Mars & Deborah 3:
As Deborah went to the departure hall to fly out of Adelaide I knew that the next few months were going to drag on slowly and that I would miss her like crazy. I just didnt want her to go but that was the reality of the situation. When she got back...
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She's From:   United States
He's From:     Australia

The Claw and I... After losing my wife over three years ago to Cancer, I had forgotten what it was like to love and be loved.

  One day a friend of mine told me to use these new eye drops, Viagra Eye Drops, you have to take a long hard look at yourself after you use them.

Well that was the clincher for me!! I did and I did something that I had been wanting to do for some time, I went and bought a computer (who has now been called Brunhilda, as she is such alike to the Brunhilda of Norse Legend who was a cantankerous goddess who was a guiding spirit for those seeking Valhalla. Pretty much sums up a computer and the InterNet, hey???) and hopped on the InterNet. I was amazed at the information and services available to me and at my fingertips.






I had realised that there was a certain thing missing in my life, so, in a vain attempt and thinking that nothing would come from it, but it couldn't hurt to try (and not having much faith in them), I put my name forward to a couple of Dating Sites hoping that I would find someone to fill that void in my heart that was over three years old. The thing that convinced me to do this was that I just looked at the positive side and came to the conclusion that the worse thing that could happen to me was that I would at least make a NEW FRIEND.

I was at the stage where I had convinced myself that I would never find LOVE the like that my late wife and I had, when suddenly one day, out of the blue comes an e-mail from a crazy Yankee Lady, Clawmark (The Claw), from Sacramento Ca. Looking for someone to talk to. She was in a terrible relationship and wanted to get out of it. At this time I did not know any of this and thought that I could make a new friend. Someone to talk to and listen to.

Well, all I can say is, I AM GLAD THAT I REPLIED TO THAT E-MAIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Over the last couple of months, our love has blossomed into the most wonderful and wonderous of relationships. The only drawback is that I am in Australia and she is in the US. But still we continue to make this love grow ever more. We have both expressed our love for each other and we learn more about each other all the time.

Now before anyone reading this think that I or she might be taking either for a ride and pulling either's leg, we both know that each of us are REAL people. You see, we made a promise ( that we have never broken in all the times that we have talked and exchanges parcels and letters), that we could and would be totally honest and open with each other.

As I have said before, we have exchanged the most wonderous and intimate of letters, e-mails, virtual cards and packages (some even a little risquee`) to show that we care for each other and that we LOVE each other. If anyone reading this is in any doubt that these most wonderous feelings that we have for each other and that we are REAL PEOPLE, I would gladly provide the PROOF from some of the packages and cards that we have exchanged, then you would have no doubt that THIS IS REAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We have talked and shared many dreams and fantasies with each other of what our first meeting will be like. I am planning to go to the United States in March/April next year, everything is set and all I have to do is to get leave approved from work. The feelings we have for each other are just so intense, that I do not think 5 or 6 weeks will be enough.

We have talked on ICQ, on the phone regularly and also using an InterNet telephony program called "Buddy Phone" for hours upon end. My phone and ISP bill is skyrocketing but the feelings that The Claw and I have for each other, has brought to me and that I have given her, this IS A SMALL PRICE TO PAY FOR ULTIMATE HAPPINESS!!!!!!!!!!

We have exchanged the most wonderous photographs of each other and with each other and written many things in our own hand to send via "Snail Mail". She is truly the most loveliest of ladies in both in intellect, appearance and stature. She looks like a goddess and has the wise knowledge of a goddess as well. We truly feel that we can spend the rest of our lives together and grow old TOGETHER.

Our love has blossomed to such a degree that we can almost be-think each other and guess what the other is feeling before it is even said. We have shared the good, the bad, the concerns, the joys, the excitement, the ups, the downs, the happiness, the companionship, the thrills, the affection, the sensuousness, and most of all, THE LOVE THAT WE HAVE FOR EACH OTHER, that we both feel that a presence is watching over us and looking after us, A guiding spirit, A Merlin if you wish to call it that that we have named this guiding spirit, NGABI and we often and openly thank this spirit for the effect that it has had on our lives.

Tina, I have sent your web pages to The Claw and we have explored them together. The tale of you and El-Maestro inspired me to write to you and tell Our Story, of how the Bush Boy met The Claw.

One day after WE had explored yours and El-Maestro's story and stories of other Cyber Loves and Cyber Relationships we got to talking and she explained to me that she had never been the recipient of a "Love Letter"!!!. I just could not believe that such a wonderful, gorgeous, intelligent and vivacious lady had never had any one write her a Love Letter!

That was all the inspiration I needed, I wrote her a 6 page Love letter, in my own handwriting, opening my heart and expressing the love that I have for her. I told her that she is a thief as she has stolen my heart, a renovator as she has filled a void in my heart and made it feel new again and a builder as she has built a new heart for me on top of the old one!

Now how to send it as quickly as possible to my darling love?? Ahhh, Scanner!!!! I scanned all the pages and sent it in a e-mail, in my own handwriting. YOU SHOULD HAVE SEEN THE E-MAIL AWAITING FOR ME THE NEXT DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now that is Our Story, of The Claw and the Bush-Boy, So far. Our LOVE for each other continues to blossom each day, so much that both The Claw and The Bush-Boy continue to grow, explore, excite, amaze and express (openly and honestly) our feelings for each other day by day. Are these not the building blocks and the foundations for TRUE LOVE FOR EVER????? WE THINK SO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Please, anyone reading this, just feel happy and inspired. There are a few people out there in Cyber Land that maybe hesitant from all the Bad Stories that they might have heard about Cyber Love and Cyber Relationships. The only thing that I and The Claw can offer to anyone is DO IT!!!! But just be comfortable with what you are doing!!!! Know when to get out!!! Just start slowly and build from there, the worse thing that could happen is that "you could make a new friend". Also remember that if you are as lucky as The Claw and I, and you really believe in something that you know in your heart is REAL, then LOVE HAS NO BOUNDS!!!!!!!!! It just makes it all that more special, intimate and intense.

We hope that other people reading this who are in such a relationship as ours are inspired by OUR STORY and it helps in some way to make you find YOUR TRUE AND ONLY LOVE AND TO STRENGTHEN IT MORE AND MORE.

So get out there and help yourself and help someone else, BUT PLEASE DO NOT HURT ANYONE.


"Bush Boy"