Shana and Michael:
It all started last July. I was baby sitting my younger cousin Kristian while my aunt was out of town for the weekend. As it was getting late I put Kristian to bed and I began to watch TV... 
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She's From:   Myanmar
He's From:     Myanmar

My name is Tariq. I am 19 years old boy from Yangon, Myanmar. My lover name is "Nadee". She's 17 years old girl. We lived in same city.


We have met in Burmese Online IRC chat in October, 2005 actually not with me, the one who chatting with her it wasn't me, it was my brother who was just 10 years old boy. My brother was chatting with her just twice. My brother asked to have conversation on the phone, she said she will call to him but my brother gave her to my cell number because my brother is just a kid, so he can't answer her calls. I didn't know about that at that time. Suddenly my brother called my phone that one girl going to call to you phone her name is "Nadee" and please answer her calls as instead of him. I said I'll help him.







When phone was coming that time I was in angry because I was disappointed with my father. But I told to Nadee that call me back at 4:00pm. When she called me at 4:00pm, I answered her calls nicely and we were greeting each other and talking craps, gossips and blah blah. I asked her that what her religion is; she said that she's Muslim. I was wondered in Burma, most of Muslim girls didn't use Internet that much. Just a few girls are in. I told her too that I am Muslim either… We kept in touch with phone about 1 month before we meet at real world because of that time we were on fasting month. We arranged after Islam's aid we would meet at real world. She allowed it too.

Pointed to going to have coffee and watch movie. We both agreed it. We met at coffee shop as "Cafe Aroma" then we watched movie. While we were watching movie, both of us didn't greet each other yet because of scaring. I started to talk her something blah blah… Obviously I was really scaring I could not talk what I wanted. After all I proposed her at cinema hall, She said "I'll give you love answer after 1 week, Can you wait? Is it too long?" I said "It's not that much long I'll wait" After movie, I went back to my home and I was missing of her I was really love to spend my time with her, I translated that I am in love. Alright, we watched movie at Saturday, I got love answer at Tuesday because I asked for a love answer like beggar.

We arranged to meet again at "Silver Oak Cafe". I got there first and I didn't go to cafe shop yet, I was sitting on my car to wait her. Soon, she arrived with her car and she went to cafe shop then I entered too. I said to waiter that I want a private special room not in lobby because you know lobby is a kind of noisy place. When we got into private room I hold her hand, she was really shame as far as I think so. I asked her for a cheek kiss then she gave me after I asked thousand of times. I'm sure we both really loved of each other. I kept seeing her eyes and lips but she could not bear that. One thing that she can't call me phone while she's in home because her mother didn't allow that her daughter is talking with boys.

So, she only had to call me from outside. After some days, I was getting love her more and more, I really could not live without her calls. I was really wanted to talk with her 24 hours. One day I told her to come with me to some good place as picnic. I was guessing where to go, I got golf resort hotel named as "Ye' Mon Island" which's in out of town. We went there and spend whole day, we were love each other very much, we had have lunch together. Next 1 week I told her to tell her mother about us that we want to engage, her mother allowed us but her mother didn't ask to her father yet. In Fact in her home, her father is the main person. In my home my mother is the main person. I told her either that I was going to tell to my mother too when she get back from Saudi Arabia. They went there for a Hajj.

Sometimes I and Nadee fought on the phone; honestly I treated her bad even though she treated me nicely. She has not rude to me even once. Well, I didn't tell any thing about us even they knew it already because my mother's sisters were screwing to my mother. Point is that I got marking from nadee it's just simple between every lovers. Aunties were complaining to my mother. Ha Ha. What a shame even they had nothing to do with us. My parents said not to marry to Nadee. If I marry to her, my parents won't any care of me. If I have enough money, I will marry to her right now. Now my parents don't agree so I have to wait until they want. But I won't marry her in this situation because I've no own business yet.

After a couple of weeks my parents allowed to marry her; they said me to make engagement with her and then I told to my girl that come and meet my mother. Then she came to my home and had chat with my mother. My mother loves her so much. That night Nadee came to chat and told me that " This is your turn to meet my mummy". Well, I went to meet her mother at her aunt's home. Her mother could not meet me at her home because of there are too many families in their home. I had chat with her mother also, her mother likes me. Her mother said " I have to talk to her dad because if her dad doesn't allowed this engagement would not possible.

When her dad enquiry about me what he all heard are bad about me then he rejected about engagement so, I and my girlfriend used to met when she's in tuition. We could not met during the water festival, after that we arranged to meet again that day I wasn't with my car, when we went to karaoke room there had no any cold drinks and any foods so, we just sang for a hour. Then I told her that " I am really hungry I need to have a burger and I said I am gonna get the taxi" she said " don't go with taxi, she will go with her car" then I said " OK " her driver drove. when we came back from restaurant I went back to my home and her father caught her.

Her father stopped her phone, stopped her going outside. If she goes outside she had to go with her aunt. But we tried to meet even in that situation. She said she will buy a cell phone with her own money. she really loves me and we also have planned to elope at in November because of she will turn to 18 in November. Now I am waiting of the day comes.