Sarah and Greg:
After having received a new computer for Christmas I logged onto a Christian dating service. A friend of mine had dared me to, and since I can't say no to a dare...>> Continued




She's From:   United States
He's From:     United States

"I can't understand why I'm so terribly nervous" Debra said to herself as she
glanced about her apartment before closing the door behind her.

After all, she had known Ian for a little over 6 months.


She has shared with him the most intimate details of her life, her past, her need for him, her passions and her insecurities. He knows her sometimes better than she feels she does at times. "Perfect" she said aloud as she unlocked the door of her car. She
gets in and begins her journey to him with a great sense of anticipation and
excitement. It is a little over a 30 minute drive to the airport. She turns
on the radio and her favorite song, 'For the First Time' (by Kenny Loggins)
crashes her silence. She slowly exhales and finally relaxes as the song plays on. 





  She has just returned from Florida less than a week ago, quite tan and
well-rested. In no time, she arranged everything for Ian's first (and
hopefully, not the last) visit to her. Confident that he'd 'enjoy' himself,
she slowly began to relax more. She looked down, as if compelled to see it
with his eyes, the tiny, delicate flower on her silky, black stockings at her
ankle. She closed her eyes, for a moment and tried to imagine the way his
tender hands would surely caress her legs. She longed for him to touch her,
hold her, kiss her. The mere thought of their passion 'that could be' caused
her to moan softly. As she was lost in thought, in him, she realized that she
had almost missed the turn off to the airport. She made her way more safely
and concentrated on driving, for the moment. She finally parked the car and
sat as she noticed that her heart quickly beat. She got out of the car and
adjusted her sexy, tight, black sweater dress. A man getting out of a car
noticed her and smiled. However Debra didn't notice him. She only had Ian on
her mind and in her heart as she started into the airport. 

She found the gate without trouble and had 30 minutes to spare. She has 
waited for him for so long that a mere 30 minutes didn't seem to be that long. 
The time passed quickly and in no time at all, the plane had landed and was 
on it's approach. She noticed that her heart was, once again beating faster. 
The tiny, delicate butterflies that filled her began to feel more like large bats 
rather than small insects. She stood as the passengers began to get off the 
plane and come through the door. Would Ian look the same as he did in the 
picture he had sent her? Would he know her? As the very last one of the 
passengers came out the door, she began to wonder. Had she not seen him? 
Had he missed his connecting flight? or worse, had he decided not to come 
at all? She had only turned for several seconds to look at an adorable child. 
Could she have missed him? Butterflies and bats were quickly replaced by 
a most sinking feeling inside her. She closed her eyes and noticed that a 
tiny, single tear slowly fell in slow motion to the floor below. She wished 
for him one last time, her knight, to come her.

She opened her eyes and felt warm breath on the back of her neck. Certainly a
stranger would not be that close to her, close enough to feel their breath on
her. Fingers, Ian's fingers softly begins to caress his special place on the
back of her neck. He slowly, passionately moves them down the space between
her shoulders.

She would know his touch anywhere. She slowly turns to face him. They have
been waiting for what seems an eternity to look into each other's eyes. Time
seemed to stand still for them and the people disappeared from their view as
his hand moves to caress her cheek. He closes his eyes to inhale the smell of
her. Delicious, intoxicating musk fills him. He would follow her to the ends
of the world for one tender, single, passionate kiss. He had confessed to
her, in one of their earlier phone conversations, his weakness to musk. She
remembered every detail that he ever wrote or told her. During this first
visit, he would come to know that about her. Debra was dressed in the dress
that she told him about. To him, she looked wonderfully sexy in it. Her dress
was low cut. Her skin looked tan, soft and desiring of his touch. 

