Shana and Michael:
It all started last July. I was baby sitting my younger cousin Kristian while my aunt was out of town for the weekend. As it was getting late I put Kristian to bed and I began to watch TV... 
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She's From:   ?
He's From:     ?

It was a rainy day in June of 1998; I had signed onto my computer to talk to some friends of mine that I had met in the past couple of weeks on AOL.


I entered a chatroom that a friend of mine named Shel was in. In this room there were other people I had met through Shel.

After a few minutes of chatting I noticed this one screename in the room. The person woman behind this screename had a nice sense of humor and a beautiful attitude. I asked my friend Shel," What is GoFrolic's real name?" Shel answered ," Her name is
Kris and she is in California."

So I sat in the room watching as Kris talked amongst friends and joked and kidded around. The more I watched the more I wanted to know about Kris






I again asked Shel a question. I asked ," How old is Kris?" Shel replied," I think she is 17 but I'm not too sure." I thought to myself, "17? How could this be, she is so smart and witty." So I decided to ask Kris how old she was. I asked and Kris answered," I am 17."

She then introduced Kris and I and we began to talk in the chatroom. Joking with
everybody else having a good time. In my mind I kept thinking ," WOW 17, and
so smart." Kris and I exchanged pictures that day. Even though she was only
17 she was beautiful. I immediately told her that. She told me I was cute as
well. We joked I said, "you must be blind." We laughed. At that time I hadn't
known it, but that day would eventually change my life.

I continued to hang out with Shel and the others in different chatrooms.
mainly the Flirts Nook. I was continuously meeting new people and became
friends with a lot of them. During the times I was visiting the Flirts Nook
or whatever room we all ended up in, I noticed that same screen name again
"GoFrolic". Kris and I would joke in the room and have a good time. We always
seemed to get along and have fun. I had thought on several occasions," why
did she have to be only 17?" Kris and I became good friends. I just coming
off a nasty relationship wasn't ready for a new relationship. But I did flirt
and meet a few women whom I found interesting, one of which I met.

But none of the women had what I was looking for. In the meantime, 
over a few months, Kris and I somehow had lost contact. I had her listed 
on my buddy list but I never saw her online much. I didn't know it at that 
time, but there was a reason I hadn't seen her on. But Kris and I would run 
into each other from time to time. Catching up on what has happened to 
both of us. Then we seemed to drift apart again. This went on for about a year.

One day in July of 1999, I was in a chatroom and I saw the screen name
GoFrolic enter the room. I was in this room with Shel whom I had stayed close
friends with over the past years. I thought to myself," WOW look it's Kris!"
I said,"Hi Kris long time no see," and I gave her a hug the chatroom style.
Kris and I began to talk. We talked about the past times and how we all used
to have fun. I don't know exactly what it was but something seemed different
about Kris that day. Something told me not to lose contact with her again.

Kris and I began chatting again with each other, again catching up on old
times. After a few weeks of chatting with Kris I found myself looking forward
to coming home and signing online to see if she was online as well. I began
to feel rather fond of Kris. When I would sign on, I would get this sensation
over me that I can't explain, but it felt good. Kris and I started getting to
be close friends, sharing stories of how our days went and just chatting, I
know I really enjoyed the time her and I spent on the computer until real
late at night chatting.

Kris and I began chatting for hours on end getting to know each other
more and more. One day, I'm not sure how we got started on it, but Kris had
told me she once called a guy from AOL. She told me he had said her voice
sounded really sexy. Hearing this sparked an interest in hearing her voice.
Kris and I had never discussed talking over the phone at this point. So I
jokingly asked Kris what she thought about us talking on the phone. Without
hesitation Kris answered, "OMG, I thought you would never ask." I was totally
caught off guard by her answer. I never thought that she was interested in
talking over the phone. I asked her, "You mean you have been wanting to talk
to me on the phone?" she said for a long time. That was the first time I
realized that Kris had liked me for a while. So I asked her, "How should we
go about this, am I calling you or are you calling me?" She said," give me
your number and I will call you right now." So after saying a few good-byes I
signed off.

After what felt like hours, but was actually only 10 minutes or so
my phone rang. I answered it, said hello and what I heard next can only be
explained as a voice of an angel. It was in fact Kris. Her voice went right
through me. She had the most beautiful voice I have ever had the blessing of
hearing. We began to talk, joking about how life was online and how things
were with each other. The next thing we both realized was that we had been talking
for almost 3 hours. It had gone by so fast. We both said our goodnights and
hung up. After hanging up I smiled the biggest smile I had smiled in a long
time. For the first time in a long time, I felt like a happy man. After that
first phone call, I began to think a lot about Kris. I wondered how she was,
what she was doing, how classes were going. I looked forward even more than
ever to seeing her online when I got home. I began to feel a feeling I never
thought I could feel again. I was falling in love with Kris.

