Mars & Deborah 3:
As Deborah went to the departure hall to fly out of Adelaide I knew that the next few months were going to drag on slowly and that I would miss her like crazy. I just didnt want her to go but that was the reality of the situation. When she got back...
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She's From:   The Philippines
He's From:     The Philippines

Here is my story... I never really thought of joining a web site before.

I didn't even know these types of sites existed! Until one day, I was absent from school and I can't find anything stupid to do, I tried surfing the net.

  After logging on to, and had few chats with Pakistani people, I find it very nonsense and irritating. I'm not being rude with Pakistan people, especially guys but, all they could ever think to chat about was having cyber sex! I am not into it.... 

As a writer from my university, I tried to look for great love stories on the net. I tried surfing this site and I have read some love stories that really got my attention. I was thinking maybe I am able to send one coz it reminds me of finding my love before.

I used to chat with this guy named Chuck. He was from the Philippines too but we're on opposite ends of the country. We exchanged e-mails and long chats on the net. 






Until we decided to meet in person. We were both attracted to each other and we easily fall for each other's kisses. It was the most wonderful feeling. Until now, I'm still so much in love with him.