It's strange how things happen... you are trudging through the mundane weary lanes of life when suddenly, out of nowhere, love walks in and touches your life in a way that you know that nothing could ever be the same again...
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She's From:   Australia
He's From:     Canada

One October night in 1999 (the 5th to be precise), I went online into a chat room, because I had finished all my homework (I'm a college student in Texas) and wasn't tired yet.

  So I went into yahoo, because I was new at the whole internet thing, and I knew there were lots of chat rooms in there.

I went into the university years chat room and was talking to people. About 9 I decided that I had been talking for long enough, and I was about to go offline, but I saw an interesting screen name and decided to ask about it before I left. So I PMed the person with the interesting chat name, and asked him what it was for, and he explained to me that it was partly a nickname he had in high school and partly the name of his university. 






So we started talking about some stuff, nothing of any importance, just the basic chat room stuff, "where are you from? what university do you go to? major?" etc...And then I lost my connection, but we had talked earlier about how neither one of us ever leaves a chat without saying I finally got back online and got to yahoo as quickly as I could to see if this nice guy I had been talking to would still be there, but unfortunately he wasn't. However, because his name is what I asked about, I remembered it, and I typed it into my buddy list, so that the next time he and I were online at the same time we could talk.
So a few nights later, I came online, and much to my surprise and delight, it said that he was online, and so we started talking again, and we found that we had quite a lot in common, as in goals, interests, etc. One of us would ask the other about a favorite thing...such as cookies, drinks, etc. And we kept finding that a lot were the same. We talked for about 4 hours that night, and there was never a quiet moment, just constant
chatting. So we started talking nightly. He goes to his parents' house on the weekends, and so we would talk on Sunday - Thursday night. A few weeks after we started talking, I realized that I was starting to like him.

It surprised me because I happen to be a very independent person, don't really like to get attached to many people, except the few close friends that I have. But I found myself looking forward to talking to him, to see what he had to say, just to see what was on his mind, and ask him how his day was. So I decided to make the first move, I sent him an email telling him that I thought I was starting to fall in love with him, but that if that scared him, all he would have to do is just send me an email saying goodbye and I would never bother him again. After I sent that email, I was sooooo worried, and I waited anxiously for his reply, be it negative or positive. Much to my delight, it was a positive reply telling me that he had been thinking the same thing lately. So we kept talking nightly.

In November, he called me for the first time, it is extremely long distance (Wisconsin to Texas) so it was such a surprise, we talked for about 2 hours, and it was just...magical. He has a wonderfully deep and sexy voice with a cute Wisconsin accent which I had to comment on, lol. Then I went home to my parents' house for Christmas break (a month) and I didn't get to talk to him at all, because my parents didn't have the internet at the time. But the night before I left, he told me that he loved me, and that made me sooooo happy, because I was in love with him too.

Christmas break was really hard for me, and I was so happy when I came back up here, because I knew I would get to talk to him again. The night I got back here, we talked (his name is Greg, by the way, just realized that I forgot to mention that), and at about 8 PM there was a knock on my door and I went and answered it, and there was a delivery person with a dozen white roses for me, from Greg. The card said, "I thank God for everything in my life, but most of all I thank him for you. Love, Greg". I started crying, and I came back to my computer and he had put a smiley face up on the screen with a question mark after it, because he knew what was going on, he had asked them to deliver it at that time. Well the next night was Friday, so Greg went home and we didn't get to talk.

That night, the people in the apartment below mine started a fire, and it burned my apartment down, including my computer, and I had no way to get in touch with Greg to tell him. So I called one of my friends and asked her to email him for me and tell him what happened. She did as I asked, and I had to get my life back together, but once I got settled back into life, got a new computer, I came online, and there were bunches of emails from him, saying that he knew I wouldn't be able to get them because of the fire, but he wanted me to know how worried about me he was and that if he was closer, he would have been down here in a minute. For Valentine's day, he sent me a teddy bear and a red rose, and I had on another occasion talked to another guy that goes to his school, so I got in touch with that guy, and asked him to give me his address so that I could mail a present to him, so that he could take it to Greg to surprise him. It worked great!!!!! We kept talking, night after night, usually about 4 or 5 hours a night, and you would think that we would run out of things to say, but we never did.

Then our birthdays came, his is 2 days before mine, so we sent each other birthday presents with long letters. In February, I had told my parents about meeting a guy online, and they got angry with me, saying that it was stupid to get involved with someone this way, so I asked them to forget that I had ever said anything...because I didn't want to deal with that from them. So Greg and I kept talking until I went home for the Summer. By this time, my parents had gotten the internet and so he could email me, which he did, almost nightly and I would email him back.

In July, he sent me an email asking me if I wanted to meet him to which I responded, "Of course I do" and so we planned it out, and he came here at the end of October for the weekend. It was wonderful. He sent me on a scavenger hunt all over my apartment complex for roses, until I had gathered 11 lilac roses (I had to get the 11th one from the people in the office) and they told me my last clue, that Greg would be waiting at my front door with the final rose. So I walked back to my apartment with all these roses
in my arms, on my cell phone with my best friend (who knew what was going on, she had actually helped Greg plan it out), and as I walked up the stairs, I saw him and my face just broke into the biggest smile, so I hung up on my best friend, took the last rose from him, put all of them down right outside my apartment door, and he wrapped me in his arms and we just stood there hugging...kinda love at first sight thing, it was magical. 

We spent the weekend just sitting together and talking and watching movies, just holding onto each other. When I had to take him to the airport on Monday, I was crying sooooo hard, and he was just holding my hand, saying that he would be back, and that he loved me and everything was gonna be fine. When he got on the plane, I left, because I knew that I could not watch that plane take off with my wonderful boyfriend, I cried all the way home, and I had left my computer on, and the screen saver was running, he had changed it so that "I love you, Crystal!!!" would be scrolling across the screen. He called me when he was changing planes in Dallas, and then when he got back to Wisconsin, and then once he got back to his dorm, we talked about our weekend, and figured out that we wanted to continue this relationship. Tuesday went soooooo slow without him here and then he came online after his late class, and he said, "I'm coming back!!!" And he told me his plan, he is going to come back down here in February for a whole week, yea!!!!

But the problem is that neither of our parents know how serious we are about each other. Mine at least know that he exists, but not that I love him with all my heart. He is planning on telling his parents this weekend, and I am soooo nervous, because he told me that there is the possibility that they will want to talk to me. I want to talk to them, but of course, how can I not be nervous? We have talked about getting married (after
we both graduate from college of course, which is only a couple of years away), and he knows more about me than anyone else in the world, as I do about him. We are sooooo much in love, it just hurts to be so far away from him. But that is our far, I hope it continues forever.

Thanks for reading my story, if you would like an update after he tells his parents, I will be happy to continue the story, but this is all I have for right now. I now know that love can be found online, even if you are not looking for it, I know I certainly wasn't. It just happened, but I am so glad that it did.

Greg is such a huge part of my life now, we have "known" each other for a year and 2 months today, and we still talk every night (Sunday - Thursday) for hours on end. He has my heart, and I have his. And all of this happened just because of the simple little question, "What was the inspiration for your nickname?" Thank God for curiosity, lol.