It's strange how things happen... you are trudging through the mundane weary lanes of life when suddenly, out of nowhere, love walks in and touches your life in a way that you know that nothing could ever be the same again...
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She's From:   United States
He's From:     United States

Ok... One night about a year ago, I was playing on the net and talking on instant messenger as I usually did on school nights.

  A girl "I.M.ed" me asking me if i would like to chat, saying that her name was Kyla, and she was a 17 year old, female, from Hawaii.

I wasn't particularly busy at the time so I agreed and told her my name was Chris and I was a 16 year old, male, from New Hampshire. Seeing how neither of us had ever been to each others side on the country we had a lot to discuss.

We talked every night that week, and enjoyed it very much. She introduced me to her best friend Lauren who was the same age as her. I knew I had feelings for Ky, but I also knew she had a boy friend so I didn't bother telling her. I found out that Lauren was single so I figured if they are best friends they must be a lot alike!






Lauren and I began to talk quite frequently over the next week. We found that we to had a lot in common. a few days later we decided that seeing both of us were single at the time! It might be fun to try going out over the net. We did this for about a month while me and Ky grew closer and closer. I then told Ky I had strong feelings for her and i understood that she had a boy friend. She was very supportive of my feelings and we decided not to tell Lauren because we both cared a lot about her and we were afraid it would hurt her feelings. Later lauren and I both decided we needed more out of our relationship anyway. 

I began to talk to Lauren and Ky less and less as time went on after the "break up". I still had strong feelings for Kyla but it felt awkward because Lauren and Ky were best friends. Lauren and I stopped talking for the most part, but Ky and my self still talked on occasion. One night Ky told me about an Extra credit assignment she had got for school, it was to list as many occupations, as possible! she was expecting to get 50-100. But with our great team work and 3 1/2 hours or so, we ended up with around 400. During those couple of hours. we not only got her a very good grade but we also realized what we were missing while we stopped talking. For some reason we still were to stupid to realize what we had together. We continued on for months speaking on great occasion, maybe once a month! But then, one night she hesitantly decide to 'I.M." me! Which she didn't realize at the time, was the beginning to BOTH of our new lives! She told me she had broken up with her boy friend and we both confessed how much we really felt for each other. We then decided we should go out and we have been for a month now....which sounds like the smallest amount of time, but to us seems like years! We Talk till the sun comes up every night and love every second of it,but... of course it is hard being so far away from the person you love most in this world! 

I can't even tell you how many nights we sat and talked both in tears! but We love each other with all our hearts and we both believe this will all work out! during these endless nights we talk about everything from our child hoods, to planning on having 2 kids of our own someday (one girl and one one boy, the girls name will be Taylor and the boys name Gap if everything works out as planned. We voice chat and instant message each other every spare second we have, even if its only a few seconds to say "I love you!"... SO here we are, up to date Kyla just turned 18 and I turn 17 next month!

We are planning on her coming at the end of august, and she's bringing Lauren, so We are both VERYYYY excited and we will, let everyone know how things turn out when she is here! well Pray for us and everyone else who has found love on the net, things that feel like there meant to be, usually are!!!!