My love's name is Jimmy & he works for an Airline company in Saudi Arabia, I work here in Geneva & we both are of the same Nationality, from the Philippines...
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She's From:   Wales
He's From:     United Kingdom

I met and fell in love with the most wonderful woman on an Internet chat room. We found love when we least expected it.

The two of us had been unhappy and loveless for many years, but now, through the Internet, have found a dream.

  Derry & Lynne on their honeymoon
  We always felt good for each other in many ways - and when we met in Wales for the first time we knew the love we felt for each other was a very special love. We soon found we were not only lovers, but soul mates. It was not long before I moved into an apartment in Wales to be near to Lynne, and to give our love the chance to blossom.

The move proved to be the best move in my life. We both have so much love to give, and our love radiates all around for all to see.

We enjoy romantic walks up the mountains of Wales. And enjoy sitting high up above the valley just holding each other and enjoying the solitude together. Most of all we never forget to remind each other of our love for each other.






We have found we are so compatible in so many ways and now wonder if fate drew us together.

We started our life living together on 1 September 2000 - became engaged on 19 October 2001 and were married on 25 October 2002.

We have grown closer and even more inseparable then either of us thought possible as time has passed and have both vowed we will never be apart as long as there is breath in our bodies. We have both found our soul mates - a true love with happiness neither of us have known before.

To our happiness we owe Mplayer. The message is that love can happen on the Internet, if you are willing to take it slow, and take the trouble to get to know the person you are talking to.

Yes, it seems strange to us that we found the best love each of us has ever known on the Internet - but it has happened and we are now looking forward to many years together.

Below is a poem Lynne stumbled across on the Internet. We don't know who wrote it, but it is so very true.....

"Even though we are miles apart...
A computer screen connects our hearts.

It's very strange, when suddenly, your heart will realize,
It has been taken by someone with words before your eyes.
It is so strange to fall in love while staring at a screen,
With someone who is miles away that you have never seen.

You read about it in the news and see it on TV.
About an online love affair as real as it could be.
A couple fell in love online and one day finally meet.
The love was real for both of them and now they are complete.

You think this couldn't happen because it is all a game.
The people that you read about already were insane.
To meet a perfect stranger may be asking way too much,
The people who set up these dates have gone completely nuts.

You don't know...who you're talking to, and can they be sincere?
And if you've never seen someone, how can they really care?
So then you play your silly games, while trying to have fun.
And if someone seems serious, you click your mouse and run.

Nobody can convince you that relationships can brew.
It's just a game that people play, because it's something new.
You talk to people everywhere, as if the world is right. Then,
when you're tired of talking, you just click them off at night.

But, one day you will meet someone, as strange as it may seem.
And they will make you feel as though you're living in a dream.
You will feel emotions, that until now were undisturbed.
And as they type upon your screen, you'll hang on every word.

You'll not understand it, how this person makes you feel,
But, emotions that you're feeling suddenly are real.
You will feel emotions and you'll think that it's insane.
How could words upon a screen cause happiness and pain?

When you realize the words are from a person's heart,
Then you understand, within your life, they have a part.
Relationships online is something you think you're above,
But, deep within your heart, you know you're falling deep in love.

Love is love, no matter what the world will try to say.
What difference does it matter, how the love has come your way?
True so precious, and it is so rare to find.

How can you doubt some people find true love when they're online?
It may be hard to understand how you can love someone,
When all you wanted was to go online to have some fun.
You may think relationships online may not be smart.
But, I have met some people that I love with all my heart!!"

Lynne I never believed I could give my heart and soul so completely to another. I never thought I could ever feel such love, warmth, and happiness. And feel so content and unafraid with a love as intense and strong as ours. And yet my love still grows stronger for you each day.

Lynne, you are my world, my life and all that I need in this life. You have shown me what true love is and shown unselfish loving, with a passion I have never before experienced in my life.

Lynne I love you so very much. Thank God that we were shown the way to each others heart.


We spent a great week in Greece in May 2001, our first holiday of many and it was so
romantic. We had another romantic holiday in Lanzarote in March 2002.

Our wedding took place at ...

Pontypridd Registrar Office, South Wales ...

on Friday, 25 October 2002.

Lynne's daughter, Kim made it a memorable occasion by singing 'Everything I do' at
the ceremony.

Our honeymoon was in Tenerife in the Canary Islands and what a beautiful week it was.

Hot sunshine and a lot of laughs. Kim went with us and we never stopped laughing from the moment the plane touched the ground.

Our website and wedding photos are here: