Sarah and Greg:
After having received a new computer for Christmas I logged onto a Christian dating service. A friend of mine had dared me to, and since I can't say no to a dare...
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She's From:   United States
He's From:     Canada

Hello all,

Let me tell you a story about how I found my true love and we made things happen out of almost nothingÖ

First of all, Iíll tell you a little about myself. Iím 25 now and I live in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. I had moved out here from British Columbia in search of a better job and opportunity. Letís just say I didnít really have a love life, and up till I met my girlfriend, I hadnít had one period. I work as a graphic designer and have always been good with computers. But until the last 3 years or so, Iíve found that the graphic design field is what Iím best at.

One thing in particular I love about art is the anime style found in Japan, and thatís how I met Airica. Surfing around at home and at work I found a website that offered Bulletin boards to talk on the subject.






Thatís where after awhile I met a user named Kattikawn. I had constantly been near the top poster on this board and I guess everyone knew me after awhile. It was a nice change from reality. I got involved in an online Role Playing Game where different people played along as different characters. Eventually through meeting more people, Kattikawn took interest in our RPG and joined in on conversations.I immediately took a liking to her. I invited her to join and we talked on the boards through questions and such. Nothing major.

Then about a year and a half ago I had my first ever chat online. I was always against chats and thought they were a waste of time, but for some reason I thought Iíd try since I knew most of the people I was talking to. Kattikawn was one of the people in the first chat I ever had and we seemed to have fun talking whenever we could. Even after everyone left, we stayed on and talked through the night. I was becoming an addict to this. Seems she was from the Southern States and we had a lot in common. We just treated these chats as friendly conversation, but eventually I knew it was more.

We see med to hit it off and laughed together and told each other a lot through The AOL Instant Messenger Service. Things were going great and I teasingly asked if she would want to be my girlfriend. Just trying to play it safe and not expecting much, she agreed right away. I was so happy at the prospects.

Months together went on and we constantly talked online. Eventually we called and I have to say I stuck my foot in my mouth the first phone call, but every one after that have gone wonderful and our only dread is that we canít talk all night. Long distant phone bills arenít nice to rack up. We talked about the situations we were in and how itíd be nice to visit or be together. I think most of the time we were just lonely for company and anything was better than what was going on back home.

I still remember the first time I told her I loved her. Knowing the situation, she probably didnít think I was totally serious, but she did respond back with the same message of I love you too. I didnít know if I should totally get into this relationship or just pull back and keep it strictly friends. But I kept wanting more and my love for her grew more and more each passing day.

Eventually we decided that we should meet. I told her Iíd go down to visit her and later on in the year, I booked my flight and got a hotel. She was in college, so we decided the January break was a good time to visit, since itís warmer down there and prices are cheaper for vacations then. We were both anxious the whole time and it seemed we had reached a peak on our online portion of our relationship. We needed to see each other. Having sent pictures, gifts and conversations on the telephone, we were sure that everything would go smoothly and weíd have many more trips to come.

When the day came in January to visit her, I was both scared and a little nervous. Finding her in the airport was a little chore since she was sitting in a totally different place than I had expected. But when we met, we hugged and seemed to do well. Still living at home, and the fact that during the season I was there, things were slow, we didnít get to do all that much. We did see a professional basketball game and some movies, but the best part was just hanging out together. I was anxious to get closer and show how much I loved her, but I guess I was a little overzealous sometimes and I had to lay back in order to let things happen slower. I guess we werenít totally ready to visit one another and although we both had fun, we just didnít seem to get as close as we did online.

After a week, I left for home a little confused, but happy nonetheless that things worked out. Getting back home and resuming the chatting online was the hardest thing and it didnít go as smoothly as it had before. I felt depressed and didnít know what I had done or how differently I should have reacted with her. I guess she just wasnít ready and at that point my heart sank. I thought it was overÖ or at least to the point that weíd be just friends and thatís all.

But you knowÖ. Good things happen to those who wait and Iím happy to say we worked through that trip and have gotten closer than ever. Everything that made us love one another came back and we really wanted to visit again. This time expecting more and wanting more in return. She planned her trip to see me this July and Iím waiting anxiously to see her. Everything seems great and even the prospect of us living together someday seems better and better.

School is the only thing she has to complete and Iím willing to wait through all of that for her. Sheís been worth everything to me. Our conversations have usually been very long and involved and I have saved many of them as reminders of things we first did together and feelings we had. I still save some to this date, but for now weíre content in knowing things will happen in time. We know weíll get together someday and itís just a few more years till that will happen.

Sheís been the greatest inspiration in my life of late and really pushed me on to be the best I can at work and as a person and in turn Iíve tried to do the same for her too. We have many reminders of each other to keep us going. I gave her a sapphire necklace and she gave me this wonderful engraved bracelet. Weíll never keep each other out of mind for too long.

In closing, this is just the start of something wonderful and we both feel glad that weíre in this relationship. Where as we couldnít find happiness right in our own towns, we found it thousands of miles apart. And weíll just keep getting closer and closer each day.

I love you Airica. And I can only hope for the best between us. The Internet connects us as people and I truly thank technology for letting me meet such a wonderful girl. Things can happen to all of us if weíre patient and see things through. Maybe in a year Iíll let you know how weíre doing. But for now Iím waiting for her next visit and the many more to come.

Believe in yourself and others and rewards will come if youíre patient.