It's strange how things happen... you are trudging through the mundane weary lanes of life when suddenly, out of nowhere, love walks in and touches your life in a way that you know that nothing could ever be the same again...
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She's From:   United States
He's From:     United States

In the beginning there was a man, a woman, two broken and empty hearts.

Both the man and the woman wanted to love and be loved. Yet the odds seemed to be against them. 

  Till one day the man and the woman sat down at their computers. Both trying to make friends to fill the empty spot in their hearts. In a Yahoo chat room this woman and this man happened to meet. They started chatting that faithful night in late February of 1999..The chatting between this man and woman started out like any other friendly chat between strangers. All the normal questions were posed, like age, sex and location ( a/s/l to the internet world). They talked about their children (he has 1 and she has 3). They talked about the usual pleasantries. This type of chat went on for days possibly weeks and then they both realized that they were talking to each other every day (via the internet). What had started out as a friendly hello had turned into something else.





   They spoke of this with each other and had to admit to themselves and to each other that there seemed to be something more that just friendly chat between them. A little scary seeing as these two people had never laid eyes on each other. But it was happening and there was nothing they could do to stop it. Yes they were falling in love. Impossible, you say? No, not impossible, just amazing.

This man and this woman knew that they belonged together, but they lived in different states (he in Alabama and she in Georgia)...they talked about meeting face to face many times & made plans as to when and where they would finally meet. That meeting took place in the middle of July of 1999. They decided to meet each other halfway in a public place so the fear of being alone with a stranger would not deter them from meeting. The day agreed upon finally came, all the final arrangements had been made, all that was left to do was drive towards each other. Many emotions brewed in the hearts of both. But the emotion that overruled all others was LOVE. It was the love they felt for each other that kept them sane and gave them the strength to follow through on what everyone else was saying was unreal and dangerous, crazy, stupid, etc. The minute they laid eyes on each other they knew they were meant to be. There was no doubt in either of their minds or hearts. 

After spending a grand total of 60 hours together they still had no doubts, in fact they were even more convinced that they were meant to be together always. But, alas, the time came to part ways. They each headed home to their prospective homes and jobs (life goes on). Upon arriving home they both logged on to their computers, hoping and praying that the other was home safely and waiting on them. Once again the connection was made. The joy of knowing that they had finally met the one person they wanted to spend the rest of their life with was also shadowed with the loneliness of having to part ways and go home, not knowing when or if they would ever see each other again. But their love and need for each other made it it easier to deal with the loneliness. But it also made it necessary, for their hearts survival, to do what ever was in their power to be together. 

This wonderful, unselfish man made the ultimate sacrifice for his one true love. He left the only place he had ever known as home, he left his mother, father and sisters. He also left a son, (who was in the custody of his mother) to come to a strange place, a new job, new everything. This move took place 2 weeks after the first face to face meeting. Seems like only a short time, now, but then, it was an eternity. After living and loving together for about 2 months this man and this woman made the final commitment to each other. They got married. September 24, 1999 will forever be etched in the minds and hearts of both of them. That day was the day that all the rest of the world became aware of the total commitment these two had long since made to each other. 

Some friends and family members were skeptical to say the least but together this couple has shown them and the world that true love wins out every time. And speaking as the woman in this story, let me just say, I love this kind, loving, unselfish and generous man more today than the day I married him. This union was meant to be. It was fate. We are true soulmates. Together we are of one mind, one heart and our souls have also merged to become one. We came together in hopes of finding true love. Together, we are true love!!