May
when I decided to go out with my cousin's to a
nightclub/bar in D.C called Zeigfield's (I Love That
Club!!) Neverthless, I informed my now "virtual"
husband that I would be going out that night, and that
I'd miss him very very much. Eric (my fiancee) also
said that he would miss me to, and he hopes that I
have fun....Kewl...So everything was great, I had a
blast clubbing with my favorite cousin in the world,
meeting new people, ducking the drunk people, and
dancing with everyone in the club! Sunday night came,
and I got online awaiting my new online flame.

He Never Showed!! Hmmm...that's strange, we've never
missed a night of talking until now. A couple of
night's went by, and then a couple of days and night's
went by in June. By this time I WAS Furious!! I went
through the mental flip-out that most teenage ladies
and even some adult women do. Who does he think he is
not to call me, Where is he...I wonder if he is okay,
What is he doing....for the Father's Sake!!...doesn't
he remember that he has a "virtual wife"!!! Oh yeah, I
was trippin, and I was trippin hard. 2 days before my
birthday he logged on, and that's when it happened....

He told me that he was seeing someone else.
Woe Was Me, I cried night after after
day...wondering why and how God could let me get so
attached to someone so quickly and (in my mind) so
deeply if he was only going to hurt me in the long
run. So, my heart was now "truly" broken. I vowed
that I would not love anyone ever again. I didn't want
to love anyone else, because I had this virtual
husband who gave me such a "love" high on a daily

More night's and weeks went by...I talked to other
guys and I dismissed each one of them because they
were not who I wanted...I wanted Eric...I wanted my
virtual husband. 2 weeks in July went by and Eric and
I would see each other online, and we'd say hi, but
that was about it. I couldn't stand to talk to him if
I couldn't have him, and I wouldn't be the type of
lady who tried to take, have, or be with someone else
companion, because I wouldn't want someone to do that
to me. Inside...I didn't care who she was, but I
didn't care for her to much because she had the
"power" to capture the interest of my virtual husband
so much to the point that he left me, and it destroyed
any chance of me having a future with him. A couple
more night's went by, and Eric started to warm up to
me, we had started saying a little more than just hi.

We would have conversations again. Not about us, not
about his new girlfriend, but about his daughter
(Kara) and never once did I tell him or show him how
sad, hurt, upset, or depressed I was because we had
broken up, in fact I just told him last night!!. So
once again in early August I couldn't take it
anymore...I wanted my virtual husband...I needed him
and I was still on my kick about never loving anyone
else except him. I was either going to be with him or
no one. Truly, I meant it. So it was the middle of
August now, and I started fall cleaning, Nothing can
get a man off of your mind like cleaning!! WRONG!!
Everything I picked up reminded me of him. His
intellect, his way of saying something absolutely
pointless but somehow it would stay in my mind, the
way he loves his daughter, and the promises we made to
each other openly and wittily. Then that night...It

I got online to erase and delete every single memory
of Eric I had made, captured, and stored. I was doing
a perfectly good job of that...until he got online and
did the unthinkable. His "Love Called My Name". He
called me Princess. Now, let me explain... Eric did
not "always" call me Princess, he called me Princess
the night that he addressed me as his "Dear Wife" and
that to me was quite breath taking. So, I knew
something was up!! At the same time, I didn't push
away. I asked him why he called me that, and his reply
was that he never divorced me. Hmmm, he was 5 weeks
late, because I did virtually divorce him with a fire!
I asked him where his girlfriend was, and he told me
that they weren't together anymore. He said that
while he was with her he thought of me, and he tried
to measure her up to me, and that the only reason that
he left me was because he "thought" that he wanted to
be with someone else because he didn't "think" that he
could wait for me to make a decision between being
with him and having a family or my job. (I'm a nurse,
I work everyday, and I'm never

I stopped him, I didn't want to read the words
anymore, I wanted to hear them, I wanted to hear the
emotions and the feelings in his voice. So we got
offline and got on the phone. He told me that while
he was with his now ex-girlfriend that he realised
something, and that was that he didn't want anyone
else, and he realised that there is only one person
that he wants to be with for the rest of his life, and
that person is his Princess. He told me that he knows
now without a doubt that no matter how long it takes,
no matter what happens, come storms or floods. He
would wait patiently for me to make a decision, and
wait for me to accomplish whatever it was/is that I
want to do. I tried to push away...and I tried to run
to shelter my heart...but it wouldn't move
moved closer to my virtual husband. We talked more
about what he discovered/learned while he was away and
the ways he felt, and the things he did, and I asked
question after question and every single time, he
erased any doubt that was there, or any doubt that
could possibly be there. I got the feeling back in my
heart, the feeling I had the night when he told me
about that "special girl" in his life.

God, how I love him. I can never ever get enough of my
virtual husband, and my husband now knows without a
shadow of doubt that he can never ever get enough of
his Princess. These past few weeks in August have
been filled with so many discussions day and night.
Thoughts, Dreams, Desire's, and most of all they've
been filled with Love. I understand that my husband
has learned from his time away from me, at the same
time, I have also learned, because if Eric had never
left me for that month and a half then I would not be
able to tell you or explain, or even know how much
joy and happiness he truly brings into my life. I've
learned that when I have him I'm on a love high every
single day and I know what true love feels like. I
also know what it's like to lose that true love.

Which bought me to the realisation that my job will
not love me, it cannot give me the joy that Eric gives
to me. My job cannot share my deepest passions and
cannot give me what I want in life. At first I would
have kept my job and tired to keep Eric to, but it
wouldn't have lasted, because I would have no time to
give/devote to my husband or family. So now I know
without a shadow of doubt, that I am and I will be
giving up my job to move to New York to be with my
fiancee and soon to be step daughter. I don't want to
be without them, because they are the people who truly
make me so happy, and keep my happy, satisfied and

Now, there's nothing left to it, but to do
it....correct? Correct. On Sept 30 I will be going to
New York to visit my virtual husband and my step
daughter. We want 4 more children, so what better time
to start than now...right? Right! We'll be trying to
concieve our first baby (we're hoping for a son, his
name will be Dawson Micheal and if it's a girl her
name will be Chloe Najai)!! I will be up there for
about a week or so. Then over the next couple of
months I will be finishing things up down here in
Maryland and get ready for my move up to New York (God
Bless Me!) We'll be pretty busy with getting me
settled in...getting Kara adjusted to having a woman
in the house as well as getting Kara ready to be a big
sister!! Eric and I both agree that we don't want to
prolong it so we've set a date for our REAL LIFE
wedding, and that is July 26, 2003 if we can wait that long,
if not then it will be January 1, 2003 or February 14 2003.
We are either going to get married in our backyard or in a park!!

~I never thought that I'd be back with Eric again
after he left me, and that really terrified me, but he
learned where he wanted his heart for the rest of his
life, and who he wanted to be with for the rest of his
life, and because of that, Love Called My Name.