It's strange how things happen... you are trudging through the mundane weary lanes of life when suddenly, out of nowhere, love walks in and touches your life in a way that you know that nothing could ever be the same again...
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She's From:   Bulgaria
He's From:     United Kingdom

I've been up all night reading the stories on your site!

I'm so happy that I'm not the only one in love with someone I've never met! I too have a story to tell. 

Okay, well it starts out that I was online one night doing my usual AOL Instant messages with buddies. I don't really hit the chat rooms unless I'm excessively bored, and that night I was really busy. I always had this thing about people from California, I thought they were all stuck up, so I receive this IM from someone named 'caliguy' and I was going to warn him, but for some reason I accepted the message. He then proceeded to ask me useless questions about my screen name which happened to be 'girlinthemirror' he wanted to know how long I had been in my mirror...and if I was like Alice in Wonderland, I'm not sure quite why but for some reason I automatically had a liking for this hyper boy. 





  We didn't say anything personal that night, and we ended our chat session with 'keep in touch' I honestly wasn't planning on talking to him ever again but as he wished I added him to my buddy list. Night after Night I would see him online, but I never IMed him, I wasn't looking for love, and didn't need any more cyber buddies. One night I decided to IM him just to see if he was worth keeping on my buddy list. And also because I was updating my web-page and I wanted a lot of 'shout-outs' on it, lol. So I asked him for his name, and we started chatting and eventually he ended up telling me how he felt. Thing was I was just getting out of two really painful relationships and he knew that. The one thing I remember most was that he was there for me when my b/f broke up with me. He made me feel better.

We were good friends and around October of 2000, my birthday was coming up, and somehow I had accidentally given him my address. I hadn't told him how much I cared for him until I received a birthday card from him. It was just a kind thing to do... especially since I wasn't very nice to him, lol. Well in November our relationship got very emotional and I started crying over him. I admitted that I had totally fallen for him! I am still a little shocked at how much I love him. He told this girl that chatted with me, and him as well that he wasn't sure that I loved him, and this had me so upset. I finally confronted him that I REALLY did LOVE him, and he said 'I just want to hold you for real...I want to be with you forever'.......I remember the way the butterflies were in my tummy when he said that! We have had many spots where my shyness has caused us problems. When he is telling me how much he loves me, I'll sit there like a retard thinking he can see me, and then he'll get scared that he's upset me and say "maybe I should go" or "are you there?"

Something that bothers me is that he is jealous of my ex-b/f's because we're still semi-friends. Basically just like....let's kill each other friends, but he gets SOOOOOO jealous. Well I should tell you that while he lives in Southern California, I live in North Eastern Ohio! Soooo far!!! And heartbreaking! We had sorta plans to meet in the Summer of 2001 when my family and I go to the Grand Canyon....but we are no longer doing that. We are going to New York ( I am determined to meet him though! I am only 14, and he is 16. He is originally from Chicago.....too bad he's not still there! I could meet him in like a second! my mom would drive me that far!! But his relatives are moving to Cleveland, and he might get to visit this Summer! (I'll tell you if we do get to meet) I don't want to get into the low down of our relationship.....cuz its private ;) I'll let you know how things go with us.