Sarah and Greg:
After having received a new computer for Christmas I logged onto a Christian dating service. A friend of mine had dared me to, and since I can't say no to a dare...
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She's From:   Australia
He's From:     Pakistan

If someone had ever told me Iíd love someone I know over the Internet I wouldíve thought they were crazy, yet after getting to know you I Love You more than I thought I could ever love anyone.

After almost two and a half years of being together I still find it hard to believe were with one another especially after all weíve been through. I honestly donít think anyone else could endure all the things we have and still have one another in the end. Which to me shows how strong our love is and always will be.

Weíve come such a long way now and I donít think anything can prevent us from being together forever. Weíve overcome everything thatís been thrown at us only to be closer than ever before.






Just by coming into my life youíve changed it dramatically, what I once thought was happiness is nothing compared to what you make me feel. You make me feel better than anyone ever has when Iím sad and made each day worth living for. I always used to wonder why I was even here, when you came I had a real reason to live because you became my destiny.

You came into my life at first as a stranger but proved to be a god sent angel to make everything better. Even now what we have seems to good to be true, you seem too good to be true sometimes it seems as thought this wont last, that somethingíll happen and youíll leave forever. After almost losing each other so many times Iím really scared of anything going wrong. How much you mean to me and how much I Love You canít be expressed in mere words. Youíve made me happier than I ever thought I could be, given me faith, hope and the will to carry on, you motivate me and inspire me, look after me and give me someone to turn to.

Youíve not only changed my life but me as well, Iím the way I am because you love me. Iím different than I used to be, youíve given me so much that no matter how much I thank you it could never even be close to enough. Youíre an amazing person, better than anyone I know Iíd be lucky and happy to even be half the person you are. Thereís no one else I could think so highly of as I do of you. I Love You just the way you are and donít want you to ever change.

I donít want you to ever feel I donít appreciate you or for you not know just how much I Love You. Youíre not just someone I love and want to spend the rest of my life with, youíre everything to me, my closest friend, my family, my happiness, my heart and soul, my life, the only one I need and want, the one I look up to and admire, the one Iíd want to be with after I take my last breath, someone I can always rely on, the one I trust the most but most of all youíre my Husband. The one Iíve already decided to be with whatever happens and in any conditions ďfor better or worseĒ.

I Love You for who you are, the way you are and for who you make me. Iíll love you more and more each day even if you throw away my heart and want nothing to do with me. Iím closer to you than anyone and I donít know what Iíd do without you anymore. Through all our ups and downs our love has always come through, and no matter what happens Iím always going to love you and be by your side.

I know Iím the luckiest person alive and spending the rest of my life with you would make me the happiest as well. Weíve still got a long way to go but I just want you to know Iíll Always Love You And Only You. You make me feel so happy and so blessed to have you by my side. At times I still think you deserve someone much better because youíre so incredible yourself and Iím just glad that youíre mine, Iím always going to be yours and only yours. I donít know what I ever did to deserve you but Iím just so thankful that were with one another.

I canít wait to spend the rest of my life with you by my side, Iíll always care about you and put you first no matter what. I wont let a single tear fall out of your eyes and Iíll do anything to make you happy and feel loved. However bad you ever feel Iíll always be with you to take that pain away. Iíll always do everything I can for you and love you now, forever, after we die and in every lifetime.

I want to spend everyday of our lives that weíll spend together trying to give you even just half the happiness youíve given me. Iíll always be with you whenever you need me despite what happens. I want you to know how grateful I am to have you with me and how unbelievably happy youíve made me even if at times you canít see it. Thank you for everything youíve done and given me Iím sorry if I donít always show you how much I appreciate you but I do and I just wish I could make you feel as magnificent as you make me feel.

Thank you for all youíve ever done I Love You Jay And I Always Will.