It's strange how things happen... you are trudging through the mundane weary lanes of life when suddenly, out of nowhere, love walks in and touches your life in a way that you know that nothing could ever be the same again...
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She's From:   United States
He's From:     United States

Having been on the net a short time, I was apprehensive about becoming involved "cyberly" with others, after all, this was an outlet for the release of inhibitions.

  Who's to know if the person you are chatting to is who they say they are?

Before getting online, I had read stories of people who falsify their age, make outlandish statements about what they look like, and even have cyber-sex changes. One day, a month or so later, my mind and set ways were overcome by something too heart.

Being a shy person in real life, my net birth was much the same way. I would go to chat clubs and just ghost, not knowing how to start conversations, and once in them, trying to carry on with it. I felt much safer watching the others talk. Do you know how many questions would run through my mind when I would get e-mails from strangers?






For instance, how the heck did they get my addy in the first place? I wouldn't talk, no one new me, was it those damn cookie crumbs? Anyways, those first 3-4 people who just popped up in my mailbox, helped loosen me up to the net way of life, I was still wary, but my conversations were lengthening.

One night, I was just flirting around with a friend in a chat club (yes, one fear had been overcome), not paying too much attention to the other conversations, when someone else started directing questions my way. After not noticing her first few questions, she SCREAMED one at me. I think we all know how it is.....those damn caps lock always made us look and read! The friend I had gone to the chat club with originally decided to call it a night, world time zones had intervened, so I quickly scrolled back to read and answer this "new" person's questions. It was so strange reading those questions, they were so me??? It was soon established that she was from my country, although from another state, we just clicked. 

I think we spoke for about 4hrs that first night, but it seemed like only a few minutes, time flies when you're having they say. We soon formed a close friendship where we talked about everything without any fears or reservations. Weeks went by and we never ran out of things to say to each other, my heart strings were playing the most beautiful melodic tunes you can imagine.

Neither one of us having cybersex before, we just embraced each other and fell lovingly onto our cyber-bed letting this moment sweep us on a wave of passion. The fireworks we created that night lasted until the well after the midnight oil burned up. It was certainly a night that both of us would not forget, it was truly wonderful. It also propelled us to wanting to create the scenario in real life!

Christmas was soon upon us and being in different states and having family commitments, both of us were quite busy, she was also going to visit her relatives in another state, so our time together online was put on hold. A week passed and my heart felt like it was slowly being put through a meat mincer, she was my air and I was slowly suffocating through lack of her. Fortunately it was a hectic time workwise and the days passed quickly, it was just the nights I had to deal with. Then she phoned me at heart convulsed like it was being defibrillated, butterflies were fluttering inside me bouncing off my stomach wall, my hands shaking as we arranged to meet--SHE WAS IN MY STATE!!!!!!!!

Walking into that bar, through that sea of faces and knowing straight away who she was, I'd never seen her pic before, but she was how I pictured her in my dreams. That first kiss was surely a taste of heaven, the moulding of our bodies as we held each other tightly was on a higher plateau. For the next two days we were entwined in each other, there was no world like this, no wars, no news, no problems..........just us.

A few months later she moved down here, about 20mins from where I live, we often talk about "our good old days" and how we both hold it close in our hearts, we are best friends and share time, even if we have both started other relationships...........lovers come and go, what we have is much better.