Mars & Deborah 3:
As Deborah went to the departure hall to fly out of Adelaide I knew that the next few months were going to drag on slowly and that I would miss her like crazy. I just didnt want her to go but that was the reality of the situation. When she got back...
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She's From:   United States
He's From:     Australia

I wandered upon your website as I was looking for Aussie related material.

I am from The States, my name is Teri and I am 16 years old. After looking over your site, I think you would like this story of Michael and I.


I have a friend from Florida who had a friend, Fiona, from Canberra Australia. Fi is 18 and we started emailing after Diane introduced us. One day Fi emailed me and told me that her best friend Michael, (who I heard a lot about) found some pictures of me and wondered who this beautiful girl was. So she told me and suggested I email him. That was in September. We quickly became close and I couldn't believe I was involved with a guy I had never met, something I had always considered dangerous. but the first time he called me, he had me hooked with that accent. We soon got to where he called me every week. Of course it was expensive, but he did it for me!





  Sometimes I wondered if he was really who he said he was, but something in my heart, God, I think, told me to trust him. Then Fi sent me pictures of him and I was like WOW! He is gorgeous: blue eyes, tall, brown hair, ironically some of my favorite features on a guy. We have grown so close and he is like my dream come true. One day I was dealing with something tragic from my past and I was just having a bad day. He called me that day to make sure I was ok. It meant so much to me. One day we were chatting on Yahoo messenger, and I was asking him questions about himself and I felt nosy, but he told me, "My life is your life." That meant a lot to me.

At first some of my friends weren't too sure what to think of the whole thing - I couldn't blame them! But one day, my friend, Alicia said, "Teri! You're in love!" I tried denying it because I had never met the guy! But then I realized I was in love with him. He made me happier than anyone else and loved me just as much as I loved him. We told each other we wouldn't stop other relationships from happening because that just wasn't logical. Yet, 7 months later, we are still committed to each other. I couldn't believe it the day he told me his favorite hobbies were photography, writing, and concerts because those are mine too and I have never met a guy who had the passion for those things that I do.

I even found a web site of his with his photography and I was amazed! Every time I think of him, I feel like God is telling me that he is the one and if I just have patience, I can have him. I have always wanted to go to Australia and I am saving up my money to go my senior year after I graduate so I could meet Fi, well now that I have Michael, I really have to go!!!! So in two years, we will finally meet. Sure things might change in that time, but something tells me it won't. He might be able to come next year, if possible, I'm trying not to get my hopes us too high.

I had thought I was in love before, but he showed me what real love was. One day I was really missing him, and he goes, "It'll all be worth it one day when we get Christmas cards addressed to Teri and Michael." He says stuff like that which chases away any doubts of his true feelings. I really think he does love me. It's crazy, but I have to have faith!!! I sent him a home video esp. made for him for Christmas and he loves it. Our song is "I knew I loved you" by Savage Garden. The words completely say how I feel and he bought me the CD for my birthday. He buys me gifts a lot and the gifts have such thought in them.

He got a job two months ago and I got one last month. Now we are always busy and our calls are fewer and far between. we still email, but gone are the three letters a day. It took a lot to adjust. I thought he was losing interest so I started to draw back a little. Then one day, he called and was near tears because he missed me so much and he was so sorry that he'd been so busy, but that the only way he got through the day was thinking about me. It reassured me that he did love me!!! It's still hard, but we can make it!

Two years is a long time to wait. Maybe he will find someone within that time and get married. (He's 19.) but if that happens, then I guess it's not meant to be. If he is not the one for me, I cannot imagine who my future mate (no pun intended) would be. He is my everything. I didn't mould him into my dream man, he is everything I have ever wanted! My family and friends all support me, and show me that it's not all in my head. But I can't wait for the day where I can finally touch him and never let go again.

I never thought I would see myself in a situation as complicated as this, but if I follow my dreams, I will end up in Australia!


>> Continued in Part Two and Part Three