Shana and Michael:
It all started last July. I was baby sitting my younger cousin Kristian while my aunt was out of town for the weekend. As it was getting late I put Kristian to bed and I began to watch TV... 
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She's From:   Poland
He's From:     Mexico

Hi my name is Beata (second Maria) in my country (Poland) we use only first and I hate my sencond name, but let me start...


I started to play on Internet in 2003,and then I thought "how I can learn good Spanish and use internet" (I am student and I had exam in May in 2004 from this subject)...sooooo i needed a good teacher. I thought one day: "maybe I will learn something more on some chat..." and I wrote "latinochat" jajajaja, I met there many people from many countries and that was really really nice,lthey help me learn more Spanish, so I was very happy. And then one day I start talk with a man...his name was Carlos (he is from Mexico) and like always I start talk with him in spanish, but hmmm believe me, I am not good in this jajaja. He was so nice that I wanna know something more about him and I decided talk in English and Carlos agree with me.






We talk,talk,talk...we saw our photos - I feel that this man is not only funny, but intelligent and different than boys I met in Poland. At the same time I had contact with many persons, including women and men from Bolivia, Chile, Mexico etc. But after 3 months, I only had contact with Carlos. And I think our mails/conversation was the principal moment in every day. I don't know still why Carlos was there...but never mind, important is that we met and since last summer when he comes to me, we are together and I have fallen in love with him.

I know love long distance it is difficult and yes I agree with this, but we need us and we miss us a lot. I never met and I think I will never meet a man like HIM! So what can I do!? Only wait when we finish our masters and we will ... be together forever. CARLOS I wanna thank you here for all these great moments, for all love which you give me and for that you was and you are still my best friend anddddd that you change my mind about my name and now I love when I hear "Beata Mariiia", muackkk, thanks for that my love, you are the one I need. I Love You - Kocham Cię- Your Sun :)