Shana and Michael:
It all started last July. I was baby sitting my younger cousin Kristian while my aunt was out of town for the weekend. As it was getting late I put Kristian to bed and I began to watch TV... 
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She's From:   United States
He's From:     Australia

It all starts one day as I was talking to a friend in a room on yahoo chat.


She wanted to introduce me to this guy
she had met the day before in our room where we stayed at most of our time. He came in and said hello on the mic and
I couldn't believe my ears. We always used to have a joke when Len spoke on the mic in yahoo I would scream my knees, omg my knees.

Len has one of those nice Australian accents It would make your knees melt. Len and I became fast friends over talking about a mutual love for the sport of professional wrestling. We spent like eight hours on the phone on day what I love to call Super Saturday.







I remember Len telling me about the sun coming up before he went to bed that morning. I had so many problems in a past relationship that It felt so good to find someone to laugh like that with it was amazing. Our friend who introduced us finally expressed she had a interest in Len but he wanted me. It was sad and broke up all of our friendships to be together. It was all worth it. I couldn't believe I met such a well humored and lovable man. I found myself forgetting all the pain of the past and wanting a future with this man.

We both had some trouble with others in our past and opening up to him and letting him know about this stuff felt so natural to me. I remember him saying to me on the phone, "babygirl, I want to have a relationship with you." I think my heart jumped for joy when Len said that to me. With that we started a relationship as our old friend caused us problems for a bit and made us part for a couple days. We decided to change our chat names and make new friends away from the old ones who hated us being together. We went into another room on Yahoo chat and soon made other friends fast. A group I liked much better. No one meddled with Len and I.

They excepted that we were a couple and never doubted that fact. Then this day I was on the phone with Len getting ready to clock in at work and as we got off the phone I blurted out "I love you!" I had never been so embarrassed but as I was hanging my cell phone up I heard Len say, "Crystal, I love you too." I jumped at work for a bit thinking could he really love me? He only confirmed what he said when I got home and checked my email. It was a simple one I still have saying "I'm not sorry for what I said this morning its true." I remember singing happy songs for about an hour straight after that.

Then not long after we started making plans for Len to come visit me when he got holidays in October. This was in July, I couldn't believe he was coming all that way from Australia to see me. I was scared but also I couldn't wait. We have all heard the horror stories of people from the net and things. I was so anxious but I knew Len so good and I knew he was coming here for the right reasons. My friend Roxy, my cousin's wife Carrie, and I went to airport to pick up Len. The wait for the delayed plane was horrendous and I soon found out the airport had no power on the runway so the plane couldn't land. I so knew Len had to be tired from the twenty-six hour ride poor
man. He called me from Los Angeles to let me know he was on his way. My heart melted hearing him say,"almost there babygirl just a few hours more." Then, he went outside to smoke. Seeing him walk off the terminal ramp to me was quite interesting.

See, my friend Roxanne spotted Len before I even did and she said, "there he is Crystal" I was like where? I saw the most gorgeous man I had ever seen before. Len is 6'2 and dark skinned. He was smiling at me and wearing the Tennessee Vols shirt I bought him for his trip. He hugged me and gave me a quick kiss, we held hands,
and went to get his bag. Then, came Len meeting my parents and family. My aunts love Len and call him their boyfriend. They are doing it jokingly. Len laughs at them. My dad can't understand Len. My mom likes him and asks me about him often. So, with all that done we had a romantic dinner one night where Len took my hand and asked for the fourth time for me to marry him. For our six month anniversary Len went with me to get our marriage license.

Telling my parents we wanted to get married was so hard for me. My dad's stern words of "I don't believe in internet relationships" still rings clear in my head. Off we went to a nearby town and got married in the cutest little church I ever saw on November 27th, 2002. It's been over 3 years now and I fall in love with Len a little more everyday. I thank God for the blessing and love of such a wonderful man.