Shana and Michael:
It all started last July. I was baby sitting my younger cousin Kristian while my aunt was out of town for the weekend. As it was getting late I put Kristian to bed and I began to watch TV... 
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She's From:   Unknown
He's From:     Unknown

Have you ever experienced before, when you someone who meant so much to you,
someone who you love so dearly, but in the end, you just found out that she
just isn't meant to be yours?


Everything. just seem to be a dream. but I guess, that what's true love is.

It is when I few weeks ago I began to know her. In a counterstrike match online.

Days went by, we played matches together so happily, and every match was so
joyous. I stilled remember clearly, the day where I put "<3" sign on the MIRC
channel as a topic, but after not long, she changed to sign to "<3 [bless]" which was my nick.

Happiness floods me, it was then the sun came into my life. It was then, she asked me if I mind older girls to be my girlfriend, and I knew what she was hinting by then. I said no, but I told her I am not ready for a girl friend, as I had no financial status or whatsoever.







Besides, I am only 18 and she's 23. But she taught me love, " love isn't something money can buy, it is something you feel, be in chatting on phone for an hour or
just messaging, you will be happy enough, that's what is love.

I was so shock, shock with happiness. I thought that god gave me a great
chance, to prove my love, for someone else. We then started calling each other "baobei" in the sense, dearest. It was my holiday then, so I am having loads of free time. And she just resigned due to the manager stuffs. We were having loads of fun.

We agreed to meet out on Thursday which is June 29, the day where it is the
beginning of happiness and sadness. We went to the movies for silent hill, a
horrific movie of fiction. It was silent for the first few hours, but I intend to grab her hands. We hold hands and I felt her, her pair of warm hands.

In the movies, we held hands; she laid her head on my shoulder. But I can
see from her eyes, she's under loads of stress, with lots of problems. I
don't know why, but I just can feel it. I had this very ridiculous thinking,
of staying by her side, and heal her wounds.

We went to K-box for singing as planned. I don't really know how to sing,
but I am willing to comprehend her, her voice was really great. She had a
dream of being a singer, and I will support her. The first, to support her.

After an hour or so, we kissed. Stuff really happens too fast, but I felt her warmth.

Indeed stuff happens too fast, we went on to Fragrance Hotel. We kiss on the
bed, as well as we made love. I asked her why she wanted to made love to me,
she replied, it is because she love me so dearly, she want me too feel her love, feel sexually high. After all, I couldn't understand. But I trust her, she's not that easy type of women, she's just a girl, wanting to find her true love, she's just a girl, whom god hasn't given his love to her.


She's a poor little girl, who hasn't as the luck as most of us could, she did not have a good family, a good bring up. In order to avoid staying at her ( divorce ) mother house, she choose to stay at her boyfriend house, a guy whom she don't love now, a guy who dotes on her a lot, but thinking his actions and care towards her could tied her up. She hasn't got any choices, but to stay with her boyfriend, I blame myself for not having the status, the finance, to help her. All I could do was to stand by her, be there for
her, and listen to her.


Days were sweet, we missed each other so crazy, so dearly. But it was the
starting of a twist.

She was pregnant. It was her current boyfriend child. I broke down. It was my worst day ever. She told me this on July 1st, Saturday. I really wish I could cry. But I knew I had to stand strong, so she won't worry about me. I knew something would happen, because her voice was exceptionally strange that day. She told me to forget her, but I knew I couldn't. I told her it is impossible for me to forget you. She said that she isn't worth for me, worth my love.

It was her 4th abortion if she's going to abort the child this time, I broke down and cried in front of my friends, my best friends. But they couldn't do anything, but to pat on my shoulder, without saying anything, just silent, because they knew they couldn't do anything, till I cool down. I didn't let her know how I felt, I stayed strong in front of her. So that she can lean her head, on me. So that she could depend well on me. I couldn't sleep that night, I stayed awake, but I knew I had to rest, because it might be our final meeting on Sunday, July 2nd.


We met at the place we made our love promises to god, Fragrance hotel. Room
416, I could remember so clearly. She open up the door, I could felt her stress and sadness straight away. My heart melted, but I had to stay strong.

She wanted me to give up on her, so she talked to me in a very strict
manner, hoping I could get angry, but I couldn't. I couldn't bring myself.

I told her what I felt, deep inside my heart.


Dearest, it isn't your fault, it's just that god didn't treat you well enough, it is not your fault, it is just that you are purely unlucky. If anyone were to be sad, it would be me. My heart hurts more then anyone else would. I would love you more then anyone else would. She remained silent but I knew she was listening.

I didn't remind her of her problems, because I knew I can't.

"If you were to find a boyfriend whom both of you really loves each other, I
would tell him, her secret ten commandments.

1st, she don't like guys who hunch their backs, so remember to stand
2nd, remember to hold her hands in the cinema real firm so that she feels
very secure.
3rd, remember to keep her active instead of just remaining silent, she might
feel bored.
4th, she love hugs and kisses, remember not to forget about that.
5th, she have little self confidence, so do encourage her more often in all
areas, especially singing. Do encourage her that anything is possible.
6th, she always think about others first instead of sparing a thought for
herself first. So remember to spare a thought for her at all times.
7th, she hates the sun, so avoid going to places with sun if possible.
8th, do not force her to do what she don't like because she will get real
fed up.
9th, do sleep early, because she will wait for you to reach home or sleep
first, before she goes to sleep.
10th, love her with all your heart, so that she can feel what is happiness,
and the word, forever. Remain strong at all times, because you never know
when she might need you".


Upon hearing this, she hugged me. We kissed. And. we made love. She said she
wanted me to have her, just for today and it might be the last choice. After today, I guess its in gods hands of what her decision will be, abort the child, or give birth to the child.

She's a girl of a really soft heart, I really wished I could be by her side, just to take care of her. We hugged for a longed time until call from her mother arrives.

She had to go, and never head back. I knew I won't be able to see her for a long time from now. We ended off with a kiss.

During this time while waiting for her to get things settle down, I filled myself with busy work and studies, trying real hard hoping that maybe I could made a miracle out of myself.

Both of us misses each other, love each other, but only to find out in the
end, we are not meant to be together. Our story ended on July 7th .

But, is that just the ending, or is it the beginning of another story.

Whatever it may be, I hope the god of love, would choose the best choice for
me and her. My heart will always live within her, always be with her, because, I am hers since the first time we talked.

Anything is possible, only if we trust, do not give up, because you might not know that something great in your life might be coming up.