It's strange how things happen... you are trudging through the mundane weary lanes of life when suddenly, out of nowhere, love walks in and touches your life in a way that you know that nothing could ever be the same again...
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She's From:   Singapore
He's From:     China

I first met him and knew him in net meeting on the night I had just argued with my friend, he was so nice and so kind to me that I almost forgot all my unhappiness.


We got along so well on the first night we met in net, we typed and drew pictures for each other and we also had voice chat.

Time passed so quickly before we noticed it, we chatted till 5am when my mom stopped me and asked me to go to bed, before I left we had a date in net the next day.

After that, we chatted often, sent photos to each other, and he later gave me his phone number. Though he didn't ask, I gave him my phone number too--as soon as he gave me don't know why I trusted him so much, that was not like me, but I really did that at that moment!






After that we got in touch both by net chat and by phone call. He gave me morning calls as well as called me at night when my mom stopped me from coming to net, we talked about so much things, friends, life, food, study, work and love.

He told me things happened in his area, his study life in foreign country. He also told me many jokes he had ever heard. He liked kidding me too, once he taught me Japanese, after I followed him pronounce the words again and again, he laughed at me, I asked why, he said, ¡°do you know what did you say just now? it¡¯s ¡®LOVE YOU!!¡¯ hey, you love me!¡± Hearing this, I pretended to be angry, but in fact, I felt so sweet.

Another time I talked about the song ¡°I will marry you tomorrow¡±, he laughed at me again, ¡°really? So fast, I haven¡¯t got ready, but if you would like to do so, I don¡¯t mind.¡± I felt he was so ¡°bad¡± that I wanted to go and beat him with my fist. I felt I almost fell for him, I liked to hear his gentle voice. I like him to say ¡°you are so lovely¡± or ¡°you are so pretty¡± or just ¡°Don¡¯t be so naughty¡±¡­

One day, I asked him to go to one chat room which I often entered, I used my name Ann and he entered with the name Annboy, he told me that he wanted others to consider us a couple then no one would disturb us. At that night, he asked me again and again to be his gf, finally I accepted, he told me he was so happy that he wanted to give me a big hug and a kiss, I dreamt of that too, but how? We lived so far and we were both too young to support ourselves to fly to meet each other.

Things were not smooth later. I had to leave home to see my grandma for some days, and after I returned back, his computer didn¡¯t work, though we could still talked with each other through phone, but it was really expensive, as foreign call between Singapore and China.

Also the day I returned back to school was nearer and nearer, and I had to take a military training for about 2 weeks after I returned back to school, during this time, we couldn¡¯t keep in touch. And we would be much busier after my new team and his new job began, thinking about all this, I tried hard and finally decided to leave him though I could feel I loved him and missed him so much. But later, he phoned me and said that he would never give up, he would take all the difficulties as challenges and our love could improve to be true if we could stay up. My decision and plan were completely destroyed by him, I can¡¯t help returning to him.

After that, he always gave me support when I was having a tough time during my military training, he made me forget all the tiring things. But after my military training, he got cooler to me and later he even didn¡¯t reply my email and didn¡¯t give me a phone call. I¡¯ve no idea why he do so, a bad idea floats in my mind¡ªhe want to abandon me! Why? He don¡¯t like me any more? He has found another gf? He is too busy and ignores me? All these thoughts are killing me. What should I do? I still don¡¯t have the courage to call him and ask him why, I am afraid of being refused directly by him, I feel I am dying!

5 Oct 2000

I just want to up date my story. My cyber bf called me yesterday telling me that he ignored me just because he was really very busy and he really missed me!! I was sooooo happy and excited to received his phone call again. Later we chatted in net for a long while, I felt that he still cares for me and he is very nice to me. He turns me on again!! I really hope our relationship can keep forever!!!

Thanks for your web site, which really gives me courage and confident to keep my cyber relationship!!