Mars & Deborah 3:
As Deborah went to the departure hall to fly out of Adelaide I knew that the next few months were going to drag on slowly and that I would miss her like crazy. I just didnt want her to go but that was the reality of the situation. When she got back...
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She's From:   South Africa
He's From:     Scotland

Well, after I read the stories on your page, I thought to submit mine as well, since I think its pretty significant, yet way sad...

Just about myself....I'm 23 years old & from South Africa. My name is Delene.


Well, It was just over a year ago that I started to chat in the Chathouse with the handle Prudie....I used a picture of one of my friends...BEAUTIFUL girl...and said it was me...why i got no idea....SO I kept going back & met some of my friends there I still today am friends with, best friends anyone can find.

Sept 1999, I met a guy....Ziggy, he is from Scotland...we chatted a few times before..but it was the first time we REALLY talked....I thought he was so funny & easy to open up to.





  We got very close, I kinda lost it then, totally fell inlove online....and so did he......What was so wonderful between that it was a cyber & phonesex at all..just fun!!! But there was one problem....He thought I looked like "Prudie". So one morning I decided it has got to end, he deserved better.

So I called him at work & told him the truth...needless to say that he was NOT impressed.. I thought that I had lost my best friend & was pretty heart-broken...but I never gave up on him...I kept on going till we got close again. It was a different closeness though...It was Better than before!!...I could talk to him about ANYTHING!!!

SO we decided to meet in Feb 2000. I booked my ticket to Scotland & we were both extremely excited about us meeting up. Then 2 weeks before the date I was supposed to go, some personal stuff happened & he suggested I rather cancel till its sorted. So I did. We were both very disappointed, but he handled it differently...Pushed me away totally...

Again I did not give up I worked on this friendship, and yeah, it did hurt so much at times it felt like I just wanted to run away from it all...But I just could not!!!

Again.. we managed to just stick together & became close again...better than ever before & the friendship just got stronger & stronger & closer & closer.

So we set up yet another meeting date. Again we both got excited about this meeting. I booked my ticket & everything was set. THEN only 4 days before my boss told me I can't get time off no more, they need me here at the office. When I told Ziggy that, he lost it!!! 

I then realized that I could not do this to him again...I NEED to go regardless what happens. But then I get a message that says "This is it Delene, take care 'gbye" He ditched me right then & there!!! I felt so hurt that I cancelled my ticket immediately... again another meeting ruined!

What I did not tell him then, was that I was kinda glad that my boss said I can't get time off, cause I'm afraid of heights & flying. So I told him that 2 days after all happened. He was So not impressed with me & is accusing me now of lying to him...That I never planned on going there in the first place. BUT I would have...

Since then it has just not been the same..But again I decided to not give up..I aint no give-upper!!. We kept on talking & had great laughs...and I actually thought we are getting somewhere!!!

Till tonight...

You see, Ever since the very first time we talked, there was always something about me on the front page of his website. Through everything, he never took me off once. and that meant something to me. It was his way of showing that he cares about me, that I mean something to him!!! Tonight I went on his webpage to sign his guest book. He took me off his front Page.....

It crushed my heart!!!!....So i decided no more....I will not fight no more..I am giving up this time!!!

I have Lung cancer & do not have heaps of time left...a month ago my last wish was to meet my best friend. Tonight I only have a hope that Ziggy will remember me as his best friend & not his worst nightmare!!

Should he ever stumble across this page & read this....Please just know how very sorry I am.... The most about giving up!! Love Always,