His eyes travelled to her neck. Her tiny, most delicate diamond necklace gently
caressed her neck. His eyes went down ward to her very sexy, silky, black
stockings. He immediately noticed the tiny almost unseen flowers at her
ankle. Her legs looked fantastic. Her eyes, behind her glasses, sparkled in
excitement as she looked at him and further into his eyes. Those eyes, almost
as wonderful as his accent, seemed to over power her. Ian was dressed in a
very black, very sexy button-down shirt and very tight, jeans. Debra thought
to herself, 'creatives wear black' How creative will he be with me? He has
certainly unlocked sleeping passions without now saying a single word to her.
His hair was a little longer than in the picture that he sent her months
past. How she longed to lose her fingers within it. He looked creatively sexy. 

She moved closer to him, longing to be nearer to him. Debra's hand
slowly went to her glasses to remove them. There is nothing more awkward then
kissing with them on. "let me" Ian whispers as he slowly takes them off so
that he may gaze into her eyes. He immediately notices that she has
underestimated the power of the color of them. He smiles. She has the most
playful, most intensely enticing blue eyes that he has ever seen. Their
hands, brush for a moment as he places her glasses within her hands. It
startles them first off. The most intense electric shock penetrates their skin. 

He gazes into her eyes and then bends down to kiss her. He had his own
fantasy of how their first kiss would be: passionate, sharing, tasting and
quite long and exciting. But private, very private so if the passion carried
them beyond the edge of abandonment, leaving them to be swept away within
it's most powerful wake. This kind of kiss would have to wait. He chooses to
kiss her, sweetly, tenderly on the cheek letting her see exactly what 'could
be.' His hand extents towards her. Slowly, as if frightened by the
electricity, she puts her hand tenderly, safely within his. They can't help
but look at their hands holding the other's, smile and begin to walk to the
baggage claims area through a very crowded corridor.

About half the way there, Ian turns to her and bends down to whisper "If I
had my way, I'd be kissing you right now." Debra smiles and whispers into his
ear "What's stopping you? I dare you....." He stops and looks quickly for a
more private place, if he can find one. He sees a gate with few people there.
He quickly walks toward the place with her behind him close. Turning her and
moving her against the wall, he puts his bag fall to the floor. Ian moves
closer to her and places his hands on the wall trapping her against him. He
bends down so that his lips barely brush lightly against hers, His hands,
slowly, deliberately move down the wall and into her soft, tender shoulders.
Her hands slowly move around him and her fingers slide within the back
pockets of his, now very tight jeans which pulls him closer to her still. He
gently presses his lips upon hers, as if to savour the moment. 

His tongue reaches from out of his mouth to taste her lips. He and she cannot 
wait any longer to experience this first kiss. He moves closer, still to her. His
hands caressing the skin that lies fingertips away from him. With his mouth,
now firmly pressed upon hers, his tongue begins to part her lips and enter to
play with hers. She welcomes him within the deepest recesses of her mouth. As
they begin to feverishly explore the other's mouth, their hands begin to
wonder, experiencing new places that will surely bring back the tingles that
their hands together first brought them. As passion rises within them both,
as they explore, taste and share, as their bodies come together for the first
time, they both begin to realize how deeply they have begun to feel towards
each other.

While they are lost within passion's fire, several eyes are watching as
well. An older couple who are sitting not too far from they whisper softly to
each other..."Darling, do you remember the last time we kissed with the same
desire?"..."Just this morning..." They smile and hold hands as they are
reminded of sharing the same feelings. A young girl peeks her eyes out from
the fairy tale book that she's reading and thinks how wonderful it would be
to be kissed in such a way as this when she is older. To have a man long for
her with the same wild abandonment. She is told, by her mum that it is not
polite to stare and returns to her reading. A nun is the last to take notice
of this kiss. She quickly closes her bible and is drawn to look closer. She
thinks..."If these two stood at Heaven's gate and were in a kiss such as
this, the angels and cherubs would not turn them away nor turn from their
gaze, yet, they would look closer within the kiss and find the true meaning
of desire and passion. They are so lucky to have found this. I'm sure that
they had a little help finding each other in this large and sometimes very
lonely world that we live in." 

