It's strange how things happen... you are trudging through the mundane weary lanes of life when suddenly, out of nowhere, love walks in and touches your life in a way that you know that nothing could ever be the same again...
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She's From:   Bulgaria
He's From:     United Kingdom

Hi, my name is Alan and I'm 46 from Northampton, England and the name of the lovely lady in my life is Lilia who is 18 from Bulgaria.

This story is about how we met and fell in love over the internet.


We both did not imagine how quickly this has all happened, we first came in contact with each other one night in a chat room on the 3rd of May 2001. We both hope you enjoy our true internet love story. 

Well it all started one night with me in a chat room on msn just a normal night chatting to the people in the room as I did most nights when I could, I wasn't looking for any romance at all when I got this whisper come up on my screen from a name I did not recognise "Phantoma" and usually they have to ask the person who they want to whisper to if it's ok before they can. 





  So this took me by surprise and I thought to myself who could this be, usually i got the creeps thinking I was a female because of my nickname "Neurodancer" they soon went when they found out I wasn't. The first thing we usually ask is a/s/l after we say hello to each other. I gave Lilia mine 45/m/uk and Lilia gave me hers 18/f/bulgaria, I was expecting Lilia to leave straight away when she saw my age but she didn't and I was really pleased about this, so I asked her if the age mattered, she said no, so I felt really good now. 

I asked her why she chose me out of all the people to whisper to, "it was your name I noticed", she said. "It's like a name of a song here in Bulgaria I've listened to called "Neuromancer". 

So this was the beginning of our relationship, we both chatted to each other about music for ages that night, I don't know why but I felt at ease talking to Lilia as if I had known her before, At the end of the night we exchanged our msn messenger addresses so that we could speak without entering the chatroom. For me this was a very good night because it was unexpected and this became a regular occurrence over the coming nights. I began to want Lilia to be online whenever I was. 

We exchanged photos of each other and I was instantly attracted to her but I didn't how she would react to me. I thought there would be no attraction to me at all but to my surprise Lilia said I was pretty, that made me feel so good inside. I knew I had these feelings for Lilia and I needed to hear her voice so we arranged for Lilia to call me one evening. I must admit I didn't know what to say but when I heard Lilia"s voice - that was it, my feelings had escalated into more than just fondness. 

I was falling in love fast and it felt so good. The feeling we had between was electric as if we had known each other for ages, we would chat for hours and hours at night and at weekends. I was thinking about her constantly now and we was talking more over the phone, I had really fallen for her. In a period of our internet relationship Lilia went through a really bad personal time of the loss of her best friend. All I could offer Lilia was that I would be there for her anytime of the night she only had to call and I would go online. This period of time brought us closer together, we found out a lot about each other. 

After a while my love for Lilia was getting stronger so I wanted to meet her so badly. It was something I needed to do, we would chat every night. At first I wanted to meet her at the end of June but she said "no" because she was hoping to have an operation in September and she didn't want me to see her before then. I asked her why she would not tell me, so I left it at that even though I couldn't understand why. 

Lilia was constantly on my mind now and I couldn't wait that long before I could see her, so every night we would chat and we would phone each other when we could. This went on for 2 months until the beginning of July when Lilia said "Do you want to come and see me?". I didn't hesitate to say yes, We arranged it so that I would see Lilia in two weeks time. I looked on the internet for what flights were available, then I remembered that I had some air miles so I checked on their web site to see if they had a flight to Bulgaria. I was so pleased to see that they did and I rang them to book the flight. They had one seat left thank goodness, so that was confirmed . 

My stomach felt as if it had butterflies in it at the very thought of seeing Lilia for the first time but it was a nice feeling. I was so in love with a girl that I had never met, but it felt so right to feel like this. 

The morning of the flight came and I was nervous at the thought of seeing Lilia for the first time. I don't know why cause I knew that I loved her. When I arrived at the airport I walked through the arrivals and I recognised Lilia immediately and my arms went around her. I had this amazing feeling come all over me and I knew that everything would be ok between us. 

The two weeks that followed were absolute bliss. We got on really well and I was deeply in love. I wanted to be with Lilia every second of the day. She showed me around Blagoevgrad where she lived and I met her family and friends. I had a really nice time meeting all of them. 

When it was the day I was going back home I didn't want to go. I could have quite easily stayed there with Lilia and having to part from her at the airport departures I was heartbroken. It was the worst time of my life. I could feel the tears welling up inside of me as I stood waiting to board the plane home. The flight home was depressing, everything was depressing. As soon as it was possible, I phoned Lilia to hear her voice again, even though it had been only a few hours ago that we were together. 

Since I've been back, we have talked about marriage and having children. All we have got to sort out is where we shall live and the problems we shall encounter along the way to achieve our dreams. I'm going back to see Lilia on the 1st September 2001. I was going to see her in October but I couldn't wait that long. I'm finding it hard to be apart from Lilia. I love you Lilia!


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