It's strange how things happen... you are trudging through the mundane weary lanes of life when suddenly, out of nowhere, love walks in and touches your life in a way that you know that nothing could ever be the same again...
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She's From:   United States
He's From:     United States

Well, Justin and I are still going stronger than ever even with the obstacles we keep having to overcome.

  First off there was Hurricane George. Yep he lives down there and I had to get all worried about him.

He had told me it was scheduled to hit them on Monday, so I was just dreading that day. Sunday night I just started balling in the bathroom. I was so afraid of losing him. Then, on Monday I had to volunteer at the Nursing home for my Civics class. I was so distracted. They had some AM station playing, and a news report like came on and started to mention the hurricane.






All I could make out was hurricane George, flooding, and Hattisburg (a city near him).  When I got home, I tried to call. I don't remember all the circumstances but I wasn't too happy when I found out he went driving to his sister's in the storm. The power was out, but the phone lines worked fine..for awhile. After a few days, whenever I'd call him I'd get this huge static on my end so he kept having to call me. Then, finally the power came back on, but we had gotten so used to the phone it was kinda hard to get off it..the static helped though! 

Then..for the very first time..took us 8 whole months...we had our first
argument. Was really stupid and part of the problem was that we argued on
the internet and basically got all confused and kept thinking the other
person was thinking something else. The reason I call it an argument is
because we did the "You always do this" thing. Well, we finally got
everything figured out..even if both of us were crying when we had to get
off, but by that time the argument was over and it actually strengthened
our love. For awhile when we brought it up though, it would hurt Justin
sense he now blames the whole thing on himself. It had something to do
with something that happened when he was up here, but I won't get into

Anyway, the next day, I get a call and guess what? Well, he had been
living with his grandparent's and they just got fed up. Justin slept in
and since his grandma had had a stressful week, she put her foot down and
kicked Justin and his brother out of the house. And that
computer. The modem was there's, the scanner, and the printer, but the
computer..nope..that was grandma's and grandpa's over expensive solitare
game they weren't willing to give up.

So, Justin and his brother, Jason, went to live with their dad. And this
was somewhat good because Justin's dad was willing to pay for the phone
bills. I was kind of offended though that his dad still doesn't remember
my name and well..he'd prefer Justin to go out with this one girl Justin
is friends with.

So, we went awhile without a computer. Then, one day I got a call...kinda
recently. Justin's dad bought them a computer!!! And this one wasn't
messed up like the last one they had. Now Justin has ICQ and we can talk
on netmeeting took us awhile to figure it out, but it worked uh ok.. although
Justin's family got pretty nosy when they heard me coming out of the 
computer speakers.

Oh, and I just had my last day of work. They were giving me way too
many hours and basically after my parents gave them a visit just as
customers they decided I should quit. The job was like slave labor! it
was hurting my grades in school too. So my parents had me write them a
letter giving them my 2 week notice. (they had me work 38 hours last week.)
Well, then we also got another meeting coming up. Justin's flying up here
for a week in Dec! yay!! So basically we have a week to celebrate a late
Christmas, my late birthday, New Year's, Early One year Aniversary(1/12), and
Early Justin's bday(1/8..I think I got that right this time, I know its
around there).

So, even if we did have some obstacles we've come out just fine. I consider 
our relationship as a LDR rather than an online relationship now. But, whatever 
you want to call it, it really isn't that hard to keep our love going. The things 
we go through aren't problems, they are tests of our love and every single 
one we go through strengthens the tie between us.

I will never stop loving my Justin. Besides, don't you think Angela Kay 
[Justin's last name removed for privacy protection] sounds pretty? =)


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