The kiss, full of passion and desire slowly begins to come to a wonderful end. 
Hands still touching and exploring, they begin to notice the people around them. 
Breathlessly, they smile as Ian whispers..."I'm just the type of a romantic guy 
that would love to do that again." Debra quietly laughs knowing that he would 
do it again as the nun stands and comes over to them. She speaks barely 
above a whisper as if the desire has been within her as well. "Have you a 
camera? It would be a shame if such a wonderful moment passed without 
a way for you both to remember it with. Ian reaches for his bag and takes 
out one of his cameras. After having to explain how to take a picture, the 
nun, takes their picture. Ian outs it away and then reaches for Debra's hand. 
The nun smiles and bids then good-bye as they make their way through the 
rest of the airport.

They find the rest of Ian's luggage and make their way to the car. Stopping
to kiss along the way as they do. The passion's fires not losing their
brilliant glow. Debra is very surprised when she is able to actually find her
car among the main floors of the garage. She tells him about the many times
that she has lost her car in parking lots and garages such as this one. They
share a laugh remembering the time that Ian 'forgot' that he'd driven to work
only to have to return back to work after going home to his flat for lunch.
They know, too well the power that the other seems to have over them, at
times causing them to forget anything important.

Debra stopped at the trunk of her car. She began to search for her keys
within the bag that she carried. Once she found them, she took her hand out
and lost hold of the keys. The sound of the keys hitting the concrete ground
made an echo within the deserted parking garage. The sound startled her, as
if it invaded the silence as she seemed to be lost within the greenness of
his eyes, lost within the touch of his hand as he tightly held hers. Ian
released her hand and smiled. He bent down and picked up the keys from the
cold floor. His eyes traveled from the keys that he held in his hands to her legs. 

He longed to feel their softness, the black silk stockings enticed him.
Slowly, he moved his free hand to them. His fingertips touched her first. He
somehow felt that if he did touch her legs that he would be somehow burnt by
the passion's fire that burned brightly within her and well within him. He
took his hand away from her ankle and looked at his fingertips. They remained
untouched. He returned his hand and with his whole hand, starting at her
ankle. slowly drew his hand upwards. Slowly, Deliberately, he experienced her
softness beneath his hand. His hand journeyed along her leg, to her thigh and
then, with his fingertips, gently lifted the hem of the black dress. 

He longed to be lost within the softness of her legs. He longed as well to take
her within them embrace of his arms and finally to see if their own passion's
fire would ignite the fire that would surely consume them both. He slowly
stood and handed her keys to her. Debra turned, slowly to face her trunk. Ian
turned as well He faced her back now and brought his arms comfortably around
her. He bent down and found the softness of her neck. His lips gently brushed
there and began to shower her with the sweetest kisses and the most ever so
softly bites that she's ever experiences. Debra thought as he started to do
this...He wasn't lying. He is ever so good with necks...She allowed a moan to
escape from her lips and then pressed herself closer to his warm, tender
body. She slowly turned the key, yet still lost within the sweetness of his
kisses. With the trunk finally opened, she slowly turned to face him.

Ian took her in the most passionate of embraces. Gently lifting her chin with
his fingertips, he leaned in to kiss her. The desire, passion and need
elevated itself to another level of need and of want. The passion's kiss was
interrupted by the far off echoes of some one's footsteps within the garage.
Ian picked up his bags and began to place them within the trunk of her car.
Surprisingly, there was no room in the trunk. What he saw, caused him to
smile and wonder what Debra had been doing since her return form Florida. Ian
would come to know a most passionate and thoughtful side of her very quickly.

The first thing that he noticed was a bouquet of flowers. A most striking
blend of flowers that he'd seem in a dream once, a dream of Debra. There, he
held them. There were 6 lilies, the brightest white he'd ever seem and 5 of
the most darkest, blackest tulips. There was a black ribbon that tied them
along with a delicate white lace ribbon. She had remembered his birthday,
after all. He set the flowers on his bag and leaned in to kiss her. He then
noticed a black basket with a bottle of his favorite wine and also a bottle
of sparkling grape juice for her. She wanted to drink with him but could not
risk it, not even for a special time such as this. There in the basket were 2
black long stemmed wine glasses, the blackest glasses ever. 

