Mars & Deborah 3:
As Deborah went to the departure hall to fly out of Adelaide I knew that the next few months were going to drag on slowly and that I would miss her like crazy. I just didnt want her to go but that was the reality of the situation. When she got back...
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I had been engaged in a relationship for over six years, a relationship which I regret nothing about. Before I fell in love through the internet.


I often read that people met when they were single or while they were in a bad relationship.

Well, when I started to chat, I already had decided not to continue with my partner because I knew he was not the man I wanted to have a family with and although he loved me and was someone who I shared a lot with, there was too much that separated us. It is ironic to think that you can sleep with someone and feel so far and write to someone that has seven hours difference with you and feel so close. Don't you think? If someone would have told me a year ago I would have fall in love with someone I met while chatting, I would have laugh :) Yes, and now I laugh all the time, because I am so happy :) 






So I started to chat and I never went on site near where I lived because my objective was not to meet someone but to share, and I wanted to meet people from different countries, I liked the idea of talking instantly to people from around the world.

I also studied that whole concept of chatting, was very strange to me, and was interesting to analyse... I was being very cautious, and I did not want to give my name... I met a lot of people who were not interesting and shallow, and sometimes I wondered why I kept coming back... But then, I made a few interesting, and some much more interesting meeting. I felt sorry I did not meet more women on the internet, I was not interested into meeting people in real life, I just wanted to share, and I wanted to meet women more because I thought they would be more chances that they would not be interested in things like look and other superficial things like that... I wanted interaction, not what I see everyday, outside, envelops.. I wanted to communicate. Well I realised that most people were not so interested in communication. Ok, that was for the long introduction... 

The first person I met who was interesting, was a young man, and I enjoyed his company very much, and after a few meetings, we tried to meet on purpose, and we exchanged our emails.. It was not romance, but we enjoyed each other.. and so, often, I went on the net hoping to meet him, and since that did not happen all the time, I met other people... and then I started to like more and m ore to go on my own and to meet people...I chatted in private I did not like to talk with everybody, sometimes I read...

One night, this man, ask me to chat in private and so I did since I spoke with most people until I decided if they were interesting or not. I don't remember that first night so much, I felt we communicated, we connected... He was the first person I ever offered my email address too, usually they asked me and most times I said no, but that night, he was to leave, and he never asked me how I looked, and my picture, and nor my address. I surprised my self when I asked him, if he wanted to have... He said, Yessssss! :)

I see now this is going to be long if I keep on putting details like this :) The day after we spoke, I received a picture of him, and a card, he showed me what he did for work, and him working, and a card that was meant to give hope and energy :) I was happy to see him, he was not how I imagined, I liked him, but nothing more, nothing crazy how i often read. So for the whole summer, we sent cards, he sent me pictures, I had nothing to send pictures, I lived in the country and was not organized for that... :( It was not love letters, it was friend letters, respectful letters... I had nothing sexual going on with him and it was more than that.. And so, we tried to meet, and the more we met, the more we wanted again... And we sent something to each other almost everyday and usually more than one at the time... One day, I felt down, and that day I met him, and he spoke to me a way, actually, I heard him say words I would have said, and he saw life how I saw, and he reminded me of my own power and energy, and that day he helped me to believe and to hope, to trust in life and trust in me. And that day, I remember, I thought, I could fall in love with this man. 

I did :) Yes, I did! Now, we have talked for over six months, I have sent to him many many pictures, we spoke on the phone, we sent to each others packet, with music, filmed ourselves, sent our body scents, feelings, drawings, paintings, readings, crafts, and all kinds of little surprises.. that helps us to feel closer. Now, we are together, not in real life, but in spirituality, it made me think a lot, the whole concept of reality, of how we take reality for what you can feel with your senses, whatever comes from within is taken like imagination and fantasy...

But, I feel this man is closer to me with his sever hours time difference than any man ever was sleeping beside me... I wish I could say, I took the plane, we met and is wonderful, but now I can't :( But, in the spring, I will go to meet him and I will for a long time and we will live together for some time, and then after I will be able to tell how incredible it felt when I saw him real for the first time, how wonderful it was to smell his real skin, touch and taste him...

Well, in the summer when we are together, I promise you a real nice story :) I am happy to read those stories because it makes me believe that despite all the peoples concerns about meeting on the net, there is real meeting happening, and proving that there is not only fake people out there, that there is some real people. I believe my soul-mate was out there and without the internet, I may have never met him.

I hate to say that that technology was a help to my love story, but hey, what can I say, seems to be true. Thank you for all the nice stories shared, makes me feel like I am not so crazy after all ;). 

"Anonymous Girl 2"