Mars & Deborah 3:
As Deborah went to the departure hall to fly out of Adelaide I knew that the next few months were going to drag on slowly and that I would miss her like crazy. I just didnt want her to go but that was the reality of the situation. When she got back...
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She's From:   ?
He's From:     ?

The old saying is true--"You never know who's watching you." So, you best be careful of what you say and how you say it.

There are so many people who just lurk in chatrooms anymore, they don't say much of anything, they just "people watch".

  I know, I can be one of them at times. Sometimes, the others are entertainment--you need not say a word. 

It was another typical night for me, after class and work...I usually head to my favorite chat spot, Christian Chat (at Yahoo!). I've made a lot of close friends there and when it's not so hectic, we've had wonderful conversations. Well, after chatting for some time, I logged off and headed to bed. The next day, I recieve an IM, from Droopy49: "Saw you in chat. Thought I'd say Hi." 

Now, I'm weary of those kinds of IMs. Usually, they're about the closest thing to a pick-up line that you can get.






So, I responded cooly to it. While, responding--I peeked at his profile. Suprisingly, he had a small online site and I hopped on. I scrolled down the page, I noticed that one of his favorite quotes was a Bible passage. That was impressive and it convinced me that all in all--he's probably an okay guy. His smile seemed sincere enough...but I wasn't totally convinced. 

After a brief conversation on Messenger, we made plans to chat again, if we happened to be online at the same time. I can remember one of his last comments to me..."Well, um, it was nice meeting you. I guess...." I figured it was due to my passive responses, so I replied, "You guess?" His response? "Well, I still don't know your name." 

I had to giggle. Here, was a guy, who introduced himself like a gentleman and I still hadn't divulged my name. Smiling, I typed, "Cristy" (no last name of course, I still needed to be vague on that issue). After exchanging goodbyes, we logged off. 

Most of the time, I forget about the conversations I've had. There are very few people who can sustain my interest--but he did. I was intrigued. He was very respectable, polite, and a Christian. Not just a "Christian" for show, I could tell that he truely believed in his faith. I was excited to chat with him again--excited that I had made another Christian friend. 

Tuesday, October 10th. That date will stand out in my memory, forever. I was online, as usual, chatting with my friends in CC:4 (Christian Chat). We were having another one of those heated discussions, when, *beep* I recieve the "Hey there." IM from Jason. Now, I'm not one to ignore my buddies--so I told them I'd BRB and answered the page. Almost immediately we started a discussion. We talked about music, our favorite sports, college, families, our same-month birthdays, and our faith. I was amazed at how easily we could joke around and how he "got" my sarcastic sense of humor. After a chatting for a while, he made the comment that my "smile intrigued him". Well, now. That was a first for me. Usually I get the typical, "You have a nice smile" routine. 

So we continued chatting (for hours, no joke) and he would make polite references here and there about my "being pretty" or having a "nice smile". Knowing how we all do possess that physical instinct in us, I did the ladylike thing. I would post: "*smile* Thank you." You know, it's alot easier chatting with someone when you can picture what they look like. I guess that's what made it a little easier for Jason and I. 

When I looked at my clock, I couldn't believe that it was about 3:20 a.m. (my time)...which meant it was around 12:20 a.m. (his time). Early for him, late for me. :) I reluctantly signed off. For the past few hours I experienced a great time with a wonderful person. He was warm, funny, cute and intelligent. There was a small twinge (from the get-go) on my heart. We promised to chat again the next night, if we could make it online. 

The next day, I recieved the cutest cyber-card from Jason. It was a fortune cookie that just stated that he enjoyed talking with me and hoped we could chat again soon. I absolutely love cyber-cards, so I found it a sweet gesture. Not many people will remember the chat, let alone, send you a little note of thanks. 

Then, the email came. Which I didn't really expect. I mean, we had exchanged addresses, almost as a point of validity of who we were. Of course, it flowed with the carefree chat of the night before and very thoughtful. He started it by, "Hey there beautiful, " Now, I admit--that may be a stab at cheesy to some...but after our chat, it was considerate. I had been in a previous long-term relationship which had lowered my self-esteem considerably. We had chatted about it and he knew that I was in the process of boosting my outlook. He was just giving me that smile on my face that he knew I needed. 

In the email, he just asked me a few more questions and ended it with a very sweet touch. ", I thought I'd email you and tell you that I really had a good time chatting last night, you're a really great woman, and I look forward to our friendship growing more and more. I hope you had a great day, and I hope to see you online tonight." 

I was breathing a small sigh of relief. He had said, "friendship". Not that I wasn't looking for more--in fact , there was a large part of me that became intrigued and fascinated by him rather quickly. Almost like a really good first date. I was just relieved that he had said it, before I did. 

Then, it came. The crazy, nervous feeling in the pit of my stomach. I knew that at any moment now, he could come online. I wasn't quite sure what another marathon session would do for our friendship. There was no doubt that it would get stronger--but would it become too strong? We were lucky, there was a kindred connection from the beginning. We were on the same road in life, just cruising along. We had the same thoughts on romance, we knew that God had a plan for each of us, we just had to trust in Him. 

The minute he came online, I knew that once again, I was going to be sleep deprived the next morning. We started chatting about everything....from our day, to remembering things about last night, even what we wished for in the future. I can't honestly remember a lot of our conversation, there were so many words floating around--along with the occasional flirting. I do remember that I felt comfortable enough in sharing addresses and phone numbers. So we did, without hesitation, and I made plans to give him a call later in the week. 

The marathon chat continued and continued :)...finally, I had to get offline for a few moments, not only to clear my head, but to do a few things. I was really timid about heading back. I knew that we were both feeling the connection, I was just concerned at how far this connection went. 

That's when a new set of emotions came into play. Literally, I was shaking at my keyboard. I knew that the words were going to come out, sooner or later. Then, it happened.....the words that I was longing and dreading to hear... "I think I'm falling in love with you." 

*screech* That put a halt on my world for at least a good minute. I couldn't respond. I was just sitting there, shaking, with tears in my eyes. Part of me was elated, the other part....thought we were being absolutely crazy. I kept picturing my map, seeing my state at one end of the coast and his on another. I was scared of the feelings I knew had grown so strongly. Parts of my mind were flooded with thoughts of the strain that this statement is going to put on both of our lives. 

Then, I agreed...I was feeling the same way. That night, I prayed and entrusted God to lead us forward. I know that I've felt his grace already, he's given me more patience and confidence than I thought I could ever possess. 

Part 2 to come soon!