In the meantime I had started a friendship with a guy named Mike. He
and I lived close to each other and we began hanging out at clubs and just
doing friends stuff. I introduced Kris to Mike one day in a chatroom and Mike
asked, "Who is that?" I said "that bud, is the woman I am falling in love
with!" Mike asked, "Does she know how you feel about her?" I said, "No she
doesn't" Kris and Mike became good friends and Joanne, Mike's girl and Kris
have become very close. Kris began talking to Mike about me. Asking different
things, like how I was, has he seen me stuff like that. Mike and Kris one
day began talking about how she felt about me. What exactly was said, I don't

But from what Mike and Kris both have told me, it was pretty deep.
Kris and I began talking on the phone more and more. Until a time came when Kris
and I would talk on the phone everyday. Hearing her voice every night before
I went to bed felt so nice. One night Mike and I, like so many other nights,
began talking about how I felt towards Kris. The subject of me falling in love
with Kris came up again. I told Mike, "I am no longer falling in love with
Kris, I am in love with Kris!" Not knowing at that point that Kris and Mike
had the same discussion about her and I. Kris and Joanne also had the same

Kris, Joanne, Mike and Myself were in a chatroom one night in late
September. it was just the four of us in the room. We were all joking and
having a good time, when I jumped into Mike's loft. I said Mike," I want to
tell her so bad." Mike replied." Just tell her Joe, TELL HER!!!" I said,
"What if she doesn't feel the same as I do about her?" Mike said, "What is it
going to hurt to tell her Joe, what do you have to lose?" I had no answer for
him, because I had nothing to lose but everything to gain. So, I returned to
the chatroom and said, "I have something to say!". I started by expressing my
feelings for Kris and how close we had gotten and that I needed to tell her
something. It was at that time, in that very chatroom with our closest
friends that my life would change forever. There was an eerie silence in the
room, which felt like hours but was only a matter of seconds I then said, "I
LOVE YOU KRISTIN!". Then I saw and felt the words "I LOVE YOU TOO JOE".
At that very moment I began to cry. I had found the woman of my dreams 
and my hopes and she felt the same for me.

After telling each other that we were in love everything was like a
dream. Kris and I began planning on meeting. We started talking about our
future and the things to come. The only thing that would make me happier
would be being in her arms. We continued to chat online and spent even more
time talking on the phone. Then I began to think. Everything had been
going so perfectly, I was waiting for something to happen for the worse. In
thinking those thoughts I went through what has been describe as "Head
Trauma." Everything started to fall apart and Kris and I were in trouble. I
met somebody who liked me and I was so confused that I did something stupid.
I told Kris I wanted to see her. Kris and I again stopped talking. During
this time I still was in love with Kris, never stopped thinking about her.
Kris and I saw each other online from time to time. I hurt Kris. I hurt
myself. I realized after about a month and a half of not talking to Kris,
that I missed her so much. I realized that Kris was the one I wanted to be
with for the rest of my life.

I called Kris, began leaving voice mail messages. Kris returned one of those calls.
I explained to her how I felt that night she called. After that night Kris and I 
started talking again. Things got better. Kris and I seemed to be closer than 
ever after that night. Why that is I don't know, I think it was the time we 
spent apart, made us, well I know it made me, realize how much we are 
meant to be together. I knew that Kris was the woman I wanted to spend 
the rest of my life with.

It was Christmas time when we got back together. I really missed her
during the holidays. I longed to be with her so much. I wish I could have
spent Christmas with Kris but that wasn't possible. Kris and I now were
closer then we had ever been before. I had talked to Mike about how I wanted
to be with Kris for the rest of my life. I told Mike I was thinking about
asking Kris to marry me. He never once tried to talk me out of it. He offered
his support.

New Year's Day of the year 2000. Kris, Joanne, and I were in a private
chat like we had been many times. We were all talking and I realized this
would be the day I would ask Kris to be my wife. I said in the chatroom,
"Kris", then a long pause. I continued, "Will you marry me?". Nobody said a
word for about five minutes. I was in Joanne's loft saying, "OMG she is going
to say no. "Kris was in my loft going , "Are you serious?". I was indeed
serious. Then Kris said in my loft, "Go look at the room messages!". 
I did and there in the room were the words, "YES I will marry you!". 

That was the happiest moment in my life. We both want to be together 
for the rest of our lives. As husband and wife. We have since begun planning 
our wedding. When YOU and I are together sweetheart, my world will be 
complete. You are my world, my dreams, my hopes and my everything. 
I Love You Kristin. I am looking so forward to spending the rest of our lives together.

This is not the end of this story. There will still be chapters added from
time to time, as Kris and I will be together for a long time. Kris and I will
add the paragraphs as they happen throughout our lives together. Happy
Valentines Day Sweetheart!!


Editor Note - April 2000 - Joe sent me the following email, asking me to add it to his story:


Sorry to bother you again. But Kris and I aren't doing so well, I made a
mistake in which I am totally sorry for. She lives in California and I live
in Delaware. I have a weird sense of humor and was joking with a female
friend of mine and well it got out of hand, but was still only joking. Come
to find out this friend wanted more. So she copy and pasted the conversation
and waited till it was time for Kris to come here for our first meeting. She
added stuff to the conversation and sent it to Kris.

Kris is totally heartbroken and says she doesn't want to be together anymore. I have
apologized with my soul and my heart. But she is to scared to continue.. Can
you please give some words of wisdom. I want to be with Kris for the rest of
my life. She is my soul mate and I am losing her over a dumb joking session
with what I thought was a friend. Please think about this and if you want
just add to the story. If not it's ok but I am trying all I can to make her
realize that I am not like that and I would never cheat on her. I read your
story and saw the risk you took in meeting your cyberlove. All I want to do is
to be able to meet Kris and give it one more chance but she says she can't do it.


>> Continued in Part Two