It's strange how things happen... you are trudging through the mundane weary lanes of life when suddenly, out of nowhere, love walks in and touches your life in a way that you know that nothing could ever be the same again...
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She's From:   United States
He's From:     Germany

This story is a true one of love, romance and magic shared by two people who found each other through AOL. 

Corrie's and Christian's True Life Fairy Tale 

Christian is the most amazing man... I have never met a more beautiful person both inside and out. He is everything that I want in a man and more. 

  Corrie and Christian sharing some wine in Germany
  He is very intelligent, understanding, trustworthy, loving, sweet, caring, tender and very romantic... 

Christian is 14.5 years younger than I am, he has just turned 26 in July and I will be 41 in March. (Do you know what they call a woman with a younger man?.... SMART!) 

All of that and a wonderful lover too!!! I am so lucky!! :) 

How We Met

Believe it or not we met through AOL. 





  Neither of us are the type to engage in online flirting... nor were we looking to find someone. 

I was just wanting to learn German. I thought that the best way to get better with German is to chat with a German! So I searched for a safe person, someone that I thought was not out trying to get a date. 

I emailed Christian on 2-24-99. I explained that I wanted to learn German and asked him if he wanted to chat sometime. 

It was not long before we started to have very deep feelings for each other, we could not believe that we could have such strong feelings for each other just by chatting over the computer and a few phone calls. We had to know... so in June of ´99 I was off to Germany to meet this man! We knew then, without a doubt ... We are soul mates. 

Once Upon a Time... 

It all began when I flew to Germany to meet Christian in June of 1999. This was a real life fairy tale, complete with champagne and chocolate in the morning, beautifully lit castles, long walks along the Mosel river and being with my prince, Christian. 

I was whisked away in a worldwind... and I have never been so completely overwhelmed. 

We stayed in Ernst... A little town nestled along the Mosel River. As far as the eye can see, hills and hills of vineyards, and the wine... Fabulous! It was more than amazing... 

Sharing wine together high up into the vineyards. As we held each other overlooking Germany, feeling the warmth of the wine... Surrendering to the moment, making love in the most romantic place on Earth.

I knew I loved him. It did not take long... At the close of our third day, cuddled together out on our private terrace under the most beautifully starlit sky. I knew that this was the man for me... My soul mate. 

I had fallen so helplessly in love. And for the first time in my life, I could do nothing against it. 

Christian is... The Love of My Life 

Things we did

My time in Germany and with Christian went far too fast. 

We experienced so much in those 2 weeks ... The Dom in Köln (509 steps straight up! Eeeek!!!), "H2O" a fun indoor waterpark (I loved the slides!), visiting castles, riding byclycle on the cobblestone streets of Gütersloh, the food was wonderful (especially the cheese, bread, spargle and tomotoe soup!), the beer (Oh I loved the beer!) and walking arm in arm late at night sharing a bottle of champange... Mmmmm. 

Since then, Christian has been to the US to visit me 2 times... The third time he came was to get me and take me back home to Germany with him. 

I loved Germany so much! When I got home after my trip.. I had felt so homesick for Gütersloh, I no longer felt like I was at home anywhere else. I wanted to go back again right away. As of May 21, 2000 we landed in Frankfurt Airport... not again having to leave Germany or the arms of my Christian. 

My home now is in Gütersloh Germany. I LOVE IT SO MUCH HERE! I still have to get this language thing though! HELP! The kids and I have never been happier!!! 

Not so easy for us

It was not so easy for us to marry here. All of my paperwork had to be translated into German. That was very costly and time consuming. Every time that we had thought we had it all done, there was still something else to do! 

On July 5th, 2000 we were on our way, with our kids in tow, off to Düsseldorf to the US Embassy for still yet more paperwork (and money!) to be completed. We had left early in the morning to beat the traffic. It was a rainy morning. We were suddenly ran off the road and into the railing by a truck and then he left sped off, leaving the scene. Thank God we were all ok!!! We totalled our car on the Autobahn. I had a back injury but it has healed nicely. I am so thankful that our children were not hurt. Alex had some bruising from the seatbelt as we were bounced off the guard rail and then into another truck. We were tossed around pretty hard. Let me tell you... I was thankful for those bruises on his little hips! 

Well that took some time to get back into the paperwork swing of things as we still needed to make it to Düsseldorf and we had NO car! Well after a few weeks we got another car and made it (Phew!) to the US Embassy to (spend more money) and finish our paperwork. 

Well, finally we were able to hand in all the completed forms as requested. And we were able to set the date! 

We Did It!!! 

On September 4, 2000 Christian and I were married in Gütersloh Germany. 

These Days

We just celebrated our first wedding anniversary on Sept 4th 2001. We have now been living here in beautiful Gütersloh Germany together with our 2 children for a year and a half. 

As with all families, we go through our tough times, adjusting to a whole new life, culture and language alone presents us with new challenges. But no matter what we go through it together, as a family. 

We know that we can never be without each other. We have the most real and incredible love. We are so blessed to have found each other. 

My Romance Advice

Wait for the right person, no matter how long it takes. It is so worth it! You know when it is real love, when nothing can stop it... not even you. 

Don't marry someone that you can live with, marry someone that you cannot live without. When you have that person, do not let them go. Love is too precious to lose. 

Träume nicht dein Leben, lebe deinen Traum. 
(Dream not your life, live your dream). 

Do not settle for just anyone... wait for the right one. 

I guess you could say... 

"And they lived, happily ever after". For anyone interested, our website is here