Mars & Deborah 3:
As Deborah went to the departure hall to fly out of Adelaide I knew that the next few months were going to drag on slowly and that I would miss her like crazy. I just didnt want her to go but that was the reality of the situation. When she got back...
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She's From:   United States
He's From:     United States

I saw your site and decided to submit my own successful Internet love story. 

It all began in November of 1999.

  I was a 20 year old college student who had only used the Internet for school and recreation, and I thought the people who fell in love online were desperate weirdos. However, one day I had the flu, and because I was bored, I decided to enter a chat room. Everyone was moronic, and so I began talking to myself. 

Amazingly enough someone began talking back! I met Quint who quickly introduced me to his friend Kevin. I was reticent about meeting another person online, and I thought one was enough. Quint was often busy, so I began talking to "MarketSavvy" aka Kevin.






He was extremely open and told me that he was 18 and starting to go to college. He sent me his picture, and I didn't think it was anything special and I told him he wasn't really my type, but that I was sure he would find someone. We were just friends, and we talked constantly about physics, my other love. 

One day we started talking about dating. He had never dated, so I was picking on him. 
He was talking about the snow, and I had never seen snow, so Kevin said if I was up 
there (in Washington, I was in California), he would like to have a snowball fight 
with me. I thought that was cute, so I kept egging him on and asking what else he 
would do. Kevin said we would probably wrestle in the snow, and then he would pin 
me down and kiss me! Well, that took my breath away and before you knew it, we 
were hopeless filrts online.

I decided to give him my phone number, it was Friday night. He had the smoothest,
sexiest voice I could imagine. We talked all night about everything under the sun. I
found myself calling him all the time, divulging secrets and sharing passions. On Tuesday, I did the unthinkable, I told him I loved him. I didn't expect him to say it back, it just felt natural to say it at that point. I already felt so close to him. Kevin said it back. My heart soared, and I was head over heels in love with a guy on the Internet!

On Valentine's day I received a dozen long stemmed red roses from Kevin. It had cost him $70, and I was impressed. He's very shy and he had to use his parent's credit card, and so eventually they found out about us. I talked with them over the phone, and I really liked them. Kevin and I desperately wanted to meet, especially after I sent pictures of me to him. He said, "Wow. You're smart and beautiful, I have to meet you." All my friends thought I was nuts, they were convinced he was an axe murderer or something awful. Kevin talked it over with his parents, and six months later I was on a train from California to Washington to see the man of my dreams for an entire week!

I tried to get off the train as gracefully as I could with 80 pounds of luggage, looking
like what I thought to be a "bombshell." I saw him right away. He looked just like his
picture. He had thick dark blonde hair, medium height, medium build. Right away I
thought his nose was too big, and I kept thinking, what's wrong with me? So I stared
into his beautiful blue eyes and avoided looking at his nose. I met his aunt briefly, 
but I don't even remember what she looked like because I was so damn nervous. I 
just gave Kevin a big hug and told him to talk to me because all I had ever known 
was his voice. He was so damn calm, it made me even more nervous.

We got into his car for the two hour trip back to Yakima, and right away he pulled
into a parking lot because he said he was lost. I was so nervous. He kept looking at me in that way, and I knew he was going to kiss me. I kept saying I needed some water or some hot chocolate or something, and could we please go sit down somewhere at eat? Kevin got closer and closer, and before I knew it he was kissing me and my entire world was turned upside down. I now love his nose.

I spent a fantastic week with Kevin in Seattle and Yakima. Before I went home, Kevin drew an infinity symbol on my hand and told me that we were going to be together forever, and that he would wait through college for us to be together. I tried to be strong on the train home, and I only cried once. I got back home and felt so empty. I had just gotten accepted to the school of my dreams, all my friends were in California, but it wasn't enough. I decided I can always go to school, but I could only find true love once. Life is like a movie, and I thought, what would the heroine do? Would she give up the man of her dreams, or would she get back on that train and head off to Washington where she only knew one person? 

I left everything and moved up to Washington for two years. There were good times 
and stressful times, but Kevin and I loved each other as strongly as we had when we 
first met. We have since moved back down to California for the sunshine and because 
I missed my friends. Now I have everything and I am so glad I took a chance on true love.