He took the basket out and set it on the floor. He took out another basket, 
and noticed that it was filled with a wash cloth, black (is there any other
colour?), scented bath oils, shampoo, conditioner, and even an after bath
lotion. All were musk scented. There was also 5 black musk-scented candles.
He took the basket and placed it on the floor beside the other. He lifted a
large, black box from the trunk and began to open it slowly. There, beneath
black tissue paper was a very sexy, very white, very short negligee. He
lifted it out and smiles as he looked at her. He tried to imagine her dark
tan skin in that. He carefully folded it and put it back in the box. 

He lifted the next box out and opened it. There, under black tissue paper was a
pair of white boxers. He had a hard time deciding which she'd look better in
and decided that he'd wear the boxers. He folded them and returned them to
the box. He smiled and kisses her again. He lifted the last, smaller box out
and began to open it. Beneath black tissue paper was a medium sized black
leather book. He took the book out and held it as he opened the cover. Debra
had been writing ever since they met. Stories, poems and of course, their
fantasy. She wanted Ian to have them written in her hand writing. She wanted
to show him how very special he had become to her. He carefully put the book
back into the box. He picked up the rest of the gifts and placed them in the
trunk and then finally his bags and closed the lid of the trunk. He leaned
into her and whispered...thank-you...I think that I know more about you in
such a short time that we have been together...Is there more? Debra smiled
and simply whispered...just wait.

She opened the car door for Ian and then got in the other door. She leaned in
to kiss him...She couldn't help but smile at what she had planned next for
him. He would have a lot of trouble understanding how she managed to do this
one. As she began to drive out of the very dimly lit garage and then into the
light, Ian reached for the sun visor to shield his eyes from the sun. As he
did this, a card fell into his lap. He slowly began to open the card and
pulled it out of the envelope. On the front of the card was a knight and
lovely maiden on horse back, there was a pond and mist in the foreground and
in the back a castle. He opened the car and read it..."Welcome to sunset in
Paradise..." This card took him completely by surprise. As Debra turned onto
the highway, towards her apartment, Ian was welcomed with the most wonderful
sunset that he'd ever seen. Brilliant colors, water-colors-pink, orange,
yellow and purple painted across the most bluest sky with several white,
fluffy clouds. With the Chicago skyline in it's background. Ian wished that
he'd put his camera in the car instead of the trunk. The sight was amazing.
Then he began to wonder. With the time spent in the airport, in the garage
and in the car, how could she even begin to arrange the sunset at the exact
moment of it's beauty? How could she account for all the time spent getting
to this exact moment? He'd have to ask her about that one day...soon.........

The wind blows in Debra's hair and startles her. The copies of Ian's letters
drop to the ground and are carried by the wind into the pond. She wipes
several tears from the corner of her eyes that must have formed as she slept.
She takes off her glasses and wipes them. Her music has long since stopped
and the quacks from the ducks invade the thunder storm within her own mind. 
She looks to the place beside her, she knows that he won't be there, but feels 
compelled to look anyway. She begins to reflect on the day that she's had. The 
tears flow freely as she realizes that this fantasy was only a dream, just a dream. 
She turns the tape over and once again, listens to Bach. She reaches into her 
leather jacket and finds her keys. She takes out a cig. from her pocket and lights 
it. She looks once more at the water and the ducks as they float about the water...
She notices a white duck far off. It looks at her and then begins to swim the length 
of the pond and stops right in front of her. The duck looks into Debra's eyes and
she into it's...For a second, they understand each other. She looks at the
white, lonely duck once more before she begins to walk to her car. 

She unlocks the car door and gets in. By habit, she turns on the radio...The song
that she hears...the song that joins the thunder storms and thunder of her's one of the songs that her daughter loves to hear her mommy sing
in the car. Kendall says that she loves her mommy's singing voice...But why
does she have to hear the song now...?

She pulls a tissue out from her pocket and wipes the tears that now come
(again) and's going to be one of those nights umm?...The name of
the song that would bring her to tears, again........."How do I live without