It's strange how things happen... you are trudging through the mundane weary lanes of life when suddenly, out of nowhere, love walks in and touches your life in a way that you know that nothing could ever be the same again...
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She's From:   United States
He's From:     United Kingdom

Ben's side of the story...

This is the story of two people for whom love used to be the stuff of dreams, but one day in February 2001 things were to change forever for the pair of them.

  Ben & Carissa's photo montage
  It was at this time that fate dictated that they were to meet in an Internet chat room, appropriately named, Where Dreams Can Come True. 

First to the two people involved. 
Ben lives in England, is 21 years old, and was fairly new in terms of chatting on the Internet, for him the following story would turn out to be his first experience of the wonderful thing that is 'True Love'. Carissa is 20 years old and lives in America, she had been on the Internet for a while, hopefully the following story being her best experiences to date though. 





  So to begin, we go back to February 2001, Ben was playing on his computer one day when he decided to go onto the Internet, in particular to look at the different chat rooms, he was going thru looking at some pretty scary sounding rooms when he came across one named Where Dreams Can Come True, once in there he started to chat with a few people, there was one in particular, a person going by the name of (r)Prïñçë Ñ Wåîtìñg(c) , well he was pretty impressed with the name, so decided to talk to he assumed a girl. We seemed to get on pretty well to begin with, talking about nothing in particular, just getting to know a little about each other, this went on for a week or two until we decided to exchange email addresses and began to talk on MSN Messenger, things were looking good, talking quite frequently. 

Then for some reason the chatting seemed to get less often, I felt we had been talking for a while ok, but just something not totally connecting us to one another. These feelings got to the point where eventually we didn't talk at all for quite a while, then one day maybe after a few weeks, maybe even months we started to talk more again. It was July at this point nearly five months had passed since we first had made contact, this time it seemed different, almost as if the gap in not talking had done something between us. However during this non communication period we had both met other people who we seemed to be pretty happy with, so much so that I even met this person, only later to know, that Carissa had gotten jealous almost when I told her that I had in fact met this person. Anyhow, things didn't totally work out for me, but by this time, Carissa had also met someone else, his name being Jimmy, well this relationship seemed to last for a bit longer, only later did I know though that Carissa says she also had feelings for me at this point. For me it was hard, it had gotten to the point where I too had feelings for her, but it seemed she was happy with someone else. How silly it all seems now, that we both felt the same, yet neither of us did anything about it for a while. 

This style of events carried on until I just felt that I should really say something about my feelings for this girl, at this point we were really talking well to one another, the best it had ever been, so one day I told her that I really liked her, well at first when I said it, wasn't sure if I had done the correct thing or not, her seemingly with someone else, but I just had to reveal the feelings I had had for a while. Initially I wasn't to hopeful as Carissa didn't seem to share the level of feelings I had, so after a while I decided to back off a little, feeling that maybe it wasn't to be. So we just carried on talking as normal, or like before anyway, until one day, Carissa had given me her phone number a while back, I decided to go ahead and phone her, we seemed to be getting closer slowly, talking on the phone, even talking for longer on the Internet, but every so often, I would just think that she was still with this other guy and I still had doubts about what would happen, until one day, or night, we were talking on the phone, when suddenly she just said, Ben I love You. It would be hard to describe my emotion except I was very happy, and felt that possibly finally it could be between us.

We got to the point during August to October we would be talking almost daily, and sometime in October I suddenly felt, wow what would it be like to meet her. So when we were talking one night I said to her, how would you feel to us meeting one day? Again the response wasn't too encouraging, but we got to talking about it more until we both seemed to really like the idea, so one day while I was out shopping I decided to go into the Travel Agents to enquire about possible flights and the prices, well by the time I had left the shop, the tickets were all booked and I was to fly in just over a month. OMG what have I just done I thought, that night I told Carissa, not sure if she believed me at first, but for real it was, we were to meet finally. 

The build up to the meeting, time seemed to go very very slow indeed, we both started to get very excited about being together after so much had been said, but also I think we were still both a little apprehensive about it all, I mean travelling all that way, to meet someone you'd met a few months ago over a computer. So the time came, it was the morning of the flight, I was pretty excited, so much so I hardly slept the night before, the flight to America was fine, but then had to wait and eventually missed the connecting flight, arrgggh I thought, I think that's when it really hit me about where I was and what we were actually doing, so the time eventually came to board the next flight, then just as bad when I got off the plane, I then had to wait for what seemed a lifetime for the bus.....would we ever get to meet? LOL. 

Once on the bus I collapsed almost was pretty tired, only woke up about 10 miles from where we were due to meet each other, again this was a point where it all began to sink in, in about 30 minutes I'm to get off this coach in the middle of nowhere I'd be totally lost, I hope to hell she's waiting for me, Carissa and her sister Candi were there sure enough as they said they would be though waiting for me, I was so happy to finally in person be able to talk to Carissa. On the ride back to her house though, I think we were all pretty nervous as only her sister really said much, I'd just only woke up, and here was this woman talking to me, in a pretty deep accent, I just went along with it all LOL. 

After a short car ride, we arrived at the house I was to stay at for two weeks initially, but my time turned out to be so great I stayed an extra week, still no where near long enough. Once inside I put my bags down, and we all sat down, Carissa and I on the sofa, Candi on a chair, how could I describe the atmosphere? Slightly awkward I guess, Carissa and I exchanged smiles now and again, but nerves as I say must have been pretty high, this went on for a while, until Candi decided to go outside for some reason, this turned out to be the first time we had got to be alone together, hands were joined and we kissed for the first time, my feelings were comparable to that first I Love You, this was all for real, we were together and we loved each other.  


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